Sunday, February 26, 2017

World View Perspective: Time to choose

Often, we are not aware we can consciously, actively make a choice to become more consciously aware of life, ourselves or others through greater CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF! We may think what our mind, emotions and body tells us is the extend of our choices.  Maybe we think we can choose our foods, our liquids, our clothes, our home and our friends but we can't choose to open our minds and hearts to more. The truth is, we can!

The most basic first step to this process is to aspire to have our own hearts and minds open.  Aspiration involves Spirit and our Higher sense of Self.  Aspiring to know the Truth, helps bring in the people, places and opportunities to face what is false about our selves and our lives.  It is like the flow of a stream that begins to break open the old walls and bring in the new pathways forward!  It might appear like too much of a good thing that appears chaotic, untamed, immeasurable and over-the top but it is actually holding within it, the change you require for new growth!

This is the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, SOURCE, that is coming in with just exactly what you need next.  Our human job is not to judge it. There may be levels and layers to it that cannot unfold at a fast pace.  It may contain many, many secrets that need time to reveal themselves.  Like roles and rules we may need to follow before more can be revealed.  It might need years to seed, develop, sprout and grow but that is where Faith comes in.

For example, let's take 'patience'.  Let's say what we want most in our life is to serve others in some way but that way demands we develop patience and a basic trust in a Higher Timing.  Yet, we want that service opportunity now. SOURCE, through our true aspiration, might bring us opportunities after opportunities to take actions that promote our greater patience until we have developed enough patience to do the work ahead.  Frustrations might grow, anger might flare and we might even forget our great dream, aspiration or inspirational purpose until we realize we have truly been assisted all along.

Yes, the ways are mysterious, indeed!  Again, that is where Faith comes in. Faith along with true aspiration to find our Higher Calling and TRUE Purpose will be heard and it is most easily heard through the Heart.  Our human heart is connected most naturally to LOVE and Higher HEART ITSELF.  In combination, that is a VOICE with CHOICE and the INFINITE BEING OF PURE LOVE AND PURE ENERGY will respond.

It is time to choose.  It is time to ask for a Higher Calling through our own sincere aspiration to know the Truth about our life and real reason for BEING here!  It is time for our Greater HEARTS to take true and sincere action to create and generate a better world.  When we act from HEART, we do not act alone!  Make the choice to LOVE and ASPIRE TO LOVE EVEN MORE!  Watch and feel how an even GREATER LOVE responds!  It is time to CHOOSE LOVE as a way of life, a way of Joy and a way to TRUE COMPASSION!  Use your most beautiful power to CHOOSE LOVE!

Monday, February 13, 2017

World View Perspective: A new view on the incoming new era

If we can stand back from all that is unfolding in our world, we can begin to see the beginnings of a new era, starting in the US.

If we simply look through inner eyes, we can see that a re-balance of energy is happening in the world.  One species, one sex, one color and one nation has dominated much in the world for a long time.  Our current world reflects that on many levels.

The shift that is occurring now strongly indicates a new era is happening for the good of all living things.

The current US President and his wife represent the end of an era, where the wealthy, white men, suits and ties are seen as the best to dominate others and take control while a soft, beautiful supportive female stands quietly at their side. Their image reinforces the old standard by which much of the world has been run!  However, there is a growing number of people that do not fit that image who are gaining in strength and number to give voice to something else.  The question is what is that something else?

It has been stated that the future belongs to females.  A more apt way to state it might be that the consciousness of the incoming new era must be Heart based.  The new incoming era is about overcoming the divided ego mind with a Heart based perspective.  The hubris of the male dominating ego is what has long kept so many feeling divided, left out, confused and angry.  For the Collective HEART in us all to open and usher in a new era, all living things would thrive and become part of a greater wholeness and balance in our world.  We would all find our true place and live our greater purpose, which is to restore the Love, Peace and Harmony for all. In even the smallest of human families, it is often the female or the one of HEART in the family that seeks to bring in the balance naturally, always, so there is a place for all.

It is through the divided ego mind that harm comes to others.  It is in the United Heart that Peace, Love and Harmony would enable all to thrive.  In order to know our Greater Heart, we have to go and grow beyond the physical body and senses.

