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World View Perspective: Clear the fear

When we trust in the Highest Love and Light we carry within our Highest Heart of Hearts, we realize we can 'clear the fear' through that incredible relationship with Love Itself.  Love lifts the fear that becomes locked or blocked in our human system.  Love shows us what is possible.  Love also attracts even more Love, which only enhances more Love around it!  Fear is a natural part of life and often it is wise to listen to any real fears to offset them and to feel safe again. Yet some fears can get caught in our minds, emotions, psychological or physical bodies and then we simply become reactive to them as if they are real instead of work to clear and release them.

Faith is also a great energy to use to shift the fear to something much more positive.  If we are going to drive a long distance, for example, and we are becoming fearful about the drive, if we apply our faith in making our destination safely and on time, we have a greater chance in accomplishing that task or goal.


World View Perspective: We hold on so tight, our soul says let go

In our human development, we are taught to hold on.  Hold onto our families, our friends, our values, our beliefs and our sense of self.  Yet, we can unconsciously or otherwise, hold on too tight and for too long and consequently thwart our growth and further expansion.  Maybe we are too loyal, maybe we are too stringent, maybe we are too committed.  In any case, it can certainly have a negative effect on our human system and even create and generate disease and illness over time.

The act of surrender may seem foreign but actually it is the truest state.  When we trust our very soul with the true answer, our holding on can and does diminish.  See it like a letter you need to write to someone to set them free of an old burden.  You are always writing it within you but you never actually send it.  Then one day, the postman walks by and you have the courage to express it.  You send it out energetically and suddenly all your inner knots begin to unravel and you feel lighter, brighter and f…

World View Perspective: Balancing both worlds

Our journey in life includes our overall spiritual and human development.  When we are naturally strong in one, we continue to move ourselves towards it.  We may spend years resisting other ways to receive, perceive and conceive of life because we fear we won't succeed in those other directions. We may think we already know our short comings in those areas.  Thoughts and feelings regarding what we don't understand or what we think we don't know or don't know how to do it can consume us. Maybe we have tried another path before and failed before so we feel that path isn't for us. Perhaps we fear we won't measure up so we won't even attempt it.  Soon, we will do everything in our power to avoid those particular roads ahead. 

To come into a happy, healthy, positive balance, however, our greater inner truth can and will guide us on, beyond these blockages, whether we think or feel we are ready to deal with them or not.  Moving locations, relationships, habits, r…