Friday, June 23, 2017

World View Perspective: Our True Worth

When we can openly, honestly begin to ask ourselves what will inspire each of us to follow a life that enhances our greatest health and happiness, our natural, innate Spirit can begin our inner work towards such a goal.

Perhaps we have been following a path that simply reinforces our parental programming, just reinforces our specific, particular roles in life or maybe we are following every generations same set of expectations or perhaps those that society dictates.  Nothing is wrong with that, especially when others are counting on us to lift up and support our family, children, living parents and others that are in our care.  Yet, one of the most fundamental aspects of our human life is knowing and also following what makes us happy and healthy being true to our self.

Often we are programmed early about the structure and rules we need to follow in order to generate income, to maintain income and to assure the flow of income in order to continue on with our lives.  Our parents often hand down these requirements, expectations, rules and roles and what they have learned in their lives in order to make this happen.  Yet sometimes, even when we try our best to follow their examples, mandates, approaches or belief systems, it doesn't always hold to the same successes or give us the same positive attitudes that happened for them.

This can cause frustration, irritation, anger or self doubt about our skills, abilities, education and experiences, which can affect how we feel about ourselves, life and others.  We can become bound up in a deeply unhealthy, unhappy loop of negativity, regret and dissatisfaction and ultimately form a dismal outcome, attitude and impact that may be difficult to shift and change. Maybe it turns into a deeply negative feeling of being caught up in the past.

In this extreme case, we can truly forget about our true worth and value and not be able to see past it.  Being too bound up in the past, doesn't allow positive views of one self or our current day or our current day' s experience of a True and Living Presence.

In order to see past this old idea of our self, and go past it, we must be able to unwind the bind we find ourselves in.  The past identifications, reactions and responses that may have first formed around money and our sense of self must be undone, especially if they have 'knotted' us up inside, preventing us from moving forward in more positive ways.

When we can let go of those old negative self images and free our selves to focus on our own health and happiness, as we also invite Spirit in to guide us, sincerely and lovingly, miracles can and will happen.  Why do they happen? They happen because we may 'knot' be truly following our right and perfect path that leads us to our purpose here.  We might be following something that is not or is no longer what is truly correct for us.  Consequently, it might not be allowing us to do our greater life's work.  When we are in that right and perfect flow for us, we will see our greater life's purpose and life will carry on beautifully.  

Our truer worth and value lies in sincerely, openly and Lovingly inviting in Spirit to guides us towards our greater truth.  We must let go of the past and be willing to move forward in greater and greater trust that our True Worth and Value will show itself as long as Spirit, when we're ready, can show us the way!  And the Way is Good!  

Saturday, June 10, 2017

World View Perspective: Moments of sincere gratitude

When everything seems to be too stressful, tiring, exhausting or futile, taking moments of gratitude helps put everything into perspective.  It can become a marvelous challenge to stop and focus on only what we are so grateful for in our current life.  Offering thanks for all the learning, lessons, growth and wonder of each day is a good way to begin.  Happy for each breath we take and each slice of beauty we see can inspire us throughout the day.  Just a butterfly going by, a new blossom on a tree, a child's precious laugh or a bird swooping through the trees is pause to stop and take in all the unique and cherished things life brings to us every day.

Whispering into our open, loving Hearts happy, fulfilling, wondrous moments that maybe we just catch out of the corners of our eyes is enough to stop and offer sincere thanks for all we receive each and every day of our lives.

The more we focus our attention on what we LOVE about life, including ourselves, the more abundant LOVE comes our way.  It doesn't mean not to discern what doesn't feel like us.  It is important to know where we stand and what doesn't resonate with who we are and yet, with an open heart and mind, many of the treasures of life can and will reveal themselves.

Joy is not hiding somewhere for us to find and embrace it.  Joy is within us at anytime we choose to remember, it is our inherent spiritual nature.  Our Spirit is Joyful because our Spirit is directly linked to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  It is the true breath of inspiration.  Gratitude for inspiration is a wonderful way to remember our very Spirit is capable of making us very happy because it reminds us who we are and why we are here.

We are here to be happy and we do that through moments of sincere gratitude. Truly life is a blessing and truly we do not walk our paths through life by ourselves.  We are in fact surrounded by Love, Light and Truth, like a living, loving Grace and practiced gratitude moves us much closer to that lovely truthful union. We might have to apply lots of Faith to remember how much Love there is within us and around us at all times, but it is there regardless if we can feel it or not.  Trust is a powerful tool when we have our moments of doubt.

Moments of doubt can be transformed through sincere moments of gratitude.  It is like taking a negative energy and letting it go to the breeze and feel a fresh new wind bringing you a brand new inspiring, uplifting, wonderful perspective after the old concepts have passed away.  We have that power to let go of the old and bring in what is much more positive.

Gratitude for our life, our loved ones and our self shares that very LOVE of life back to life itself.  It generates more and more positive energy and change through our sincere intentions.

When life becomes too much, create a bit of time to celebrate moments of sincere gratitude and see if it doesn't change your perspective for the better! Let LOVE continue to show you the way!  Sincere gratitude enhances the enriching experience of celebrating all that we truly LOVE!  It is a gift that truly keeps on giving!