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World View Perspective: When we know who we are

When we realize we are not all the differences we may see about each other or the differences between each other but rather all the points and aspects we have in common instead, human nature will continue to unconsciously hurt and harm each other because of those differences.  A collective Love, Truth and Grace for all living things can lift us all to a higher perspective where harming any living thing will not only feel wrong but the action to harm will collectively diminish because the truth will become stronger.  The truth is that when any of us hurt or harm any living thing we are also hurting and harming our selves, the environment, our earth and our world.

Yes, on some levels we are and have a distinct sense of who we are.  We have our boundaries, our own living space, our own opinions, views and values.  We are deeply connected to family, friends and our past understanding and experiences.  Yet, from a higher perspective we are also all connected through a living life force and …

World View Perspective: Our relationship with Cosmic Consciousness

We first must aspire to remember the Cosmic Consciousness, seek to know it and finally to understand it exists.  We need to trust the Love, Light and Truth of the Cosmic Consciousness and that we are all apart of it.  We cannot be separate from it ever.  It is the field of Grace all around us, within us and surrounding us.  It is our intelligence, our love and our light in this world.

Being human is a great gift and a great challenge.  There is so much beauty here and so much to know and experience.  Yet to seek out a greater truth, deeper understanding and a more expanded view, we need to broaden out our perspective.

Every cell of our physical body contains this energy of Love, Light and Truth.
This energy can uplift us, inspire us, help us transform and transmute any and all old energy into a higher and brighter experience for us.  We can use visualization to imagine we are full of Love, Light and Truth within us.  Imagine each one as a color.  Feel the vibrancy of each color filling y…

World View Perspective: A belly full of JOY

Our human minds can worry about many, many things, which can activate our human emotions and reactivity.  Soon our entire system is consumed by a fear that feels so real.  This can activate behaviors that flood us with need and we can consequently act out with addictions, impulses and comfort type behaviors that we might not do with greater clarity!  

Spiritual joy is something we can all experience as long as we understand spirit! Spirit is our Light and it offers lighthearted ways that connects us to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  It brings us joy through connection, through love and through a deeper guidance.  It also has the quality of bringing us into the current now perspective.  Spirit is playful and also wise.

If we can imagine it like a ball of Light, Love and Truth that can fill our bellies full of joy, as if we have literally swallowed it whole.  Now, instead of what we are using to fill our bellies full to satisfy an urge or another kind of fulfillment, th…