World View Perspective: We are Light and Light can heal us

When we recognize and realize we are all essentially Light and that expanded Light we are can heal us, we know energy is our Intelligence.  Our link and relationship to the Cosmic Consciousness is our expanded Consciousness.  See it like a giant web of Light surrounding us, all around us.  Imagine layers and levels of Light that go way beyond our limited physical body and mind, and in the layers and levels, there are pathways of Intelligence that connect us to the unlimited Cosmic Consciousness Itself.  When we unite with the Light Itself, that very Consciousness can be brought down to and through us as a positive tool of transformation for our own human system to recognize, realize and release what no longer serves us.  When that space is opened again, more Consciousness can fill it, lifting our whole system much Higher and making it much Lighter!

This healing aspects is within us just as the Cosmic Consciousness is within us. We just have to remember who we really are and continue to aspire to have that ultimate connection and Unity!  Seeking to know or remember we are that same Consciousness we actively search for, seek out and yearn to learn exists awakens it to seek us too.  'What we are searching for is also searching for us', author unknown!

To have active Faith in the bigger picture and therefore to literally and actively summon it towards us takes courage, effort, dedication and persistence but a response can happen because the Cosmic Consciousness within us is seeking itself just as the Cosmic Consciousness is seeking itself within us.  The Union is sought after on both ends because then more Light can and will fill more Light and reverberate throughout the greater places and spaces of space itself.  It is inevitable that we will seek out that that we truly are in order to know ourselves completely.  To become happy, healthy, healed, whole and ourselves means there is no longer any concept of separation.

It is confusing to be in a separate physical system with an individual sense of a separate self.  We do our best within that limitation until or unless we awaken and realize and recognize our intelligence and awareness is capable of going why beyond what we thought was true.  On our deeper soul/Soul level this experience might be quite familiar once we experience it but before we do, it can be daunting.

Still, it is potent and amazing to be in a human system. Yet experiencing an expanded sense of self, along with a knowing what is happening and knowing part of us is familiar with it can definitely push us out of the ordinary.  We can't help but grow in that process.  We are Light and Light can heal us but we must remember who we really are in order for that expanded Cosmic Consciousness to be in Union with us and become an active healing 'agent' for positive transformation and change.

Remember who you are and allow that GREATER LOVE AND CONSCIOUSNESS to come to and through you and Lovingly clear and cleanse all that you are not. Allow the healing and feeling to happen and embrace with LOVE the positive changes.  The Great Cosmic Consciousness already knows who you are and seeking Union with it can and will change your life for the greater and greater GOOD!  The more we actively, consciously collaborate with it, the more we grow, know and go forward.  It is ultimately why we are here!


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