World View Perspective: A belly full of JOY

Our human minds can worry about many, many things, which can activate our human emotions and reactivity.  Soon our entire system is consumed by a fear that feels so real.  This can activate behaviors that flood us with need and we can consequently act out with addictions, impulses and comfort type behaviors that we might not do with greater clarity!  

Spiritual joy is something we can all experience as long as we understand spirit! Spirit is our Light and it offers lighthearted ways that connects us to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  It brings us joy through connection, through love and through a deeper guidance.  It also has the quality of bringing us into the current now perspective.  Spirit is playful and also wise.

If we can imagine it like a ball of Light, Love and Truth that can fill our bellies full of joy, as if we have literally swallowed it whole.  Now, instead of what we are using to fill our bellies full to satisfy an urge or another kind of fulfillment, that endless Light is instead filling us with a belly full of Joy!

Now we can smile, now we can laugh and now we can experience being lifted up and deeply inspired!  Feel it filling all our cells with Light, Love and Joy that now surrounds us and seems to touch each and everything around it, bringing it to greater and greater expression of happiness.

Now imagine, this is all hidden from anyone else's view.  Imagine no one but you knows it is there and that it is always there.  Imagine no one can ever take it from you because it is, in truth, within you.  Now smile with that awareness and begin to laugh and laugh and laugh.  Feel your belly full of JOY from the highest, most beautiful place, as if you and the Great Cosmic Being are ONE because, in fact, you are!  

Experience this belly full of JOY as also a belly full of LOVE.  The Love reflects LOVE everywhere and with everyone.  This wonderful energy of Love can shine outward, downward, upward, side to side and backwards.  It shines to other people, animals, plants, the past, the present and the future!  It knows Infinite Light and Infinite Love because spirit is that very same thing!

Now be aware of how your system actually feels.  Does it feel lighter, brighter, more alive or does it feel dull and lifeless?  See yourself as a beautiful and buoyant red bouncing balloon being lifted up by the winds of change to soar way above any confusion, fear, doubt or heaviness.  Feel your own heart now.  Does it feel happier and more joyful, too?  This is a state of mind that allows us to join the dance and wonderful creativity of spirit.  It allows us a better, happier and healthier view where we can remember a higher, sweeter consciousness that invites all the concerns of the mind to go, to release, to find a new brighter perspective.

Let your belly full of JOY fill you in every way any time and in any way you need it.  Just like putting burdens on the wings of birds and asking them to fly the concerns away or drop them into a nearby lake.  Once gone, the next positive steps can reveal themselves because our perspective has had a chance to clear. It may sound like a flight of fancy but, in fact, for every problem there is a creative solution.  Use your imagination and spiritual JOY and fill your belly full! Become the Light and Joy itself and soar to greater and greater heights!  The JOY is always available and always present. We just have to remember it is always within us and it loves to express itself in JOY!


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