World View Perspective: Clear the fear

When we trust in the Highest Love and Light we carry within our Highest Heart of Hearts, we realize we can 'clear the fear' through that incredible relationship with Love Itself.  Love lifts the fear that becomes locked or blocked in our human system.  Love shows us what is possible.  Love also attracts even more Love, which only enhances more Love around it!  Fear is a natural part of life and often it is wise to listen to any real fears to offset them and to feel safe again. Yet some fears can get caught in our minds, emotions, psychological or physical bodies and then we simply become reactive to them as if they are real instead of work to clear and release them.

Faith is also a great energy to use to shift the fear to something much more positive.  If we are going to drive a long distance, for example, and we are becoming fearful about the drive, if we apply our faith in making our destination safely and on time, we have a greater chance in accomplishing that task or goal.

Clearing old stuck fear locked or blocked in our system allows Love and Life in. It allows us to shift and change our consciousness until we feel lighter and brighter again.  Fear bogs us down and stops the flow of Life and Love, which blocks us from truly being ourselves.  Fear is a heavy dull energy that can brings us to a halt in our day to day life.  Faith and Love lift that density and allow, invite and encourage us to lighten up again and move forward.

We can become conscious of our fear and begin to test ourselves to see if we have begun to let it go.  We can walk back into situations that we once feared and make sure we have freed the fear from the past.  We can notice our breathing, our pace of movements or speech, check to see if there is any panic or unrest or any other signs of existing fear in our system. As we approach the old situation, we can notice that whatever created the fear to begin with in our lives is actually subsiding.  The more we do that and see much more positive results, we realize how we do have the power to 'clear the fear'!

One of the greatest fears that we can feel is the sense of being separate from Love Itself.  That we are somehow disconnected from the Infinite Love or the Cosmic Soul.  This simply cannot happen or be the case unless our fear is blocking that inner true relationship.  In Truth, we cannot be separate from Love or Life Itself.  It is our ego mind that would be telling us we are separate because of our ego's fear.  Our ego wants to believe it is our Truth, when in fact, it is our Heart and Soul that is our Truth.  Having Faith in who we really are is the best way to offset fear in our system.  Clearing the fear helps us let go of all those things that we are not.  Without fear, the Love we are can and does come forward.  It comes forward because there is no longer anything blocking it.

Practice 'clearing the fear' in your system and see how much more Love and Faith fills those empty spaces where the fear was hiding!  Feel that deepest Love fill those old stuck spaces and places and remember you are that Love and Life as it was meant to be to you and through you.  Clear the fear and fill with Love, Love and more Love and trust that Love is real and really Y. O. U.!


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