World View Perspective: Our inner worth and value

When we think of worth and value, we tend to think in terms of material wealth, either accrued, currently building or all the ways we can enhance our earning potential, now or in the future.  It is only one measure of one's worth and value. There is also a measure of one's inner worth and value.  It is about our inner understanding about who we are and how much Love and Faith we carry in our hearts of Hearts.  It also has to do with our inner relationship to a much Higher expression of LOVE, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING.

If we think in terms of Cosmic Consciousness as our personal link and connection to the Infinite Force of LOVE, for example, we can develop a deeper, more meaningful inner relationship to that level of awareness and consciousness as we gain a broader understanding of the True Nature of things.

This is ultimately about remembering who we are after going through many, many cycles of realizing and experiencing who we are not.  An aspect of our lives that can undergo positive changes is our viewpoint and experience about money and our old images regarding our financial self.

If we consider that our current paradigm has a structured idea about money and we have had success with that, if that paradigm begin to shift and change, it could mean that one's view of money and our financial sense of self could change too.  If we remain open to the possible shifts and changes, and we can surrender any old ideas about our attachments in the past with money, positively or negatively, we could certainly adapt to it as our circumstances change too.  If we are closed and resistant to the upheaval, the incoming changes may create difficulties or prevent further success if we don't recognize what is happening.

When we know our own worth and value, we tend to generate the financial reflection of that or, at the very least, attract the possibility or opportunities to obtain a measure of what we feel or think is correct!

If we were to all develop an inner worth and value that aligns with our True Inner Self, a true reflection of that might just appear to match that inner truth. It might appear because it is attracted to the work our True Self is here to do. In this way, our outer worth and value comes to reflect that level and degree of inner Truth, which becomes the reflection of our inner worth and value.  Like is attracting like.

In this way, the inner and outer are the same and aligned with who we really are and what we are really here to do.  In this way, we have literally 'Divinized' money because we have truly recognized and realized who we really are, within and without!

LIGHT and LOVE are powerful forces and we are not separate from them.  For us to embrace our true inner worth and value is to become that expanded Self that is not separate from LOVE AND LIGHT.  Our spiritual nature is our life force and the more we recognize and realize that truth, the more and more we will also recognize and realize our True Inner Worth and Value.

Make all positive efforts to LOVE YOURSELF, THE UNIVERSE, THE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS and ALL LIFE and see what that opens in you.  Recognize and realize that LOVE can move mountains and open us to many, many possibilities and potentialities and just like who we are within . . . it is good!


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