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World View Perspective: The Descent of Cosmic Consciousness

To truly seek the truth, our soul calls out to the Cosmic soul in a quest, a true and sincere aspiration to know, see, recognize and realize the greater Truth; to understand why we are here and what our purpose is in this and each lifetime.  It seeks to manifest itself, to become whole and True to Itself, clearing away the falsehoods until the 'open field' appears!

To bring down into one's self, life and location, the Cosmic soul, to and through a human form, brings that whole vibration into earth, allowing so much to shift, change and transform.  Earth shifts, all living things shift, our human individuality shifts and changes to allow for the transformation.

Like the welcoming of a new baby into a home, a set of parents and an extended family.  Everyone and everything must make space and create time to welcome in the new arrival and then shift, change and adapt to the new growth, expansion and fresh beginning for all around it.  After some time, everyone has adapted and al…

World Wide Perspective: Our inner worth is knowing who we are

Life offers us the great possibility of an inner and outer life.  We learn so much in our early years from parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers then spouses, our own children, co-workers and bosses as well as neighbors and in-laws.  We develop a sense of ourselves and skills to get along in society, at work, socially and in our families.  With our outer physical, mental, emotional and intellectual overall development, we grow into a clear idea of our selves.  We meet people and interact, enjoying companionship and connection.  This forms an even greater outer sense of our self, utilizing our personality, our sense of humor and our means of communication.  The self we show the outside world.  Yet, within us all, too, is a more sensitive, attuned nature and our own personal understanding of who we are and how we feel as our outer self is effected by, affected by, impacted by and possibly infected by others and other experiences in our lives.  Going even deeper with our sel…

World View Perspective: Our Highest and Truest Aspiration

Deep within us is our Highest and Truest Aspiration.  That is our internal seeking to know who we really are at our core and to know why we are here!  Our deepest Heart already knows the answer and yet we have many things in life to learn, to do, to complete and to go through before we can often take the time to look closer within for answers.  Yet, when we feel that deeper call come from somewhere within us, that triggers the same response from the greatest Truth we can find.

It is the call from our inner sense of self to our Greater Self, the Self that guides our very life.  To establish an inner relationship with the Cosmic Soul that reflects and communicates with our individual soul is the Greatest, Highest and Truest Aspiration we can have.  This Union is the union we all want at our core because it ends all fear and doubt that we have come here for a deeper meaning and purpose.  When we begin to seek it in earnest, it also begins seeking us.  It is in the True Union within that w…