Wednesday, August 31, 2016

World View Perspective: We are Light and Light can heal us

When we recognize and realize we are all essentially Light and that expanded Light we are can heal us, we know energy is our Intelligence.  Our link and relationship to the Cosmic Consciousness is our expanded Consciousness.  See it like a giant web of Light surrounding us, all around us.  Imagine layers and levels of Light that go way beyond our limited physical body and mind, and in the layers and levels, there are pathways of Intelligence that connect us to the unlimited Cosmic Consciousness Itself.  When we unite with the Light Itself, that very Consciousness can be brought down to and through us as a positive tool of transformation for our own human system to recognize, realize and release what no longer serves us.  When that space is opened again, more Consciousness can fill it, lifting our whole system much Higher and making it much Lighter!

This healing aspects is within us just as the Cosmic Consciousness is within us. We just have to remember who we really are and continue to aspire to have that ultimate connection and Unity!  Seeking to know or remember we are that same Consciousness we actively search for, seek out and yearn to learn exists awakens it to seek us too.  'What we are searching for is also searching for us', author unknown!

To have active Faith in the bigger picture and therefore to literally and actively summon it towards us takes courage, effort, dedication and persistence but a response can happen because the Cosmic Consciousness within us is seeking itself just as the Cosmic Consciousness is seeking itself within us.  The Union is sought after on both ends because then more Light can and will fill more Light and reverberate throughout the greater places and spaces of space itself.  It is inevitable that we will seek out that that we truly are in order to know ourselves completely.  To become happy, healthy, healed, whole and ourselves means there is no longer any concept of separation.

It is confusing to be in a separate physical system with an individual sense of a separate self.  We do our best within that limitation until or unless we awaken and realize and recognize our intelligence and awareness is capable of going why beyond what we thought was true.  On our deeper soul/Soul level this experience might be quite familiar once we experience it but before we do, it can be daunting.

Still, it is potent and amazing to be in a human system. Yet experiencing an expanded sense of self, along with a knowing what is happening and knowing part of us is familiar with it can definitely push us out of the ordinary.  We can't help but grow in that process.  We are Light and Light can heal us but we must remember who we really are in order for that expanded Cosmic Consciousness to be in Union with us and become an active healing 'agent' for positive transformation and change.

Remember who you are and allow that GREATER LOVE AND CONSCIOUSNESS to come to and through you and Lovingly clear and cleanse all that you are not. Allow the healing and feeling to happen and embrace with LOVE the positive changes.  The Great Cosmic Consciousness already knows who you are and seeking Union with it can and will change your life for the greater and greater GOOD!  The more we actively, consciously collaborate with it, the more we grow, know and go forward.  It is ultimately why we are here!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

World View Perspective: Our Joy is Infinite Joy

Joy is at the core of our Being.  Joy is a spiritual, present and inherent energy that uplifts us, inspires us and frees us to be ourselves.  It is deeply connected to the Infinite Spirit that moves to us and through us.  Joy is Spirit in an active, present life force for our benefit.  Joy is that part of us that keeps us involved, engaged and excited about life.  Joy is a surrender to Spirit because it is spiritually based.  Joy remembers who we are and it is the perfect guide for getting us there.  Whatever it is we find Joy in, that is what we should seek because when we seek Joy, Joy finds us and takes us higher to greater Joy.

If we deeply consider the Great Cosmic Soul and it's Consciousness that is inherent to us because ultimately, it is us, Joy in that awareness takes our life force energy and lifts it oh so much higher!  See it as a great Cosmic chord of Pure Energy.  As it is plucked from a great expansive height, so the same tune is heard and felt throughout us all.  ONE TUNE AND THE ONE TUNE IS LOVE.
There is no barrier, there is no boundary, there is no limitation to the vibration of LOVE through the absolute JOY of BEING that same Cosmic BEING; that same INFINITE SOURCE.

Our Joy can be blocked in a myriad of ways.  We can think too much, avoid all feeling, stop expressing ourselves or analyze everything through only scientific means.  We can even think JOY is childish and distracting when in fact, JOY is what brings us our most profound life experiences or, perhaps, just alerts us to how long we have lived without JOY.

