World View Perspective: Our Heart Soul Self

When wisdom replaces fear and trust replaces concern and when truth isn't so scary, we can feel more aligned with our Heart Soul Self.  We have many dimensions to us, some explored and known and some aspects that are still undiscovered.  Deep within resides our Heart Soul Self and it is the One who knows.  That part of us knows the Truth and, in particular, knows our Truth.  That aspect of who we are knows Love in a Higher form and it knows when we are aligned with our greater Truth.  It guides us to greater and greater understandings that bring us moments of illumination.  Our Heart Soul Self can reveal anything and everything we need to see, be aware of and respond to as needed.

All aspects of being in a human system have their own value and worth and enable us to express ourselves in many ways.  They enable us to explore who we are and how we function and how we express different aspects of our personalities and experiences.  When we access our Heart Soul Self, we expand our awareness even more and grow on both the spiritual and human levels and layers.  We realize life has much more to it than we thought and we recognize the greater unity that underlies all of life at it's core.  We also begin to see and value the simplicity of it all and in that simplicity there is LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and a deep and abiding TRUST.  This is the emergence of our Heart Soul Self.

It takes us beyond what we have understood we are and what we have previously thought our life was about.  It allows us and invites us to learn about who we are on other levels of LOVE and INTELLIGENCE.  In those moments of revelations, we see how much more there is to learn, become aware of and expand into Being then we could even imagine before.  We see our own Heart and Soul can touch another person's Love just by recognizing they are LOVE too.  A resonance between hearts can happen and feel familiar without even consciously knowing someone.  We can touch the hearts of animals, plants, nature and life itself through our own Heart Soul Self. 

When we are in conscious relationship with our Heart Soul Self, we feel a greater, more enhanced presence of LOVE around us, surrounding us.  We don't feel separate from greater knowledge, wisdom and Grace.  We feel as if we are melting right into it without any kind of veil or difference.  We can even feel it down deep in our very cells.  Our cells can rejuvenate just by adding conscious thought to them and by knowing and remembering they contain pure light too.  Our Heart Soul Self knows this already.  It is the expanded intelligence that knows that Light touches, generates and creates more Light.  It is like a living physics presence within us in terms of energy resonating with energy.

When we seek to know more, learn more, touch our spiritual essence, we need to begin by having a sense of knowing your own Heart Soul Self.  Invite it to consciously reach out to you from within you and invite it to show you how connected we all are through LOVE and the HEART.  Feel that Essence of You and know you are never alone.  Greet your own Heart Soul Self and begin to understand, know and see a greater expansion of YOU.  Embrace that aspect of your Self and feel grateful for that depth of connection each and every day.  Know it through LOVE because that is what it is and that is what we are within.  And it is GOOD!


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