World View Perspective: Trust God to remove what is false

Once we hit a certain place in life when we realize we haven't been alone on this path, we can begin to trust that who we aren't anymore can go.  Perhaps it is an old mind set, maybe it is an old emotional belief and it could be a feeling about our self in our physical body that no longer serves us well.

In terms of evolution, growth, shift and change, moving on from stuck old patterns becomes essential.  See it like a peach tree.  As the seasons change, the fresh new Spring flowers come and they blossom so beautifully!  Next, the petals drop and a hard awkward closed bud is there.  The bud becomes a peach with lots of fuzz after awhile.  As the peach grows and develops, it becomes perfected in the summer sun to full ripeness.  This is when it usually gets plucked and consumed.  If it remains on the tress too long, it will begin to fade, become diseased and finally drop back onto the earth.  Right before this happens, the peach is perfect to pick for a pie that serves all.

We, too, are meant to shift and change and continue on our journey!  Maybe we needed a certain mind set in order to do our job or a certain emotional stand to be in our family.  Maybe how we had to earn our money meant we had to work with physical demands in a way that hurt our health.  As we complete those habits, routines and programming, it is time to let go of any and all old beliefs that have held us back.

The greatest way to do this is to trust God to gently and lovingly release and remove the old patterning when it is ready to be released.  Like a master gardener, God can trim back any and all old aspects to us and of us that are not (knot) who we are and further, align us more with our Infinite Self, which is Love, Compassion and Grace manifested.  

This 'pruning' allows our LOVE and LIGHT to shine more brightly, reflecting our TRUE NATURE more completely.  It is God LOVING us, just as we LOVE God. This is our bigger purpose here; to align more truthfully with who we really are within.

This Infinite LOVE, COMPASSION and GRACE lives within our own HEART and as we listen to our HEART and TRUST it, that LOVE goes and grows, moving us forward in positive, loving ways to what is needed and necessary next on our journey.

It isn't God's plan that we remain stuck and unable to move forward.  It is God's plan that we find where we belong that continues to align with our greater purpose.

Joy is a great spiritual energy that can also help us move forward.  Spiritual Joy shows us where we are inspired and where we feel our HEART lives.  Maybe it is near the ever-changing ocean, a deep forest, in a valley, near friends and family or maybe alone, high up on a mountain.  Open your HEART to the JOY that resides within and you will naturally be guided further and further on your journey.

LOVING and TRUSTING the GOD WITHIN makes miracles happen and that miracle is you!  The real YOU that knows the internal, eternal God and in so doing, trusts when our false self is truly ready to go.  All of this is done in TRUE LOVE OF THE TRUE SELF!  Truly, that is LOVE!  Just keep saying YES to your HEART of HEARTS and TRUST IT!  It knows the WAY!


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