Friday, January 20, 2017

World View Perspective: When we know who we are

When we realize we are not all the differences we may see about each other or the differences between each other but rather all the points and aspects we have in common instead, human nature will continue to unconsciously hurt and harm each other because of those differences.  A collective Love, Truth and Grace for all living things can lift us all to a higher perspective where harming any living thing will not only feel wrong but the action to harm will collectively diminish because the truth will become stronger.  The truth is that when any of us hurt or harm any living thing we are also hurting and harming our selves, the environment, our earth and our world.

Yes, on some levels we are and have a distinct sense of who we are.  We have our boundaries, our own living space, our own opinions, views and values.  We are deeply connected to family, friends and our past understanding and experiences.  Yet, from a higher perspective we are also all connected through a living life force and through LOVE.  It is about becoming conscious of that bigger connection, that bigger, deeper relationship and through that awareness,  we can most effectively lift each other up to heights that change the overall consciousness for good.

When we know we are or can consciously become that higher vibration of positive Goodness, we begin to shift and change ourselves and consequently all around us, including the earth, our relationships and all living things.  This enables life to continue growing and going forward, which promotes greater growth and understanding.

Compassion is also enhanced as we learn we are all ONE on these higher levels of life going forward.  We expand into a vibration of LOVE as we open our Hearts, open our Greater Minds and see through a Higher Perspective.  Light and Love are real vibrations and we are all capable of choosing these Higher Viewpoints.

To shift our Collective focus to what we have in common and how we can uplift and inspire each other to live to our Highest qualities, can enhance life for us all. A re-balance of priorities is what is called for so our overall consciousness is enhanced for all living things.

A Consciousness of Heart, instead of individual minds, is what can uplift us all through LOVE, the LOVE that is the foundation of LIFE itself.  The Highest LOVE is who we really are and once we all know that, begin to live that, that Collective Vibration can and will change the world!  Let's become the LIVING LOVE and witness transformation at it's very core!  Let LOVE UNITE LIFE allowing all living things and beings to thrive!  That is who we are and what we are capable of doing and becoming!  LET OUR COLLECTIVE LOVE SHINE THROUGH OPEN AND COMPASSIONATE HEARTS.  Our HEARTS and LOVE will show us the way!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

World View Perspective: Our relationship with Cosmic Consciousness

We first must aspire to remember the Cosmic Consciousness, seek to know it and finally to understand it exists.  We need to trust the Love, Light and Truth of the Cosmic Consciousness and that we are all apart of it.  We cannot be separate from it ever.  It is the field of Grace all around us, within us and surrounding us.  It is our intelligence, our love and our light in this world.

Being human is a great gift and a great challenge.  There is so much beauty here and so much to know and experience.  Yet to seek out a greater truth, deeper understanding and a more expanded view, we need to broaden out our perspective.

Every cell of our physical body contains this energy of Love, Light and Truth.
This energy can uplift us, inspire us, help us transform and transmute any and all old energy into a higher and brighter experience for us.  We can use visualization to imagine we are full of Love, Light and Truth within us.  Imagine each one as a color.  Feel the vibrancy of each color filling you full of it's healing Light.  Feel yourself being bathed in it until you know it is you.  Feel your connection to it, your inner relationship to it and the joy of the union with it. Imagine it healing every part of your physical body, emotional body, mental body, intellectual body and your spiritual body.  Dance with it, sing with it, laugh with it and most importantly, be grateful for this amazing relationship.

It is very easy to identify and be identified with all our human experiences and to determine they are all real and/or they define us.  Yet, they are simply experiences that bring us understandings about who we are and who we are not so we can further discern.  When we attach or identify with too much of the human experience instead of what we carry in our hearts and souls, we can easily lose our way!  We have a path to follow in our lives and we need to respect that path with love and gratitude.  Yet, within us, there is also the seeking and searching for the greater depth of meaning and purpose.  The Cosmic Consciousness is an energy and intelligence that we can collaborate with, work with, know deeply and come to appreciate fully!  It works to free up our unconscious drivers, our old buried hurts, pains, confusion and distractions. It is like a magic cleaning agent and once applied, it releases anything stuck or clogged or gummed up within us so we can sparkle fresh again.  We can learn to recognize and discern this energy, trust it and welcome in the changes it brings to us to move us forward, through the process of collaboration.

