World View Perspective: Balancing both worlds

Our journey in life includes our overall spiritual and human development.  When we are naturally strong in one, we continue to move ourselves towards it.  We may spend years resisting other ways to receive, perceive and conceive of life because we fear we won't succeed in those other directions. We may think we already know our short comings in those areas.  Thoughts and feelings regarding what we don't understand or what we think we don't know or don't know how to do it can consume us. Maybe we have tried another path before and failed before so we feel that path isn't for us. Perhaps we fear we won't measure up so we won't even attempt it.  Soon, we will do everything in our power to avoid those particular roads ahead. 

To come into a happy, healthy, positive balance, however, our greater inner truth can and will guide us on, beyond these blockages, whether we think or feel we are ready to deal with them or not.  Moving locations, relationships, habits, routines, jobs, experiences with new cultures or going to a variety of countries could suddenly appear and disappear without much understanding or notice.  In those moments, we can think we did something, good or bad, to make it happen.  In fact, it is happening or has happened so we can shift, change and grow into our greater balanced self becoming our True Self.  As they say, 'For the sake of the soul, many things can change.' (Author Unknown)

For example, if we have a particular destiny that we must reach and play out in this lifetime, we may need to shift and change for it to happen. Certain people, factors, locations, relationships and situations must be in place in order for this to occur, when things suddenly change, we must understand this is for the sake of our soul's growth.  If we have been denying a certain spiritual or human development aspect inside us that may need to come forward, situations may change so this hidden resource can and will show itself.  Perhaps, we aren't consciously aware of it and maybe if we were, we might assume we will fail at it and yet, if it is meant to appear, our inner guidance will see that it does.  We will also be guided to develop the needed and necessary tools to do what shows up.  With faith, we can even be guided to recognize it, no matter what it appears to look like at the beginning.

This can be startling, scary, frightening and yet oddly familiar too.  As if some part of us knew this would, or might, happen all along.  When we view things with an open heart and open mind, we are usually more receptive to the obvious, and maybe not so obvious, changes.  Still, when we trust that a Loving Guidance is behind it for our ultimate growth, expansion and greater conscious awareness, then we can move to it and through it with ease and Grace.  We can begin to truly surrender the fear of new growth, shift and change.

Once we begin the earnest journey to develop both our human and spiritual selves, we can forgive and feel gratitude for all that has occurred and all that is occurring and even all that will occur! We can take it in stride that it is for this ultimate destination of balancing both our inner and outer worlds for the ultimate peace and harmony found within the True Self.  When opposite forces come together to seek and find the happy, healthy balance, like our heart and mind, the joy is found in that cherished 'middle ground', where tension and strife can let go for a greater good.  Strive for that ultimate happy, healthy balance and find the truest LOVE there and know this is your ultimate destiny and path to True Lasting Harmony and Peace.


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