If our physical body is sad, depressed, ill or just plain run down through exhaustion, trying to activate JOY might be too difficult.  Yet, it is the very thing we need to feel alive again and willing and wanting to be part of LIFE, LOVE and TRUE CONNECTION!  Seeking and searching out a deeper meaning to life, truly wanting to access one's JOY can be enough to roust it and enter a relationship with it that truly is PURE JOY!  It is the same as seeking out our Spiritual Self. JOY is a spiritual experience because it is real in the moment and expansive in it's expression; it is aliveness!

When Pure JOY becomes who we are, which in fact, it is, our JOY and Happiness are no longer dependent on something or anyone outside us.  We just become the PURE JOY itself and then there is no stopping us.  Worry, dread, fear, living in the past are all different ways we stop our own JOY from BEING who we are and often, we don't even know it!

Consciously, actively create a relationship with your inner JOY and invite it, allow it to engage you in the JOY of BEING YOURSELF!  Feel your PURE JOY BEING the INFINITE JOY; feel that ONENESS, feel that UNITY, feel that expanded connection and let it be who you are . . . IN JOY!  Enjoy BEING IN JOY!

Just know in your core that JOY is inherently YOU!  Breathe in JOY, see it as a color, a vibration, a sound and trust it to clear out all things that you are not. JOY is the force that can change your life and JOY can invite in our Highest, Truest HEART CONNECTION because JOY loves to seek out ITSELF and that includes the Universe and the Cosmic planes where our soul remembers the Great Cosmic Soul and in that memory . . . JOY is the common bond of LOVE and DELIGHT that reminds us there is truly no separation between our individual selves and the INFINITE BEING OF PURE LOVE and PURE ENERGY.  That awareness can only be JOYFUL and it is that JOY we can surrender to by remembering who we are!  JOY IS LOVE, JOY IS LIFE and JOY IS LIGHT . . . PURE JOY IS GOOD and there is always an INFINITE supply of JOY ITSELF!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

World View Perspective: The Force of LOVE is also Self-Love

The Force of LOVE is as connected to us as our own self-love.  Not just a separate self love but the LOVE of ONE SELF as we all express it.  Yet to our core, this same LOVE is also present.  Any locks or blocks in this regard can be shifted by realizing LOVE is the ever constant Force in the Universe and it is manifesting to us and through us at all times.  What gets in the way is usually ego-based, which can be holding onto age old resentments, grievances, anger, deep hurt or frustrations that have not yet been forgiven and released.

Love of our True Self can and does release all the age old energy blocks that prevent us from this full realization and better connection to the big and vast picture of life and our part in it.  Our True Heart Soul Self is LOVE itself as it manifests and expresses itself.  

If we imagine our smallest sense of self, perhaps even feeling it as our 'charcoal of the soul' self, and imagine it saying over and over, for example, 'Thank you for loving me, God, thank you for loving me.'  All personal aspects that have previously denied that LOVE will begin to clear out and begin to resonate more fully with LOVE ITSELF, allowing true healing to occur. 

(By the way, replacing the term 'God' with 'Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy' or the 'Grand Cosmic Soul', allows more flexibility of thought and universal acceptance, not limited to just one religion, which has throughout history created global tensions.  The Grand Cosmic Soul is connected to all of us as we are to it, despite any boundaries of any kind.)

When we can accept this real connection as a deeply held Truth within our very soul/Soul, then we can also realize that Cosmic/Universal LOVE is also who we are into our very cellular, human nature.  This truthful energetic concept reminds us, connects us to the ONENESS of who we all are and as we aspire to know our Truth more deeply and completely, we begin to see and understand the Light, Love and Higher Intellect we all are versus the false sense of a separate self that we have believed we are, due largely to the fact we are all in separate physical bodies.

Understanding that Self-Love and Self-Acceptance are all a part of the process of enlightening ourselves through LOVE and all it's powers of healing, enables us to reach our higher aspirations.  LOVE expands us and, through Self-Love, our LOVE touches all around us, surrounding us, lifting everything up through LOVE to LOVE ITSELF, including the earth and all living things!  It is like a universal song going out through the Cosmos, to be heard by all and sung back to all as a resonating tune to ATTUNE all of life to LOVE.  We are the instruments of that resonating sound as we also conceive it and receive it!