When we look out from limited eyes, we see our differences.  We notice differences of color, sex, age, income, status and cultures.  In our limited mind's eye, we see a divided world and a world we must all defend.  This view instigates war, attacks, hurtful harm and promotes ignorance.  Yes, sometimes boundaries must be protected so we must have capabilities to also protect, if truly threatened.  If fear is running our divided ego minds, however, there might not truly be such a strong need for protection.

In our human system we all have a blend of female and male energies, despite what our physical system indicates.  We all have a developed intellect, mind and understanding about the different roles we play in the world at this point.  Yet, for this re-balance of energy to continue to occur for the bigger picture of who we really are, we must see the world and ourselves in a new way.

One such person we could look to as an example of that blend in the US, might be the current US President's oldest daughter.  If we note her gender, world and work experience, age, intellectual savvy and presence, we see a wife, mother, daughter but also someone who represents the incoming new era too!   She has experienced the blend of female and male traits and energies, representing an idea of the needed and necessary re-balance, essential for us all grow and go beyond our limited ideas of what the old era has represented.  

The cries from people of different cultures, various colors, females and males, LGBT community, etc., are cries for equality, fairness and change through re-balance.  The incoming new era of consciousness must be one of HEART, not just for one but for all!  I believe we are witnessing that change happening now. Opening our Collective HEART will begin to change the world for the betterment of Mankind, instead of the continuation of closed and divided minds that threaten more harmful and hurtful division.  When we choose HEART, we connect to the Highest LOVE there is and that LOVE is already who we truly are . . . and it is GOOD!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

World View Perspective: What are we in relationship with in our minds

When we hold on too tight to the past in our minds, we are effectively still in relationship with it.  If we had a job, for example, that took up our entire life and, despite the fact the job has ended, if we still continue with the habits, routines and behaviors we did when we had that job, we are effectively still playing it out in our mind.  We still have a mental attachment to our past work self, too. We are still in relationship to that self that had that job.

If we used to have a relationship with someone special and they are still on our minds often, we are still in relationship with them too.  Perhaps we still nurture a strong memory of a place or any old identification of our self that lived there, then we are still in relationship with it.  

If these attachments aren't allowed to be reviewed and discarded by the very mind that is holding onto them, we cannot free up space enough to welcome in any new opportunities, relationships or places. 

Gratitude for all of our experiences is a great first step to take to free up the old attachments and open ourselves to what is next in our lives.  After gratitude, have a sense of feeling colored ribbons of the past connecting you to each old item. Imagine them in your mind.  See the items, feel the ribbons and most importantly, notice the sense of bondage they still have on your mind.  With positive, healthy intentions, see and imagine yourself cutting the ribbons and severing the bonds with these age old attachments.  Watch the cut ribbons fly skywards and feel your sense of happy release.  This is a fabulous freedom! Say out loud how grateful you are for your growth and time with everything you release yourself from in that moment!  Writing down the memories also helps, and as you do, feel them leave your mind in the present moment.

Sit in a peaceful place for some time after you let go.  Allow in that sense of deep release and appreciation for whatever you were holding onto with your mind and mental energies!  Feel an open new space enter and give yourself time to enjoy that opening.  In time, new concepts, fresh ideas and a better path forward will show itself.

It doesn't matter how wonderful the past was or how much success we may have had in it, the present moment is the true gift; the true gift of a true present!  Who you are N. O. W. in this moment is what truly matters!  It is only N. O. W. that we can make the real difference because the past is really truly gone, despite what our minds might want us to believe!

Our mind and mental faculties are amazing gifts and our minds are capable of many, many things.  Let your mind embrace what is most positive NOW and LOVE YOURSELF for who you are in the present!  Free your mind consciously of any thing or anyone who doesn't serve your greatest and highest good!  

Welcome in, invite in and embrace the most LOVING, COMPASSIONATE, GIVING and SUPPORTIVE YOU right now into your freshly opened mind.  Feel that expansion of thought and feeling and know the wonder of that inspiration! Know that true wonder of Y.  O.  U.!  Walk tall with that Higher relationship of yourself and know it as LOVE ITSELF!  Let your whole system embrace it and feel it as new ideas about yourself flood your system and feel it and know it as GOOD!