World View Perspective: The art of forgiveness and letting go

When our system, at any point in our lives, is affected, effected or infected with energy that hurts or harms us, we tend to shut down as a means to protect ourselves from more damage.  To open those aspects of ourselves to live our lives again can feel counter-intuitive and yet surrendering them to our own Higher Love is exactly what we should do.  Love expands everything and opens us to a much higher, more fulfilling experience of life.  Fear, on the other hand, shuts us down from any and all other possibilities, opportunities or new experiences that might be just the right thing for us to grow and learn more about who we are inside. 

Whether our negative experiences were received and perceived through the mind, physical body, emotional body, psychological self or even through our spiritual selves, we can consciously, actively surrender those blocks and locks to the greater LOVE that we are within our own HEARTS!  We can open again and stand stronger again after learning what had happened before and let LOVE now be the power we need to transform those aspects of us, previously shut down due to too much fear!

When we have as great a Faith as possible in the transformation of LOVE as applied to fear, change can happen readily, suddenly and right before our eyes!  What has been heavy, dense and blocked can open and fill with so much LOVE that we can't believe we ever choose to be shut down. 

When we consciously, actively choose LOVE to be who we are and yet also know our own boundaries as needed, our Love and our Light goes out into the world and change happens.  Fear is a dense energy that we might not even recognize has been shutting us down or creating blockages.  It can creep in in the night, it can stay hidden in us for a long, long time and it can be disguised as many other things.  Some of our human illness are really just locked in and blocked in fears we have not been able to detect and release.  If we imagine we carry the most beautiful, shimmering Light and we bring that Light all the way to and through our system to flush out any and all fear that might be lurking, it will surprise us to see how much has actually been held inside us undetected.

The greatest choices we can make as human beings is to practice the art of forgiveness and letting go of any and all fears that are not who we are and instead choosing to apply LOVE.  The more Love we can consciously apply, the better we will feel and the more LOVE we create will resonate with us and all LOVE around us.  It is the very best healing application and it is easiest to feel and make real through forgiveness and letting go of the past when the wounds actually happened and had an affect and impact on us that created the shutting down initially.  Love will and does clear the fear.  It is like shinning a Light on the very darkness in front of us in order to clear the way!  LOVE is the most positive effect we can have on our lives and the lives of others and life all around us, surrounding us!

Choose to Love it all, Forgive it all, Let Go of all that has been bothering you from the past and be grateful for it all and see what happens.  Feel the heaviness go, feel the density subside, embrace the light-hearted way you feel and apply this clearing daily.  See if LOVE doesn't replace fear and fill your HEART with JOY instead.  Make a conscious choice to bring Light into any and all dark corners of yourself to bring more of your own LOVE and LIGHT into yourself as well as the world.  Make it a steady practice to embrace your changes of transformation with LOVE, starting with forgiveness and letting go of fear and consciously, actively filling with LOVE instead.  See it as emptying an inner pond within you of any and all negativity or fear and replacing it with positive LOVE instead, daily or as often as possible.  Notice how you feel being filled with greater LOVE and LIGHT!  Remember, LOVE is who we are and have always been and it is GOOD!


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