Thursday, December 15, 2016

World View Perspective: Our inner searchlight

When we understand we effectively hold an inner searchlight in our Heart/Soul Self within us, we can consciously use that tool and intention to shine our Light in all directions, making sure it shines a light within us first!  

Imagine a brilliant, loving gold or yellow Light within you that can shine up to you from within, illuminating any shadows, self-doubt, sorrow or pain. Feel it within your own lower belly self.  It is filled with Loving, positive, glowing, self-love and self-acceptance energy, the kind that never slows down or becomes extinguished.   Allow that Light to fill you from the core with a deep sense of Love, Belonging and Acceptance in the world.

Once you feel full of that LIGHT, with positive intention and attention, direct that Light backwards towards your past.  Watch it illuminate your past and fill it with positive LIGHT and Love, even gratitude!  Let the Love and Light shower you in your past with a golden hue, filling you with remarkable satisfaction.  You are still alive, you are still living your life and you survived it all!  Let that Light lift up your past to a place of gratitude!

Now shine your inner searchlight to the Highest space and place you can imagine.  Have it shine way past human thought and feeling to the very Source of Life Itself.  Feel that connection, feel your searchlight expand to fill the space while you shine more gratitude on the Great Cosmic Being that made Life and Love Itself possible.  Feel the Love and Light, resonate right back to you, filling you even fuller.

Once you feel that deeper connection of Love and Light, now feel your inner searchlight streaming out that Love to everyone you care about.  See them receiving that Love and Light and being bathed in it.  See them beginning to transform and transmute any and all old stuck energy.  Watch them fill with Love and Light and begin to hold that in their own inner searchlight.  Feel it coming back to you, continuing to let you fill with more and more Love and Light until it goes back and forth between you, creating a most Loving force field.

Take your inner searchlight now and turn it towards the earth.  Feel your Love and Light permeating the earth, touching each and every river, each and every mountain, all the animals, all the people, each and every plant, every country, every meadow, every ocean, all the deserts and all the corners of the world. Feel everything begin to Light up and continue expanding through Love, Light with the most positive intention possible.  Feel the Love coming forward from all of Life, resonating with more LOVE!

Now feel your Highest Love and Light spreading out around you, touching the lives of everyone who is around you and surrounds you, whether you know them or not.  Have a sense they are filling with your Light, which is serving to activate their own.  See them Light up with their own inner searchlight, engaging their own most positive energy.  Know that they can shine by themselves now, lighting others Light along the way.  Imagine everyone's Light enlightening the whole world, waking us all up to our Highest potential.

This inner searchlight exists within us all!  It is our Highest capability for Cosmic Consciousness; the Love and Light that lives within us and surrounds us all the time.  We are made of this Cosmic Consciousness.  The more we activate, operate and work with this Light, our inner searchlight, the more Love and Light fills us too!  Fill with this as often as possible and know the Love and Light as YOU!  YOU are not separate from the LOVE and LIGHT!  Feel the Love, the gratitude and appreciation for this gift and let it shine!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

World View Perspective: The Cosmic Consciousness of Self Love

To accept our selves completely, we have to free up the past and literally get passed it.  Self judgment and self loathing might be old tapes running inside us but they are simply that and not the truth.    Any negative, old or stuck poor self-images need to be eradicated from our system and our memory and re-energized!  

As we go through life, no one really teaches us how to be clear about ourselves, let alone keep our human system clean and clear!  Energy forms around us everyday, very similar to dust that gathers on our furniture.  If we don't keep it dusted off on a regular schedule, we can't assume we will keep our furniture clean.

When we seek Higher Love and Higher Guidance, it does answer us.  Cosmic Consciousness is always there, we just have to remember it is really who we are so we can ask for all the help and guidance it affords us.  One of the aspects of Cosmic Consciousness is that at all times, it LOVES us completely.  It feeds our self love like a stream that feeds a river and the river that feeds the ocean.  The LOVE is who we are and when we trust it to fill us, it does.  That LOVE is our LOVE and when we LOVE the Great Cosmic Consciousness, the Great Cosmic Consciousness LOVES us right back.

We cannot be separate from it, therefore, we are the same Cosmic Consciousness and that Consciousness can become our own Self Love, manifesting Itself.  What one vibration does, the next resonates with the first.  When we vibrate that Self Love, which is a vibrating Cosmic Consciousness, more Love cannot help but come to vibrate the same pulse.  A basic law of physics says that the law of attraction operates this way.  What we vibrate is attracted to Itself.  When we LOVE something or someone, that something or someone feels and receives that LOVE and sends it back.

If we imagine our core sense of self or our deepest wounded self, LOVING the Great Cosmic Consciousness Itself, what would be the natural consequences?  If we are feeling grateful, forgiving and being open to the very needed and necessary healing from it, imagine, too, that Highest, Purest, Most Complete LOVE energy will respond in kind, shifting and changing, that core self into that very vibration of LOVE ITSELF!  Now, imagine how amazing we feel, we move, we live and we love!  This is transformation at its very core!

This is the mechanism for changing our Self Love, and accepting our Self Love, through a deep and abiding relationship with the Great Cosmic Consciousness as a true and living LOVE, which, IN TRUTH, it is!

This takes Conscious Practice, along with gratitude and forgiveness, but it works to shift and change our human system into a much more positive experience!

Open to Self Love and allow the Great Cosmic Consciousness to work it's LOVING magic on your system; collaborate with LOVE ITSELF.  Notice how your Energy, LOVE and Self LOVE improves, changes and resonates with a happier, healthier self on so many levels and layers.  It is BEAUTIFUL and it is GOOD!