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World View Perspective: We only suffer when we think we are the past

If we consider our human systems consist of our spiritual body, intellectual body, mental body, psychological body, emotional body and physical body, we can literally stuff age old pain, grudges and hurtful memories into any one of our bodies and it can stay trapped in there, in our unconsciousness/subconsciousness forever.

It can flare up, of course, when it is triggered and nudge us, perturb us, stress us, get our attention and even create distressing situations until or unless we go into it, feel it and heal it.

When our systems feel 'out of sorts' it is usually due to something in our past that is trying to move on and can't currently do so.  It is a trapped feeling or emotion that has not been resolved yet and yet, something else in our awareness knows it needs to be released so we can continue on in our lives.

It can also happen in the moment and we feel it but we don't know what it is that happened.  Picture a family gathering.  You have been claiming to be a write…

World View Perspective: The Peace in our Heart can heal our personal pieces

Our Highest Heart can heal the broken pieces of our personal heart.  The INFINITE LOVE we carry is our Highest Consciousness.  That endless resource can enter our own personal heart and 'bring to Light' what, who and why we were hurt in the past.  It can show us deeply where we were too vulnerable to avoid the pain and how, with the clear, current Consciousness, we can let go and Let God clear the old, stuck blockages until our Light and Energy is flowing clearly again towards greater happiness, health and clarity!

With old relationships, which can be the Source of the initial pain, or personal heartbreak, we can see the old emotional attachments as red ropes, holding down our 'hot air balloon' sense of self.  The sense of self that should be 'up', happy, joyful and inspired.  These ropes of attachment we can feel, keep us 'bound' to the past but which might not adequately, honestly reflect who we are now.

For example, if you are one of four sisters in a …

World View Perspective: When we love ourselves on the inside and outside

In the great search for our positive thinking and happiness, when we can honestly love and accept ourselves on the inside and the outside, we will lighten our load and experience that great inner peace.  To Love and Accept the Highest aspect of Our Self, surrendering any and all old imbalances of fear, deep worry, apprehension and doubt, we set all those limitations free.  Space is made to really experience that Higher realm of all that's good!

As we grow and develop, we aren't necessarily aware of how much other people's thoughts, feelings, opinions and judgments towards us can affect us.  Their expectations, needs, wants and relationships with us can entangle us in many energies that aren't ours.  We might feel it but we might be uncertain where it comes from or from which person.

For example, our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins will all have their own views about money, status and privilege without them mentioning any of it to you.  Yet, it can all be…

World View Perspective: The mechanisms of change

If we study the life cycle of anything that grows; children, animals, plants, flowers or vegetables, we notice that changes often usher in the greater growth.  The wind in late fall blows off the leaves, covering the forest ground in one last blast of color before the fresh white blanket of snow falls.  It lets a natural process happen, which is important for what comes after it.  It allows the seasons to continue.  The new growth of Spring is ushered in onto the empty branches.  The same with our human experiences.  Change happens and change is necessary for greater growth, expansion and JOY!

As we get older, our children grow into adults, marry and begin having their families.  We were once out front, leading our lives, getting our educations and finding our spouses, houses and starting our families.  We begin retreating and slowing down as they begin their quest for often the very same things.  When things begin to shift and change, however, we can 'take issue' with what is …

World View Perspective: The wounding of our personal heart

When our personal heart has been wounded, broken, affected or shattered, we will find anyway possible to hide it, distract it or fill up ourselves differently.  We will avoid that pain every which way we can so we don't appear foolish, vulnerable or an easy target for and to others.  How we go about doing self-comfort changes but what we choose can become an addiction.  Another option is we can take deep emotional, personal pain and instead become angry, unruly and overly-reactive versus suffer in silence or hide away.  We can react poorly to any and all that we perceive have caused that pain in us, whether it is real or imagined.  Lashing out is often the easier, better path to take in our mind because then we think we have done something that defends ourselves better then our other choice to just sit and take it.

There is another way to heal our own broken, personal heart.  We can appeal to our own Higher Consciousness and ask it to enter our own self that feels brokenhearted and…

World View Perspective: The immobility of resentments

When we hold onto resentments in our personal self, we keep those negative feelings in.  We end up carry the weight of those heavy and unnecessary burdens.  Those negative feelings become an illness in our system; affecting our minds, our emotions and our physical bodies.  Yes, our personal self never gets all it wants in life.  Yes, we can be side-railed by others, even trampled, undercut, and demeaned.  We can resent our roles in life, our place in life, all the suffering we have had to endure and yet freeing up that space is important and valuable for our inherent well being.