Imagine the Highest LOVE you can LOVING the smallest sense of self and be willing to free up any and all things in the way, as they come up, and see how your human system feels.  Understand and embrace that LOVE is that UNIVERSAL/COSMIC FORCE that UNITES all things back to ITSELF, starting with SELF-LOVE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE, all the way up, out and inward and see if JOY doesn't begin to penetrate your every motion and movement.  LOVE is the way . . . and the way is GOOD!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

World View Perspective: When we know who we are, there will be Peace

Assuming we are limited to just our own mind and body is what makes life more challenging.  Our ego takes control and that guides us as if we are all separate. When we realize we have many more capabilities than that, we also realize our expanded Light and Love can reach everyone's Love and Light, making us One. On those levels and layers of awareness, we are able to be the LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE because we know we are not separate from that that is LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE.

Simple in concept but difficult in practice.  Yet if and when we know who we truly are, we wouldn't hurt or hate or judge anyone but rather understand they are on their own path and their circumstances are as they are to support that path.  We would begin to realize that discernment matters as does the integration of wholeness as we also remember our Heart Soul Self.

In human awareness, as we grow and develop, we go through many challenges finding out who we are as a person, as a personality and how we function intellectually, mentally, socially, financially, psychologically, physically and emotionally.  We study our parents, our extended family, our siblings, our teachers and our friends to gauge our own perceptions, behaviors and self-images.  This is likely to give us a positive stand and a balanced place to start. As we apply what we know, we can adjust aspects that don't work for us as we see they fail to bring us the results we want or need to define ourselves through.  It can be like an ongoing inner research project.

After all the various self images play themselves out, however, we can be given the opportunity to connect with our Higher Self and begin to be guided to understand additional aspects to our expanded nature.

If we imagine a large golden expanded space of energy surrounding us that links us to a greater a greater consciousness, we begin to understand vibration, light and how to access a greater intelligence in broader terms.  We can experience the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  We can also call this being, the Great Cosmic Soul.  Our individual soul knows this Great Cosmic Soul because we aren't separate from it.  That connection, that relationship, that consciousness is LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE itself as itself.

To aspire to have this relationship, this connection, this consciousness, we need to be grateful for the LOVE and LIGHT it provides for us already and make time and space to consciously, actively pursue this most beautiful aspect of discovering who we really are.  Meditation, contemplation, sitting quietly in nature are, at least, three ways to consciously open our minds and hearts to this greater understanding and truth.  Asking your own heart and soul to also show you the way to a spiritual teacher, healer, guru or guide through your own inner guidance is another way to grow on the spiritual path.

Another way forward is to continuously feel your own feelings of heart and Higher Heart and trust how you really feel as truthful guidance.  Perhaps what you seek is right around the corner and if you truly follow your feelings, you might just find it.  Sometimes, too, it is right in front of us.

Once we hit a certain level of development and can stop and look back at the past in order to understand it, forgive it, be grateful for it and trust what is also next on our path for us, we will naturally advance.  Often obstacles from the past are still carried in our physical, emotional, mental or psychological bodies until or unless we consciously, actively release them back to the Infinite LOVE. Being grateful, loving and forgiving towards the past and people in our past, helps us move forward from those experiences and move beyond all the old definitions and negative self-images from the past as well as the old fears.  This positive cleansing is most useful to move on towards a higher and greater true feeling about our selves in our lives.

Again, when we truthfully aspire to know who we really are, we can have it revealed to us.  As we learn and consciously work with that guidance and positive energy of true expansion, we can remember the LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE that we are and the more we vibrate that truth, the more we transform and enable others to do the same.  LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE resonate always with more of the same and they will always reach and teach the world all the greatest and most truthful concepts, enabling us all to shift and change into the change we so deeply hope to see in the world, the positive energy around us and surrounding us and the constant LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE and it is good.