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World View Perspective: Inner truth with outer truth is positive self-esteem

When we know who we are because we have lived out who we are not and we seek a deeper truth, the link between the inner sense of self and the outer sense of self is through our true positive self-esteem.  So true a positive self-esteem that no one and no thing can possibly penetrate it.  It comes from an inner 'knowing' that enables our more truthful self to be who we are because that is who we are!  That sense of not Being separate from the bigger picture and consequently, we know we are truly connected.

Imagine it like you have swallowed the sun and it is glowing in your belly.  It contains the sun itself and no one or no thing can pop it or deflate it because it is yours; inside and outside.  It is your own spark of sunlight that glows as you glow and it's shine is always yours, no matter what!

When we can welcome in, invite in and allow in this level of Light through Self-Love and Self Acceptance, there is no one or no thing that can distract from the power of our own su…

World View Perspective: Positive thoughts, feelings and action

If forgiveness and gratitude are two powerful ways to begin the healing process and connect deeper to the Highest Love we are capable of receiving and experiencing within us, then it stands to reason the result will be positive thoughts, positive feelings and positive action in every day life.  The current moment is where our value actually lies.  Our Joy can be present with us when we are in a positive state of thoughts, feelings and actions.

Obtaining this state takes mindfulness and determination, along with awareness of where our Consciousness is at all times.  Our greatest Consciousness is inherently positive because our True Connection and Unity to the Great Cosmic Soul only vibrates to the Highest Most Positive Energy there is; UNION WITH THE INFINITE BEING OF PURE LOVE AND PURE ENERGY!  There is nothing Higher than knowing who we are in that fuller context.  Joy is the result.

Negative thoughts, feelings and actions are primarily the ego and the disappointment of the ego's i…

World View Perspective: To find your True Self, you must know your true feelings

We have within us a True Self; a Self that knows.  It goes beyond our personality, our current development, what we have studied and learned and how people define us.  Our True Self is aware of what is True and we connect with it through knowing our true feelings.  

For example, we may be sitting at a table with long time friends or family, celebrating an event.  No matter how many cheers, toasts or smiles there are, we may be feeling distant, not welcomed, rejected or ignored and not openly realize it is coming from those around us, towards us.  It could also be coming from us.  If we are aware, we realize that the smiles or nods may really house anger, disrespect, old hurts and anger.  When we know what we are really feeling, we can transform our own emotions and those emotional responses from others with a Higher Love and Wisdom, a Higher Perspective that cancels out the other feelings.  This takes awareness, however, and Self-Knowledge.

Our True Self within knows what LOVE is and wh…