Monday, July 25, 2016

World View Perspective: Our inner worth and value

When we think of worth and value, we tend to think in terms of material wealth, either accrued, currently building or all the ways we can enhance our earning potential, now or in the future.  It is only one measure of one's worth and value. There is also a measure of one's inner worth and value.  It is about our inner understanding about who we are and how much Love and Faith we carry in our hearts of Hearts.  It also has to do with our inner relationship to a much Higher expression of LOVE, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING.

If we think in terms of Cosmic Consciousness as our personal link and connection to the Infinite Force of LOVE, for example, we can develop a deeper, more meaningful inner relationship to that level of awareness and consciousness as we gain a broader understanding of the True Nature of things.

This is ultimately about remembering who we are after going through many, many cycles of realizing and experiencing who we are not.  An aspect of our lives that can undergo positive changes is our viewpoint and experience about money and our old images regarding our financial self.

If we consider that our current paradigm has a structured idea about money and we have had success with that, if that paradigm begin to shift and change, it could mean that one's view of money and our financial sense of self could change too.  If we remain open to the possible shifts and changes, and we can surrender any old ideas about our attachments in the past with money, positively or negatively, we could certainly adapt to it as our circumstances change too.  If we are closed and resistant to the upheaval, the incoming changes may create difficulties or prevent further success if we don't recognize what is happening.

When we know our own worth and value, we tend to generate the financial reflection of that or, at the very least, attract the possibility or opportunities to obtain a measure of what we feel or think is correct!

If we were to all develop an inner worth and value that aligns with our True Inner Self, a true reflection of that might just appear to match that inner truth. It might appear because it is attracted to the work our True Self is here to do. In this way, our outer worth and value comes to reflect that level and degree of inner Truth, which becomes the reflection of our inner worth and value.  Like is attracting like.

In this way, the inner and outer are the same and aligned with who we really are and what we are really here to do.  In this way, we have literally 'Divinized' money because we have truly recognized and realized who we really are, within and without!

LIGHT and LOVE are powerful forces and we are not separate from them.  For us to embrace our true inner worth and value is to become that expanded Self that is not separate from LOVE AND LIGHT.  Our spiritual nature is our life force and the more we recognize and realize that truth, the more and more we will also recognize and realize our True Inner Worth and Value.

Make all positive efforts to LOVE YOURSELF, THE UNIVERSE, THE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS and ALL LIFE and see what that opens in you.  Recognize and realize that LOVE can move mountains and open us to many, many possibilities and potentialities and just like who we are within . . . it is good!

Friday, July 22, 2016

World View Perspective: Getting past the fear of the past

We are here to yearn to learn in order to discern, both on the human plane and the spiritual plane.  It is natural for us to seek growth, expansion and determination to broaden out our perspective.  Yet, as we move on from one aspect of us and our learning to the next phase, sometimes we are held very far back.  Despite all our best efforts, we can not make any genuine headway. There might be the subtlest of reasons, almost a hidden prevention happening that literally blocks our own progress.  The more than likely culprit is fear.  Fear can have a grip on us that is tightly held, with or without our knowledge. Perhaps it is a small, nonchalant fear or it could be a giant fear that has dogged us all our life.

More than likely it is a fear based on something that affected our system in the past.  It had a negative or fearful impact way back when and because it went undetected, it has grown into a much bigger more dominating fear, perhaps still unrealized.

One of the biggest fears we can carry is the fear of not surviving.  If we felt any deep concerns as a child or young adult, regarding our survival, we may still be carrying that memory around without realizing it's impact.  Also, as a developing young person, if we also feared lack of any kind, like money, love, affection, comfort, we may be holding onto a fear of losing any that we do have. A deep seated fear such as this can keep us very attached to the old fears, as if we still protecting our self to survive, even if in current day, we are fine, we did survive. Therefore, loving and releasing the fear of not surviving now would be a happier,healthier process.  Clear the fear and feel much better becoming lighter and brighter!

