Monday, November 21, 2016

World View Perspective: 'Popping the pimple' of the past!

As we grow, mature and develop, we have human experiences that hurt us and/or harm us on some levels and layers, effecting and impacting, who we are. Maybe they are slight offenses between two people, major betrayals of trust by those we love or an ongoing sense of being rejected, unwanted or completely dismissed and left out.  Perhaps they affect us physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally or intellectually.  In any case, we can hold in the actual feeling of what happened to us for fear it will happen again or might always happen.  After years of holding in the pain, confusion, resulting anger, even to the point of self-hate, we can forget it is even there. We can effectively and efficiently, hide our self from our self. Until or unless, we have it revealed to our self by our self or someone else says or does something to trigger it.  Then that old stuck stuff can begin to pulsate into an angry response, enough to torch a small town!  Why has this happened? Because it is time to 'pop the pimple', and begin the honest healing of it.

If you imagine getting a thorn in your arm and you ignore it.  When it feels agitated, you pay no attention to it or you just attempt to tolerate it.  As the infection grows, it becomes distorted, swollen, awkward and disfigured.  Still in pulsating pain and still we do nothing to offset what has occurred.  At some point, when we want to use that arm, we are going to have to turn, face it, feel the discomfort and always face the fact we ignored it, creating even more problems.

Deep inside our human awareness, I think we always know when we are hurt, harmed or attacked and consequently, suffering.  We might blame someone else for the difficulties or blame the past, in general, but if we truly want to clean it up and clear it out, we must have the courage and determination to 'pop the pimple.'

If we imagine having a pimple on our face but we don't want to look at it, it can grow and fill with pus and blood, becoming infected.  Other people can see it and we can feel it everyday.  Yet, if we aren't brave enough to stop and take time to pop it, let it become exposed and then allow it to heal, it doesn't have a chance to get better and disappear!

Forgiving someone is like that, too, especially forgiving our self.  We don't want to go down deep into the past age old muck and mire to flush it clean but when we do, miracles of love and healing can help us progress.

When we access the Cosmic Consciousness, we can use it like the light on a miner's hat, going deep underground. We can ask our inner guidance to show us into the dark tunnels of our system, where the pimples of the past lie in the shadows, relatively undisturbed.  We can also ask Guidance to show us how best to lance it and let it pop open.  We can be grateful for our courage to undergo this process.  Once popped, allow the infection time to come out and be exposed and expressed in order to release it, forgive it and all connected to it until you feel at peace with it.  It is no longer a trigger point.

This process also allows an opening for more Cosmic Consciousness to enter and shine into us more of who we are inside.  With that LOVING opening to greater LOVE, TRUTH and COMPASSION, we feel more filled with Light and Love and overall Understanding, which enhances both our spiritual and human growth!  It is a LOVING gift of Source, which brings us more Lovingly into the present, ready to LOVE LIFE,our selves and others once again.  LOVING OUR SELVES is GOOD because LOVING OUR SELF IS ALSO THE INFINITE'S LOVE shining to us and through us . . . all the time!  Moments of gratitude, time and time again.

Friday, November 11, 2016

World View Perspective: The Cosmic Call

Aspiration is the great inner call to know the truth.  When we truly aspire to know and grow beyond what we know is true, the Great Cosmic Soul responds. When we aspire to know the Love within our own heart and soul, the Infinite Love responds.  It is like a great echo going out to find itself and respond in kind.  

If we imagine a great Cosmic Being that wants to awakening those with enough courage to listen, how would it respond, why would it respond and how would we be certain?

We would realize we aren't alone.  We would feel our hearts fill with such LOVE, JOY and PRESENCE, literally lifting our energy higher.  Forgiving the past and all people would be effortless, seeing the common good in us all would be refreshing, the higher and higher energies of expanded intelligence would be easily accessed and best of all, we would remember who we are!

We would remember we are never truly separate from this beautiful LOVING FORCE within us.  We would remember we always knew that!

