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World View Perspective: Emotional Joy shining Infinite Love

When we understand that our emotional self is like a clear pond, filled with joyful, happy life energy that can become tainted, convoluted or polluted as we grow and develop, then we can also realize that we can empty it, clean it and cleanse it any time we want or need to.  We can flush it clear again and restore it with fun, wonderful, delightful, exciting new energy.  We do not need to hold onto any and all old, stagnant energy that has been hurtful or harmful throughout our lifetime.  

Where do we get this fresh, new, transforming energy?  By recognizing who we are and remembering our True Self and our True Substance.  We are not separate from the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  We can use and draw down this Higher Love and use it as a hose to fill our empty, cleaned out pond with fresh new, positive energy at any time we feel out of balance.

Imagine you are standing outside, staring down into your inner emotional pond. What you see inside is dark, toxic water, stagnan…

World View Perspective: We are not human toxicity

Our human systems may hold onto age old problems, age old memories and age old stuck places but no matter what, we are not human toxicity.  We are far more than that and in our highest Heart, we know that LOVE is the Highest attainment we can all achieve.  Why is Love the Highest?  Because LOVE is the real deal of all of life.  Our Highest imagination can picture an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, radiant with a LOVE so grand, it dulls everything else in it's shadow and transforms everything possible.  The Cosmic and Universal LOVE is within our own very HEART of HEARTS and it is this LOVE that brought us all into BEING.  We are truly all BEINGS of LOVE and LIGHT.

As we go through our human life experience, we must see our bodies, minds and outer coatings as costumes we are wearing in the 'play of life'.  Whatever we chose to be, carry, vibrate towards or resonate with in this life, including our sex, our family, our children our our locations, we chose it all …