Finding the deepest courage we can muster, in order to get past the fears of the past, is what is needed.  How do we do this?  How do we access the ability to set these old fears free in order to move forward?  One sure way is to imagine the Highest Light and Love you can above your head.  See it and feel it as useful for your own healing, which it is by the way.  Imagine you are consciously actively bringing that Light down from above your head into the inside of you where the old fears hide.  Just like a young child would bring a flashlight into their room and shine it on anything scary that is hidden in darkness.  Once they put the Light on it, all the fears vanish because the Light reveals all is well.  We can do the same with our own Light.  We can shine it right into our darkest, scariest areas where all our real or imagined fears lie.  By consciously, actively doing that, we can literally scare the fears away and release the fears about the past that may have been holding us back in our spiritual and human development.

The past is gone and so the negative impacts of the past can go also.  Holding onto any of it can become problematic in terms of our growth.  Embracing the current now is what also sets us free.  Who are we now, what do we feel now, what positive action can we take now that will make a positive difference in my life and the lives around us are things we can explore in the now moment without fear.

What can clear it and does clear it is what remains when we consciously, actively let the past go, the fears about the past go and all our past fears go, Love will replace the space where the fears used to be.  Love fills the space and place of any and all old fears that no longer serve us well.  Love is the Light that helps us forgive, forget and move forward, fear is what will always hold us back. Love yourself,  Love your past, forgive your past and be grateful for your past, even yesterday. Embrace the true Love and Light you really are and embrace your Truth.  Let Love release all your old fears and rejuvenate all of you as you embrace and welcome in each Now moment with joy!  Feel yourself filling up with your natural LOVE and LIGHT and LOVE IT . . . it is good!

Monday, July 18, 2016

World View Perspective: The horrible sense of the failed self

A young boy once asked his grandfather about human nature.  The grandfather responded, "In every human being we contain two wolves.  One wolf is loving, caring, compassionate and kind the other wolf is mean, angry, resentful, negative and fearful."  The young boy asked but which one are we.  The grandfather answered, "We are the one we feed"!  Author Unknown

The deepest darkest part of us has forgotten it, too, is Light and Love.  It feels separate, left out, lonely, forgotten about and maybe even deserted.  If this aspect of us has tried and tried to excel, succeed, achieve something important or stood out in some way and failed, they might begin to give up and feel terrible.  Deep within this sense of a failed self there will be rage, deep frustration and a possible shutting down of who they are or could be.  Growing in that darkness with less and less light, the bitterness and resentment could become quite developed until lashing out is all they can do.  In that case, they have forgotten their true nature.  In such darkness, forgetting who they are as a person could result in them ceasing to care about other human beings too.  This would be the 'lone wolf' within who is feeding off more and more negative thinking until they strike out.

This is not the inner wolf anyone needs to become.  This is the inner wolf that feels most alone and disconnected from his true nature, which is not destructive.  Our true nature is LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH!

Our inner upper wolf has the capacity to LOVE everything, LOVE everyone and LOVE all around them.  We have the most amazing ability to overcome anything negative or hurtful in our system, especially the negativity of our lower wolf. We just have to remember who we are and remember to become that greatest example.

LOVE is the biggest FORCE in the Universe and the Cosmic world.  When we can feel that Highest LOVE and all those possibilities, we realize we are part of this most beautiful healing force in the world.  We simply cannot really, truly be separate!  We are connected to all living things; plants, animals and other human beings as well as the earth itself.  When we allow ourselves to attune to the Highest, greatest LOVE Force through our very own heart, we realize we can become the LOVE ITSELF.  By accepting this Truth about who we are, we chase the other inner shadows away, just like the morning sun chases away the last remains of night!

Surrendering consciously, any aspects of us still living in the darkness of the horrible sense of the failed self, will begin to set it free.  Our biggest aspirations in this life are to become all of who we truly are!  When we can release the hold within us to our lower wolf aspects, like holding onto the past, we can literally shine some light into the old dark stuck places, allowing in more LIGHT and LOVE to grow.

Soon, the old dank, dark sense of the failed self can be set free to start again and search to find a more true expression of who they truly are by first starting with the upper wolf of LOVE, KINDNESS, CARING AND COMPASSION.