An conscious inner relationship with the Great Cosmic Soul is such a JOYFUL UNION.  The Cosmic Consciousness exists and when we actively, consciously collaborate with it, it begins to unlock any blocks that may have been created by any falsehoods we have held onto throughout our lives.  It begins to untangle the 'knots', we have unconsciously wound ourselves up in to set us free to remember who we are within.  It is LOVE becoming Itself, using our natural abilities and nature, to express Itself to and through, making us an instrument of positive change through LOVE and PRESENCE.  Guiding us towards transformation and greater awareness as we begin to see life and ourselves in a new way; an enhanced way.

When LOVE calls to us from within and we begin to trust the guidance we receive, our life begins to shift and change in earnest.  We begin to 'let go and LET GOD' (author unknown) show us the best way forward.  We can experience our system being filled with LIGHT, JOY, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING! Any negative aspects we have held onto turn into positive energy.

Seen through the eyes of expanded energy, we are all surrounded by light, Light and more LIGHT!  Trusting that Light and Love helps us trust the Universal and Cosmic Love too.  Our energy can expand, our Hearts can expand and our awareness of what is possible can grow.  Trust the Great Cosmic Consciousness can have an inner relationship with you and, through that LOVE, you will remember who you are and it is GOOD!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

World View Perspective: We are not the 'knots' of family

When we grow and develop within the confines of family, we are taught and shown who we are and who we are not.  Part of the job of our parents is to teach us boundaries so we can control our selves and behave in acceptable ways.  To fit in socially, behaviorally and with self confidence.  Consequently, we can succeed as we continue our growth and development through all the ages and stages.  It is a workable system, except if our parents are limited in the scope of their own development.  In that case, they can only teach us, show us and demonstrate those same limitations.

In other words, if they are 'knotted' up, unable to express emotions, unable to express affection or unable to show love, tenderness or compassion to us, we might 'knot' realize we are still able to love and be loved.  We can unconsciously, subconsciously develop those same knots and consequently, become closed down too.

Maybe we can't forgive ourselves, maybe we limit the rest of our growth and development and maybe we harbor ill will , anger and sadness as a result. None of these blockages would be conscious until or unless we realize we are shut down in these ways of loving and expressing.

To untie these knots consciously and actively means to offer them up to the Cosmic Being who knows our very Heart and Soul.  Imagine someone all tied up with various ribbons and bows of many colors.  They cannot move any further on any level.  Suddenly, along comes a warm breeze and unties all the bondage and sets the person free.  They can open, stretch, breathe and release any and all old stuck air, movement and motion.  They can move about freely now, going and growing in all directions.  

When we are willing to love all of life, forgive all of life and are sincerely and genuinely grateful for all of life, we set ourselves free because we remember who we are and remember we are not separate from LOVE ITSELF.  Our human soul and the Great Cosmic Soul are ONE and that is our true freedom.  

Any and all bondage is from holding onto the past, trying to re-create the past or still feeling badly about the past.  It holds us down and back and prevents us from making progress; both spiritual and human.  Our parents and family members did the best they could, given their natural limitations and, at some point, in our lives we must forgive them and move forward with LOVE.

We move forward by allowing the past to be simply that and surrender to it, releasing all our old identifications of it, positive and negative.  It is the energy of the past we release because just like stagnant water or air, stagnant energy is also stale.  Love who was there when they were there, love who they were to you, love all the fond, fun memories and be forever grateful for those times, even as you surrender the old stuck energy associated with the memories.  Let your Heart stay full of the LOVE but let the old energy go.  What is truly ours does come back to us through the LOVE!  'When you love someone, let them go. If they never come back, they were never yours, it they do come back, LOVE them forever.'  Author Unknown.

Love the 'knots' that you received from family because they helped guide you to where you are now.  With LOVE, allow the stagnation of them to go and feel free again.  With LOVE, GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION, we can LOVINGLY keep all the positive memories deep in our HEART where they will never hold us back. LOVE WILL ALWAYS SET US AND EVERYONE WE LOVE FREE.  We are that LOVE ourselves and all that we have known came from that same LOVE too.  LOVE is the healing agent of freedom from all that has kept us in bondage before. Everything and everyone in our life is our teacher.  When we honor that, LOVE IT ALL, FORGIVE IT ALL and BE GRATEFUL FOR IT ALL and let it go to LOVE ITSELF.  Untie the 'knots' of the past and UNITE WITH LOVE IN THE PRESENT and it is GOOD!