We may not be aware we are carrying old, worn out resentments.  We may think and feel we are fine, healthy, happy and well and yet going deeper, it can become apparent to us we have a deeper anger hidden within us.

With mass shootings on the rise in the US, it seems those who carry such anger and resentments are hitting their own tipping point.  The deeply held resentments are at a boiling point.  Always a sign …

World View Perspective: The blessings of imbalances

When something has been imbalanced for a long, long time, the time of re-balance must occur.  Maybe the message is subtle, maybe the message is strong and life-changing but it must occur because without balance, no one can move forward.

Many things about human nature are now coming to light because their imbalance has hit a 'tipping point'.  Meaning we can't collectively move forward until this re-addressing happens. Not just in thought or feeling but with action, too.

Our minds divide and our hearts unite.  We have a heart and we also have emotional truth.  Emotional truth or emotional intelligence is an answer to where this imbalance must happen.  Female systems, found in humans and animals, most naturally, have an emotional sensitivity, an awareness, an emotional reaction-response because it serves to protect and provide care for the family and the female herself.  It is an inner knowing that alerts a female to what is going on. It is useful in nature and it is an intuiti…

World View Perspective: Our deep down Truth

Despite all our human shortcomings, faults, failings and frustrations, we all carry a deep down to our core Truth.  This Truth is LOVE and that LOVE also knows us.  At any point in our lives, we can stop and take a moment to feel it, realize it and be so, so grateful for it.  It is the LOVE of life and the LOVE of this creation to live life.  It is about the simple breathing in and out, the simple joy of each day, the simple ease to look around at your surroundings and find something miraculous there!

It is that well of Truth and Love within us that is always present and full, we just have to remember it is there, Loving us in Truth all the time!  We have to remember to LOVE it back and be grateful for it.  It is there for our well-being.  We can draw positive energy from it as needed.  It is our well of well-being!

See it as a beautiful and pure deep pond, filled with re-generating LIGHT, LOVE and TRUTH, just waiting for us to take a long, deep restorative drink.  Feel it filling your …

World View Perspective: Where is the Voice?

When confusion reigns, when fear pervades, when the Earth Herself, begins to shake, roll and cleanse and when She clearly seems undone, where is the Voice of clarity, understanding and compassion?  Where is the Guidance and Truth for us to follow?  Are there many Voices, are there many directions, are there many paths and if so, how do we find them?

The answer that has been through time is still the same.  The Voice to listen to is within.  It is within our very Heart and Soul. It is that clarity, that understanding and that perception that will indeed guide us home and guide us to Truth.

When Mankind can open it's Collective Hearts, Souls and Greater Minds, we will see and know the Bigger Truth and, therefore, be in positions to assist Mankind and the Earth Herself.  We will see our greater expanse and how LOVE is the only way forward.  

We must KNOW and RESPOND to who we TRULY are before we can have a positive impact on our environment, ourselves and our lives, thereby, becoming aw…

World View Perspective: Heart Harmony must happen

Even the Earth now speaks of imbalance.  She is purifying Her imbalances so a greater Harmony with nature can occur.  She wants our attention.  She is a living, loving entity all Her Own and until we realize Her True Worth and Value, She will continue to make Her Voice known.

We are not separate from Her.  She is requesting our Loving Presence on Earth. She begs for our awareness and our Truth.  What is that Truth?

The Truth is we are all Beings of Light, Love and Grace if only we will remember that and allow that expanded Self forward.  That expanded Self is already aligned with LOVE itself and that LOVE lives in our Collective HEARTS of HEARTS!  This is what Mother Earth needs now.  She needs Our Love, Our Light and Our Grace.

She is not to be exploited, nor abused, nor ignored! She is to be Loved, Nurtured, Recognized for all She openly and willingly provides.  She offers us food, light, warmth, water, all forms of nature and life itself.  Just like Mothers of people and animals, She …

World View Perspective: Outgrowing our past money identification

Just like a snake sheds it's skin when it must move forward, we also have that ability to look into our selves and see, notice, feel and know when some part of us is ready to be 'let go' of for good.  We can release old ideas, notions, self-beliefs, self-images and old habits, patterns and behaviors that we no longer need, want or find useful.  This can cover any and all aspects of our humanness.  

One of the deepest, oldest, sometimes most painful aspects within us is how we learned, were taught, shown and treated related to money; our abilities with money, our earning potential and how to see ourselves related to money, abundance or resources in general.