Trust your inner LIGHT and LOVE to clear out and clean out any of your dark, old corners so more and more, you become a vessel of LOVE and LIGHT ITSELF. In that way, our system re-balances and we remember who we truly are . . . and it is GOOD!  Trust your upper wolf in your HIGHEST HEART!  Let that LOVE show you the way!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

World View Perspective: Minds divide, Hearts unite

In the ego mind of mankind, there is division.  In the human mind, we see ourselves as separate beings because of our individual physical bodies.  This perspective creates duality and separateness.  It creates a 'mine versus yours' thinking, which divides people.  Viewed through the Heart, there is Unity and joint efforts.  A divided community can harm it's citizens, whereas a united city can bring people together.

Through the Collective Heart, we realize the Light in each other and that everyone makes up the whole.  Through the Heart there is more acceptance, understanding, Compassion and tolerance.  It makes it easier to generate, create and reinforce positive relations.  People have so much more in common than not, which is easier to accept through the Heart.

So many of our human goals are the same.  Survival, family, friends, food, clothing, community, education, joys, sorrows, connection and endurance.  No matter where in the world we are, what our income is or what our history is, we have more in common then not, which means true understanding of each other is conceptually not that difficult.

The human mind can be a treasure of facts, functions, abilities, learning, growth and development but it can also create hatred, bigotry, fear and division.  When we expand our thinking to include a broader perspective, we can see the greater possibilities within each one of us.  Opening our minds and setting fear and ignorance free while we open our high and highest Heart, we can begin to realize we are just different angles on one prism or different facets of one big diamond.

Each of us is capable of remembering that we are part of Love, Light and Truth that expands way beyond the universe.  We are here to experience Life, Love, Joy and Gratitude as we live our lives.  Each one of us plays a part, a part that is needed and necessary for the greater good of the whole.  To embrace it, however, we cannot remain just using our divided ego-mind.  We simply must open and trust our own Heart, our beautiful human heart/Heart because it is through the Heart that division will cease to be.  Seeking unity, union, peace and harmony are pursuits that must have the heart of Hearts engaged because it is through the Heart that we can touch LOVE ITSELF, which is the force of healing, union and joy between people, earth and life itself.

When the world becomes this divided, the only way for greater and greater UNITY is through the heart of HEARTS, which links us to LOVE ITSELF, which restores the harmony and balance to us and through us as it restores the earth and all living things through LOVE too!

Spend time each day within your own Heart and feel the difference it brings into your life.  Take time out to do it, especially when your ego-mind feels divided.  In our Highest Heart, fear, anger, sadness and despair doesn't exist.  LOVE exists and it is good and a most positive healer.  LOVE, COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING are Heart aspects and when LOVING people UNITE, our view point can change and so can the world!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

World View Perspective: The art of forgiveness and letting go

When our system, at any point in our lives, is affected, effected or infected with energy that hurts or harms us, we tend to shut down as a means to protect ourselves from more damage.  To open those aspects of ourselves to live our lives again can feel counter-intuitive and yet surrendering them to our own Higher Love is exactly what we should do.  Love expands everything and opens us to a much higher, more fulfilling experience of life.  Fear, on the other hand, shuts us down from any and all other possibilities, opportunities or new experiences that might be just the right thing for us to grow and learn more about who we are inside. 

Whether our negative experiences were received and perceived through the mind, physical body, emotional body, psychological self or even through our spiritual selves, we can consciously, actively surrender those blocks and locks to the greater LOVE that we are within our own HEARTS!  We can open again and stand stronger again after learning what had happened before and let LOVE now be the power we need to transform those aspects of us, previously shut down due to too much fear!

When we have as great a Faith as possible in the transformation of LOVE as applied to fear, change can happen readily, suddenly and right before our eyes!  What has been heavy, dense and blocked can open and fill with so much LOVE that we can't believe we ever choose to be shut down. 

When we consciously, actively choose LOVE to be who we are and yet also know our own boundaries as needed, our Love and our Light goes out into the world and change happens.  Fear is a dense energy that we might not even recognize has been shutting us down or creating blockages.  It can creep in in the night, it can stay hidden in us for a long, long time and it can be disguised as many other things.  Some of our human illness are really just locked in and blocked in fears we have not been able to detect and release.  If we imagine we carry the most beautiful, shimmering Light and we bring that Light all the way to and through our system to flush out any and all fear that might be lurking, it will surprise us to see how much has actually been held inside us undetected.

