World View Perspective: To find your True Self, you must know your true feelings

We have within us a True Self; a Self that knows.  It goes beyond our personality, our current development, what we have studied and learned and how people define us.  Our True Self is aware of what is True and we connect with it through knowing our true feelings.  

For example, we may be sitting at a table with long time friends or family, celebrating an event.  No matter how many cheers, toasts or smiles there are, we may be feeling distant, not welcomed, rejected or ignored and not openly realize it is coming from those around us, towards us.  It could also be coming from us.  If we are aware, we realize that the smiles or nods may really house anger, disrespect, old hurts and anger.  When we know what we are really feeling, we can transform our own emotions and those emotional responses from others with a Higher Love and Wisdom, a Higher Perspective that cancels out the other feelings.  This takes awareness, however, and Self-Knowledge.

Our True Self within knows what LOVE is and where it comes from; it knows SOURCE.  It is in essence SOURCE knowing Itself as your TRUE SELF.  We are not separate from SOURCE and when we have access to our True Self, it is to and through our TRUE SELF that we can experience SOURCE coming through us. Our energy, our Light and our LOVE will shift, change and open in newer and Higher ways.  Our understanding of life will expand and grow.

We will become more aware of how we truly feel and why.  Our blocks and locks in our human system will open and more positive energy will flow, clearing away the past, illuminating the current day with where we stand now.  Our True Self is capable of awakening aspects of ourselves that have been held down and back due to our life circumstances.  We simply must let go of the fear around our emotional/feeling responses in order to let ourselves feel again.  'We must feel it in order to heal it'!  (Author unknown)

One way to access your True Feelings, to be open and honest with yourself, is to make time every day to talk openly and listen truthfully to how you really feel, as if you are your own counselor or adviser.  Give voice to how your life is affecting you, moving you and touching you.  Really listen to how it is all effecting your movement through life.  Notice how it feels to hold it in and back and then how it feels to open, talk about it and then LOVINGLY release it; letting it go completely!  Feel the opening, feel how good it feels to express it, feel the relief and watch what resolves actually comes once it is out!  The more courage we have to open up those old blocks, locks and emotional shocks to our human system, the more we can again access how we truly feel.  

Sometimes we are so intent on maintaining the 'picture' of our lives that we forget to feel anything anymore.  We become old, stagnant and too reserved to enjoy life anymore.  Opening up our self to how we really feel is the way to access our TRUE SELF.  Once that TRUE SELF is present, we feel more aligned, more grounded and more aware of our True Life and our True Reality.  Living life with that level of Consciousness will change our life in positive ways.  The separation will not exist anymore and True Union will be established.  Our True Self is the LOVE, it is the JOY and it is the WAY.  The way to it, is to know how we truly feel and with that, how we truly heal.  Love your TRUE SELF because your TRUE SELF is already Y. O. U.!


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