The goal of the Cosmic Consciousness where we are concerned is to be remembered and invited in to help us vibrate on a Higher level of awareness and consciousness and assist us in releasing what is no longer needed, wanted or useful in our lives.  Yes, it can fill us with wonder, imagination, joy and delight yet it also fills us with intelligence and an inner knowing as and when needed.

The key is to be discerning and to test it until one is certain the relationship is the highest, clearest and purest you can receive.  Receiving the joy and healing is one way to feel it and know it as a living, loving force and source of continual consciousness.

Genuine and sincere Love is certainly one of the best ways to attract the Cosmic Consciousness into your life.  Open your Heart with Love and Gratitude and trust you can have a most Loving relationship with the Cosmic Consciousness itself. Trust the collaboration with it and let yourself fill with joy!  It is truly a definition of fulfillment!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

World View Perspective: A belly full of JOY

Our human minds can worry about many, many things, which can activate our human emotions and reactivity.  Soon our entire system is consumed by a fear that feels so real.  This can activate behaviors that flood us with need and we can consequently act out with addictions, impulses and comfort type behaviors that we might not do with greater clarity!  

Spiritual joy is something we can all experience as long as we understand spirit! Spirit is our Light and it offers lighthearted ways that connects us to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  It brings us joy through connection, through love and through a deeper guidance.  It also has the quality of bringing us into the current now perspective.  Spirit is playful and also wise.

If we can imagine it like a ball of Light, Love and Truth that can fill our bellies full of joy, as if we have literally swallowed it whole.  Now, instead of what we are using to fill our bellies full to satisfy an urge or another kind of fulfillment, that endless Light is instead filling us with a belly full of Joy!

Now we can smile, now we can laugh and now we can experience being lifted up and deeply inspired!  Feel it filling all our cells with Light, Love and Joy that now surrounds us and seems to touch each and everything around it, bringing it to greater and greater expression of happiness.

Now imagine, this is all hidden from anyone else's view.  Imagine no one but you knows it is there and that it is always there.  Imagine no one can ever take it from you because it is, in truth, within you.  Now smile with that awareness and begin to laugh and laugh and laugh.  Feel your belly full of JOY from the highest, most beautiful place, as if you and the Great Cosmic Being are ONE because, in fact, you are!  

Experience this belly full of JOY as also a belly full of LOVE.  The Love reflects LOVE everywhere and with everyone.  This wonderful energy of Love can shine outward, downward, upward, side to side and backwards.  It shines to other people, animals, plants, the past, the present and the future!  It knows Infinite Light and Infinite Love because spirit is that very same thing!

Now be aware of how your system actually feels.  Does it feel lighter, brighter, more alive or does it feel dull and lifeless?  See yourself as a beautiful and buoyant red bouncing balloon being lifted up by the winds of change to soar way above any confusion, fear, doubt or heaviness.  Feel your own heart now.  Does it feel happier and more joyful, too?  This is a state of mind that allows us to join the dance and wonderful creativity of spirit.  It allows us a better, happier and healthier view where we can remember a higher, sweeter consciousness that invites all the concerns of the mind to go, to release, to find a new brighter perspective.

Let your belly full of JOY fill you in every way any time and in any way you need it.  Just like putting burdens on the wings of birds and asking them to fly the concerns away or drop them into a nearby lake.  Once gone, the next positive steps can reveal themselves because our perspective has had a chance to clear. It may sound like a flight of fancy but, in fact, for every problem there is a creative solution.  Use your imagination and spiritual JOY and fill your belly full! Become the Light and Joy itself and soar to greater and greater heights!  The JOY is always available and always present. We just have to remember it is always within us and it loves to express itself in JOY!