World View Perspective: The horrible sense of the failed self

A young boy once asked his grandfather about human nature.  The grandfather responded, "In every human being we contain two wolves.  One wolf is loving, caring, compassionate and kind the other wolf is mean, angry, resentful, negative and fearful."  The young boy asked but which one are we.  The grandfather answered, "We are the one we feed"!  Author Unknown

The deepest darkest part of us has forgotten it, too, is Light and Love.  It feels separate, left out, lonely, forgotten about and maybe even deserted.  If this aspect of us has tried and tried to excel, succeed, achieve something important or stood out in some way and failed, they might begin to give up and feel terrible.  Deep within this sense of a failed self there will be rage, deep frustration and a possible shutting down of who they are or could be.  Growing in that darkness with less and less light, the bitterness and resentment could become quite developed until lashing out is all they can do.  In that case, they have forgotten their true nature.  In such darkness, forgetting who they are as a person could result in them ceasing to care about other human beings too.  This would be the 'lone wolf' within who is feeding off more and more negative thinking until they strike out.

This is not the inner wolf anyone needs to become.  This is the inner wolf that feels most alone and disconnected from his true nature, which is not destructive.  Our true nature is LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH!

Our inner upper wolf has the capacity to LOVE everything, LOVE everyone and LOVE all around them.  We have the most amazing ability to overcome anything negative or hurtful in our system, especially the negativity of our lower wolf. We just have to remember who we are and remember to become that greatest example.

LOVE is the biggest FORCE in the Universe and the Cosmic world.  When we can feel that Highest LOVE and all those possibilities, we realize we are part of this most beautiful healing force in the world.  We simply cannot really, truly be separate!  We are connected to all living things; plants, animals and other human beings as well as the earth itself.  When we allow ourselves to attune to the Highest, greatest LOVE Force through our very own heart, we realize we can become the LOVE ITSELF.  By accepting this Truth about who we are, we chase the other inner shadows away, just like the morning sun chases away the last remains of night!

Surrendering consciously, any aspects of us still living in the darkness of the horrible sense of the failed self, will begin to set it free.  Our biggest aspirations in this life are to become all of who we truly are!  When we can release the hold within us to our lower wolf aspects, like holding onto the past, we can literally shine some light into the old dark stuck places, allowing in more LIGHT and LOVE to grow.

Soon, the old dank, dark sense of the failed self can be set free to start again and search to find a more true expression of who they truly are by first starting with the upper wolf of LOVE, KINDNESS, CARING AND COMPASSION.

Trust your inner LIGHT and LOVE to clear out and clean out any of your dark, old corners so more and more, you become a vessel of LOVE and LIGHT ITSELF. In that way, our system re-balances and we remember who we truly are . . . and it is GOOD!  Trust your upper wolf in your HIGHEST HEART!  Let that LOVE show you the way!


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