World View Perspective: Inner truth with outer truth is positive self-esteem

When we know who we are because we have lived out who we are not and we seek a deeper truth, the link between the inner sense of self and the outer sense of self is through our true positive self-esteem.  So true a positive self-esteem that no one and no thing can possibly penetrate it.  It comes from an inner 'knowing' that enables our more truthful self to be who we are because that is who we are!  That sense of not Being separate from the bigger picture and consequently, we know we are truly connected.

Imagine it like you have swallowed the sun and it is glowing in your belly.  It contains the sun itself and no one or no thing can pop it or deflate it because it is yours; inside and outside.  It is your own spark of sunlight that glows as you glow and it's shine is always yours, no matter what!

When we can welcome in, invite in and allow in this level of Light through Self-Love and Self Acceptance, there is no one or no thing that can distract from the power of our own sunlight.  When we take full responsibility for our own inner Light that knows no separation, we can prevent anything or anyone from taking our inner sunlight away or claiming it as their own.  We are that inner sunlight, just like the big sunlight and that is the true alignment of the Inner Relationship. We just need to aspire to develop it, experience it and feel it to make it real!

The LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy is within us too.  We are that same Love and Energy!  As we surrender to it and accept and love ourselves through it, we change ourselves and our world.  We build a strong and clear inner self that knows us, loves us and accepts us in order to transform us into Being who we are!

There are bullies in the world who taunt us and daunt us in order to dominate, control or lift themselves above us.  It isn't easy to avoid these people or situations.  Sometimes it is blatant and other times it is ever so subtle.  Yet, when we know who we are and where we stand for our selves, our lives and what matters to us, we can effectively push them out and away from our system; our mind, our intellect and our emotions.  They can stay and stand in their own space and we can stay and stand in ours.  Given that positive space, we can keep their negative energy and intentions off of us and pave the way for peaceful resolves.  It starts with us and how we protect ourselves from the unconscious, subconscious of other people.

Our greatest defense of all is to stand in our own most positive self-esteem, bringing in our inner self with our outer self for our full self to feel connected to the Highest Love there is; the Infinite LOVE of the Infinite BEING!  Realizing and owning that inner and outer LOVE is the best way to feel that solid energy of LOVE itself.  It is this recognition of LOVE ITSELF that will transform our system and all those around us too.  In that strength, we can stand clear and clean, knowing we have the greatest support there is, on any level, and it is a support that no one or no thing can ever take away from us.  It is inherently who we truly are!  Use your most positive self-esteem to own the Love that you are and watch it change your system, your life and all of those around you!  Let LOVE truly show you the way!


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