World View Perspective: When we know we matter

To understand what is the human ego versus the human soul takes effort, aspiration and true intention to be able to use discernment and track one's sincere effort towards understanding where the truth within us lies.  When mankind knows the life they are living is not their real truth, the honest seeking begins and when we sincerely seek a relationship with the Infinite Being or Cosmic Soul, the Cosmic Soul will respond.  Once we know we aren't and can't be separate from the Cosmic Soul, then we begin to realize that using our sincere effort at Collaboration with the Consciousness, we can heal our own system.  We heal it through surrender.  We find the unconsciousness within our system and begin to offer it up to be released, asking most dearly and sincerely that our Higher Self or Cosmic Soul take it off of us or out of us and fill us with much more positive energy.  As this process continues to transform our system, we find locks and blocks that are preventing us from opening more and more to the Love that we are within as we allow it to manifest outwardly.

Again, with honest, open, sincere aspiring efforts to get clear and rebalanced, the old begins to go and the fresh and new begins replacing it.  Down deep is our shadow self and most commonly, this shadow self will continuously seem to sabotage our best efforts at clearing.  This is largely due to fear.  It will point out our flaws, short comings and dark hidden areas within our human system and will especially point out that we don't really matter as a means to distract us from our Highest goal.  The feeling we don't matter, especially in light of a connection to the Infinite Being, is a very common human point of suffering.  It may keep us humble but it also blocks our way even further.  When we feel this way, whether real or imagined, we know it is a great aspect to offer up to the Highest Truth we carry and release it, knowing that in the eyes of the Infinite, we definitely matter . . . as long as we matter to our selves, too. 

This is key and we will be pushed until we know it, feel it and live it.  Living from a deep inner place of knowing we matter to ourselves, to the Infinite and in this world, even if we don't know how yet, is remarkably empowering.  Into our deepest self, if we continue to repeat, 'I matter because I AM Love and I am Loved', releasing all self-judgment or clinging to the past, our system will begin to shift and change.  See it as an inner searchlight that knows it is Light.  Every direction it turns, it shines light into all the dark corners.  That Light matters and that Light can go beyond all matters that have been in the dark.  This is provided by the Collaboration of Consciousness; the Consciousness that we are not separate from, the Consciousness that is Love and Light Itself.  When all aspects of us know we matter because we matter to the Great Cosmic Soul, we begin to feel the Joy of that overall sense of wholeness, deep connection and Truth.  We are that LOVE, COMPASSION and TRUTH because we cannot be separate from it.  The old stuck hiding places can be flushed with LIGHT and renewed. 

The whole world is about the world of matter remembering it is indeed LIGHT.  This is the true intention of our being here on earth.  It is to remember our true spiritual essence and LIGHT.  So, ultimately, we matter and our Light matters and it is through our shining Light, we can clear our matter and rebalance any imbalances until we have no more doubt about who we really are within, without and all around.  Then LOVE will, can and does manifest for us, for life, for all living things and the planet; all in the right time, right place and right way and it is good, welcomed and correct for each and every one of us.  That is why we matter . . . because, in Truth, we are LOVE ITSELF in human form, here to transcend it and transform it through LOVE Itself as a living FORCE for CHANGE!  Yes, we matter because yes, we LOVE!


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