World View Perspective: We are not human toxicity

Our human systems may hold onto age old problems, age old memories and age old stuck places but no matter what, we are not human toxicity.  We are far more than that and in our highest Heart, we know that LOVE is the Highest attainment we can all achieve.  Why is Love the Highest?  Because LOVE is the real deal of all of life.  Our Highest imagination can picture an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, radiant with a LOVE so grand, it dulls everything else in it's shadow and transforms everything possible.  The Cosmic and Universal LOVE is within our own very HEART of HEARTS and it is this LOVE that brought us all into BEING.  We are truly all BEINGS of LOVE and LIGHT.

As we go through our human life experience, we must see our bodies, minds and outer coatings as costumes we are wearing in the 'play of life'.  Whatever we chose to be, carry, vibrate towards or resonate with in this life, including our sex, our family, our children our our locations, we chose it all for a reason.  We chose it to complete the chosen 'plays' we would play out in each lifetime we go through.  Our True Self is what chose it but we are not actually any of the costumes we wear!  We are the True Self that knows who it really is and who we really are is not human toxicity.

Yes, if as a teen, we only have access to less than nutritious food and therefore we put toxic food into our systems without realizing it, once we become conscious of it, and we can actively, consciously change it, we make those changes and improve our health and well-being.  We can do the same with our words, our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.  We can stop our toxic behavior and become much more conscious of more positive and happier ways to think, act and behave.  When we change the unhealthy, unhappy ways that may have produced the toxic behavior, we begin to feel better overall and our life and our point of view of life improves.  We can offer up any and all of our human toxicity to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies and it will begin to clear our system of that that we aren't and fill us more full of LOVE, which is our True Nature.

Human toxicity is a choice, whether we can acknowledge it is a choice or not. Gossip is an example of human toxicity.  When we 'bad mouth' someone or something, that toxic behavior and action can have a negative outcome and affect towards anyone it is directed towards.  It also goes two-ways.  Not only does it have a negative affect on the people or persons we are bad mouthing, it also has a negative affect on us.

When we discern what is and isn't toxic for us, we begin to change our lives for the better.  Forgiving ourselves and others who may have sent toxic messages to us, subtly or otherwise, whether we can see the negative affect or not, begins to turn it all around and ultimately turns it into LOVE.  'Let go and Let Love', certainly applies here!

Yes, we can be momentarily angry, hurt, frustrated and agitated by someone else's behavior, attitude or actions and feel that, vocalize that or vent the irritation and yet, then release it and find peace with it.  It does not need to remain toxic between us and the other person. This takes awareness, practice and insight but the forgiveness must be sincere and sincere both ways.  Be LOVING and sincere with yourself as well as the person who you now have forgiven.  This clears our toxic feelings and allows more LOVE to be present.

No matter how much toxicity we may have swallowed in the past or taken into us without realizing it, we can turn it into LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH and surrender the toxicity and not take more on or in.  We do this by realizing we are not and never have been human toxicity in any form and knowing that the Highest Love we carry is enough to clear out any ideas, notions, thoughts or feelings that we are human toxicity at all.  In Truth, we are not anything negative at all, we carry in our Highest Heart the most positive LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH there is and it is GOOD!  Let that LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH love and transform any and all of your old human toxicity and feel your greater Self shining through!  Let that LOVE be who you are!


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