The greatest choices we can make as human beings is to practice the art of forgiveness and letting go of any and all fears that are not who we are and instead choosing to apply LOVE.  The more Love we can consciously apply, the better we will feel and the more LOVE we create will resonate with us and all LOVE around us.  It is the very best healing application and it is easiest to feel and make real through forgiveness and letting go of the past when the wounds actually happened and had an affect and impact on us that created the shutting down initially.  Love will and does clear the fear.  It is like shinning a Light on the very darkness in front of us in order to clear the way!  LOVE is the most positive effect we can have on our lives and the lives of others and life all around us, surrounding us!

Choose to Love it all, Forgive it all, Let Go of all that has been bothering you from the past and be grateful for it all and see what happens.  Feel the heaviness go, feel the density subside, embrace the light-hearted way you feel and apply this clearing daily.  See if LOVE doesn't replace fear and fill your HEART with JOY instead.  Make a conscious choice to bring Light into any and all dark corners of yourself to bring more of your own LOVE and LIGHT into yourself as well as the world.  Make it a steady practice to embrace your changes of transformation with LOVE, starting with forgiveness and letting go of fear and consciously, actively filling with LOVE instead.  See it as emptying an inner pond within you of any and all negativity or fear and replacing it with positive LOVE instead, daily or as often as possible.  Notice how you feel being filled with greater LOVE and LIGHT!  Remember, LOVE is who we are and have always been and it is GOOD!

Friday, July 1, 2016

World View Perspective: Our Heart Soul Self

When wisdom replaces fear and trust replaces concern and when truth isn't so scary, we can feel more aligned with our Heart Soul Self.  We have many dimensions to us, some explored and known and some aspects that are still undiscovered.  Deep within resides our Heart Soul Self and it is the One who knows.  That part of us knows the Truth and, in particular, knows our Truth.  That aspect of who we are knows Love in a Higher form and it knows when we are aligned with our greater Truth.  It guides us to greater and greater understandings that bring us moments of illumination.  Our Heart Soul Self can reveal anything and everything we need to see, be aware of and respond to as needed.

All aspects of being in a human system have their own value and worth and enable us to express ourselves in many ways.  They enable us to explore who we are and how we function and how we express different aspects of our personalities and experiences.  When we access our Heart Soul Self, we expand our awareness even more and grow on both the spiritual and human levels and layers.  We realize life has much more to it than we thought and we recognize the greater unity that underlies all of life at it's core.  We also begin to see and value the simplicity of it all and in that simplicity there is LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and a deep and abiding TRUST.  This is the emergence of our Heart Soul Self.

It takes us beyond what we have understood we are and what we have previously thought our life was about.  It allows us and invites us to learn about who we are on other levels of LOVE and INTELLIGENCE.  In those moments of revelations, we see how much more there is to learn, become aware of and expand into Being then we could even imagine before.  We see our own Heart and Soul can touch another person's Love just by recognizing they are LOVE too.  A resonance between hearts can happen and feel familiar without even consciously knowing someone.  We can touch the hearts of animals, plants, nature and life itself through our own Heart Soul Self. 

When we are in conscious relationship with our Heart Soul Self, we feel a greater, more enhanced presence of LOVE around us, surrounding us.  We don't feel separate from greater knowledge, wisdom and Grace.  We feel as if we are melting right into it without any kind of veil or difference.  We can even feel it down deep in our very cells.  Our cells can rejuvenate just by adding conscious thought to them and by knowing and remembering they contain pure light too.  Our Heart Soul Self knows this already.  It is the expanded intelligence that knows that Light touches, generates and creates more Light.  It is like a living physics presence within us in terms of energy resonating with energy.

When we seek to know more, learn more, touch our spiritual essence, we need to begin by having a sense of knowing your own Heart Soul Self.  Invite it to consciously reach out to you from within you and invite it to show you how connected we all are through LOVE and the HEART.  Feel that Essence of You and know you are never alone.  Greet your own Heart Soul Self and begin to understand, know and see a greater expansion of YOU.  Embrace that aspect of your Self and feel grateful for that depth of connection each and every day.  Know it through LOVE because that is what it is and that is what we are within.  And it is GOOD!