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World View Perspective: Our inner searchlight

When we understand we effectively hold an inner searchlight in our Heart/Soul Self within us, we can consciously use that tool and intention to shine our Light in all directions, making sure it shines a light within us first!  

Imagine a brilliant, loving gold or yellow Light within you that can shine up to you from within, illuminating any shadows, self-doubt, sorrow or pain. Feel it within your own lower belly self.  It is filled with Loving, positive, glowing, self-love and self-acceptance energy, the kind that never slows down or becomes extinguished.   Allow that Light to fill you from the core with a deep sense of Love, Belonging and Acceptance in the world.

Once you feel full of that LIGHT, with positive intention and attention, direct that Light backwards towards your past.  Watch it illuminate your past and fill it with positive LIGHT and Love, even gratitude!  Let the Love and Light shower you in your past with a golden hue, filling you with remarkable satisfaction.  You are s…

World View Perspective: The Cosmic Consciousness of Self Love

To accept our selves completely, we have to free up the past and literally get passed it.  Self judgment and self loathing might be old tapes running inside us but they are simply that and not the truth.    Any negative, old or stuck poor self-images need to be eradicated from our system and our memory and re-energized!  

As we go through life, no one really teaches us how to be clear about ourselves, let alone keep our human system clean and clear!  Energy forms around us everyday, very similar to dust that gathers on our furniture.  If we don't keep it dusted off on a regular schedule, we can't assume we will keep our furniture clean.

When we seek Higher Love and Higher Guidance, it does answer us.  Cosmic Consciousness is always there, we just have to remember it is really who we are so we can ask for all the help and guidance it affords us.  One of the aspects of Cosmic Consciousness is that at all times, it LOVES us completely.  It feeds our self love like a stream that fee…