We have mostly learned to bury it, ignore it, deny it, distract from it or endlessly worry about it.  Very rarely do we stop and give thanks for all we have received and rarer still, do we let go of false ideas, concepts, effects or affects related to money, especially concerning those we love, ourselves or any others arou…

World View Perspective: Using our own inner integrity to discern

When we trust our Higher Sense of Self and feel it deep within us, we experience our own inner integrity.  When we invite in and allow in that inner integrity to guide us, lead us, show us our true reflection, we as a whole BEING can accomplish quite a bit.  It becomes our finest discerning tool to navigate the shifts and changes of our lives.

See it like an inner compass.  Even though our intention is to go one way, something inside us shows us another way to proceed.  Maybe it is a small voice, maybe it is a heart tug, perhaps it is just an unshakable feeling or we hear it all around us.  When we stop to listen and let it in and learn to trust it, amazing miracles and growth can and will occur.

Our own greatest asset, both human and spiritual, is to know our own inner integrity.  A check-point within our self, that guides to what is truly right for us versus false, outgrown or not longer essential.

There is so much illusion and falsehood in life or, at least, necessary ages and stages …

World View Perspective: We are not human misery

Our human system and memory can hold onto any and all pain we have received in any lifetime, whether it is real or imagined.  It can fester and grow, manifesting itself in other ways unless we become conscious that we are not our human systems; we are not human misery.  We can transform, transmute and transcend the human misery and our reaction and identification to it.  We can access Compassion and LOVE for our system and all it has gone through through forgiveness, understanding and Grace found in our heart of HEARTS!

Our human misery is a collection of past experiences and moments that are not current, unless we allow them to be who we think and feel we are.  Our lower human nature can stay reactive, sensitive, combative, argumentative and negative for a long, long time without us even being conscious of it.  It is like a stagnant pond that has been abandoned and now is toxic.  Until or unless someone takes the time, energy and effort to clean it and clear it, it is likely to contin…

World View Perspective: Remembering our LIGHT sets us free

When we think we are limited to just our mind and physical body only, we can become quite bogged down by life.  It is like being in a trapped, closed system that can't let anything new in or old out.  

By remembering our Spirit and how it is connected to and a reflection of Light, Love and COMPASSION itself, we set free any trouble locked into our limited sense of self.

Imagine it like a beam of Pure White Light that can and will pierce any clouds of doubt or darkness that may surround you.  See it consciously, actively coming towards you to open up a space of LOVE, LIGHT and JOY into any confusion you are holding onto in your mind.  Feel the heaviness lifting and in that freed up space, feel a sense of PURE JOY and Freedom of HAPPIER, MORE POSITIVE THOUGHTS!

Have a sense of the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies taking away any and all energy that may be obstructing your view of the Purity that surrounds you daily, whether you know it is there or not!  Have a deeper sense…

World View Perspective: Our True Worth

When we can openly, honestly begin to ask ourselves what will inspire each of us to follow a life that enhances our greatest health and happiness, our natural, innate Spirit can begin our inner work towards such a goal.

Perhaps we have been following a path that simply reinforces our parental programming, just reinforces our specific, particular roles in life or maybe we are following every generations same set of expectations or perhaps those that society dictates.  Nothing is wrong with that, especially when others are counting on us to lift up and support our family, children, living parents and others that are in our care.  Yet, one of the most fundamental aspects of our human life is knowing and also following what makes us happy and healthy being true to our self.

Often we are programmed early about the structure and rules we need to follow in order to generate income, to maintain income and to assure the flow of income in order to continue on with our lives.  Our parents often ha…

World View Perspective: Moments of sincere gratitude

When everything seems to be too stressful, tiring, exhausting or futile, taking moments of gratitude helps put everything into perspective.  It can become a marvelous challenge to stop and focus on only what we are so grateful for in our current life.  Offering thanks for all the learning, lessons, growth and wonder of each day is a good way to begin.  Happy for each breath we take and each slice of beauty we see can inspire us throughout the day.  Just a butterfly going by, a new blossom on a tree, a child's precious laugh or a bird swooping through the trees is pause to stop and take in all the unique and cherished things life brings to us every day.

Whispering into our open, loving Hearts happy, fulfilling, wondrous moments that maybe we just catch out of the corners of our eyes is enough to stop and offer sincere thanks for all we receive each and every day of our lives.

The more we focus our attention on what we LOVE about life, including ourselves, the more abundant LOVE comes…

World View Perspective: Self Love is God Love

To truly love our self is to accept God's Love for us.  Simply put, Loving our self like God Love's us aligns us with LOVE as an active, powerful force.  Simple in concept, perhaps difficult in practice!

