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World View Perspective: Our inner worth and value

When we think of worth and value, we tend to think in terms of material wealth, either accrued, currently building or all the ways we can enhance our earning potential, now or in the future.  It is only one measure of one's worth and value. There is also a measure of one's inner worth and value.  It is about our inner understanding about who we are and how much Love and Faith we carry in our hearts of Hearts.  It also has to do with our inner relationship to a much Higher expression of LOVE, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING.

If we think in terms of Cosmic Consciousness as our personal link and connection to the Infinite Force of LOVE, for example, we can develop a deeper, more meaningful inner relationship to that level of awareness and consciousness as we gain a broader understanding of the True Nature of things.

This is ultimately about remembering who we are after going through many, many cycles of realizing and experiencing who we are not.  An aspect of our lives that can underg…

World View Perspective: Getting past the fear of the past

We are here to yearn to learn in order to discern, both on the human plane and the spiritual plane.  It is natural for us to seek growth, expansion and determination to broaden out our perspective.  Yet, as we move on from one aspect of us and our learning to the next phase, sometimes we are held very far back.  Despite all our best efforts, we can not make any genuine headway. There might be the subtlest of reasons, almost a hidden prevention happening that literally blocks our own progress.  The more than likely culprit is fear.  Fear can have a grip on us that is tightly held, with or without our knowledge. Perhaps it is a small, nonchalant fear or it could be a giant fear that has dogged us all our life.

More than likely it is a fear based on something that affected our system in the past.  It had a negative or fearful impact way back when and because it went undetected, it has grown into a much bigger more dominating fear, perhaps still unrealized.

One of the biggest fears we can c…

World View Perspective: The horrible sense of the failed self

A young boy once asked his grandfather about human nature.  The grandfather responded, "In every human being we contain two wolves.  One wolf is loving, caring, compassionate and kind the other wolf is mean, angry, resentful, negative and fearful."  The young boy asked but which one are we.  The grandfather answered, "We are the one we feed"!  Author Unknown

The deepest darkest part of us has forgotten it, too, is Light and Love.  It feels separate, left out, lonely, forgotten about and maybe even deserted.  If this aspect of us has tried and tried to excel, succeed, achieve something important or stood out in some way and failed, they might begin to give up and feel terrible.  Deep within this sense of a failed self there will be rage, deep frustration and a possible shutting down of who they are or could be.  Growing in that darkness with less and less light, the bitterness and resentment could become quite developed until lashing out is all they can do.  In that …

World View Perspective: Minds divide, Hearts unite

In the ego mind of mankind, there is division.  In the human mind, we see ourselves as separate beings because of our individual physical bodies.  This perspective creates duality and separateness.  It creates a 'mine versus yours' thinking, which divides people.  Viewed through the Heart, there is Unity and joint efforts.  A divided community can harm it's citizens, whereas a united city can bring people together.

Through the Collective Heart, we realize the Light in each other and that everyone makes up the whole.  Through the Heart there is more acceptance, understanding, Compassion and tolerance.  It makes it easier to generate, create and reinforce positive relations.  People have so much more in common than not, which is easier to accept through the Heart.

So many of our human goals are the same.  Survival, family, friends, food, clothing, community, education, joys, sorrows, connection and endurance.  No matter where in the world we are, what our income is or what our…

World View Perspective: The art of forgiveness and letting go

When our system, at any point in our lives, is affected, effected or infected with energy that hurts or harms us, we tend to shut down as a means to protect ourselves from more damage.  To open those aspects of ourselves to live our lives again can feel counter-intuitive and yet surrendering them to our own Higher Love is exactly what we should do.  Love expands everything and opens us to a much higher, more fulfilling experience of life.  Fear, on the other hand, shuts us down from any and all other possibilities, opportunities or new experiences that might be just the right thing for us to grow and learn more about who we are inside. 

Whether our negative experiences were received and perceived through the mind, physical body, emotional body, psychological self or even through our spiritual selves, we can consciously, actively surrender those blocks and locks to the greater LOVE that we are within our own HEARTS!  We can open again and stand stronger again after learning what had ha…

World View Perspective: Our Heart Soul Self

When wisdom replaces fear and trust replaces concern and when truth isn't so scary, we can feel more aligned with our Heart Soul Self.  We have many dimensions to us, some explored and known and some aspects that are still undiscovered.  Deep within resides our Heart Soul Self and it is the One who knows.  That part of us knows the Truth and, in particular, knows our Truth.  That aspect of who we are knows Love in a Higher form and it knows when we are aligned with our greater Truth.  It guides us to greater and greater understandings that bring us moments of illumination.  Our Heart Soul Self can reveal anything and everything we need to see, be aware of and respond to as needed.

All aspects of being in a human system have their own value and worth and enable us to express ourselves in many ways.  They enable us to explore who we are and how we function and how we express different aspects of our personalities and experiences.  When we access our Heart Soul Self, we expand our awa…