Imagine an Infinite Being Loving and Accepting you on all levels and in all ways. Naturally, we would adjust our attitudes, our outlook, our self-forgiveness and we'd naturally begin to let go of traits that no longer serve us.  We'd realize we aren't the past and we would feel the release of those age old bonds that we have outgrown.  It would be a natural letting go!

We can love the past, be grateful for the past, realize our lessons from the past and shine all the way through to the current moment.

If we imagine the Purest Love Loving us all the way through, we'd realize that Love is the Love of the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy beaming right into us that that we already are within.  Any and all old 'knots' that we aren't will begin to…

World View Perspective: Trust God to remove what is false

Once we hit a certain place in life when we realize we haven't been alone on this path, we can begin to trust that who we aren't anymore can go.  Perhaps it is an old mind set, maybe it is an old emotional belief and it could be a feeling about our self in our physical body that no longer serves us well.

In terms of evolution, growth, shift and change, moving on from stuck old patterns becomes essential.  See it like a peach tree.  As the seasons change, the fresh new Spring flowers come and they blossom so beautifully!  Next, the petals drop and a hard awkward closed bud is there.  The bud becomes a peach with lots of fuzz after awhile.  As the peach grows and develops, it becomes perfected in the summer sun to full ripeness.  This is when it usually gets plucked and consumed.  If it remains on the tress too long, it will begin to fade, become diseased and finally drop back onto the earth.  Right before this happens, the peach is perfect to pick for a pie that serves all.

We, t…

World View Perspective: Forgiving our own human nature

If we were to look into our own Heart, we would see and feel a deep and abiding LOVE.  Deep in that LOVE we would find a deep forgiveness for our self and all others.  That depth of LOVE within is surrounded by understanding.  What our Heart understands is we have many levels and layers to get through on our way to deeply understanding our human condition, nature and situation.

Yes, there are pitfalls, distractions, confusion, troubling situations and deceptions along the way that throw us all off course.  A bit like a mind field that creates illusions and a sense of safety that might not actually be there or might be there hiding!  We might apply our greatest intelligence to any situation and still trip and fall right into the middle of things.

Human nature is not perfect!  Human nature is not always ideal.  Human nature is not without unconsciousness.  Yet, it is in our very humanness that we have the most amazing possibilities and potentialities available to us.  We have a most amazi…

World View Perspective: Time to choose

Often, we are not aware we can consciously, actively make a choice to become more consciously aware of life, ourselves or others through greater CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF! We may think what our mind, emotions and body tells us is the extend of our choices.  Maybe we think we can choose our foods, our liquids, our clothes, our home and our friends but we can't choose to open our minds and hearts to more. The truth is, we can!

The most basic first step to this process is to aspire to have our own hearts and minds open.  Aspiration involves Spirit and our Higher sense of Self.  Aspiring to know the Truth, helps bring in the people, places and opportunities to face what is false about our selves and our lives.  It is like the flow of a stream that begins to break open the old walls and bring in the new pathways forward!  It might appear like too much of a good thing that appears chaotic, untamed, immeasurable and over-the top but it is actually holding within it, the change you require for …

World View Perspective: A new view on the incoming new era

If we can stand back from all that is unfolding in our world, we can begin to see the beginnings of a new era, starting in the US.

If we simply look through inner eyes, we can see that a re-balance of energy is happening in the world.  One species, one sex, one color and one nation has dominated much in the world for a long time.  Our current world reflects that on many levels.

The shift that is occurring now strongly indicates a new era is happening for the good of all living things.

The current US President and his wife represent the end of an era, where the wealthy, white men, suits and ties are seen as the best to dominate others and take control while a soft, beautiful supportive female stands quietly at their side. Their image reinforces the old standard by which much of the world has been run!  However, there is a growing number of people that do not fit that image who are gaining in strength and number to give voice to something else.  The question is what is that something else?

World View Perspective: What are we in relationship with in our minds

When we hold on too tight to the past in our minds, we are effectively still in relationship with it.  If we had a job, for example, that took up our entire life and, despite the fact the job has ended, if we still continue with the habits, routines and behaviors we did when we had that job, we are effectively still playing it out in our mind.  We still have a mental attachment to our past work self, too. We are still in relationship to that self that had that job.

If we used to have a relationship with someone special and they are still on our minds often, we are still in relationship with them too.  Perhaps we still nurture a strong memory of a place or any old identification of our self that lived there, then we are still in relationship with it.  

If these attachments aren't allowed to be reviewed and discarded by the very mind that is holding onto them, we cannot free up space enough to welcome in any new opportunities, relationships or places. 

Gratitude for all of our experien…