World View Perspective: When the mind is unsure, the Heart can bring clarity

Our human mind has many capabilities, skills, talents, ways of perceiving and overall intelligence.  It allows us to function well in the world and solve problems, dilemmas and find, develop and apply ways of fixing most things.  However, there are also higher functions that our human heart is also capable of repairing, replenishing, improving and sustaining.  When our mind becomes confused, stressed, strained, drained or bogged down, meditation or contemplation gives us the chance to listen to our own heart.  Our heart feels our distress, of course, and it can also help us review what has happened, although using another means and process.  Our human heart is connected to our Higher Heart and it is our Higher Heart that is very wise. It is wise because our human heart is connected to our Higher Heart, which is always in contact with Love Itself.  Infinite Love is a real and active Consciousness that allows us to expand our knowledge, wisdom and understanding about the True Nature of Life.  We are not separate from the SOURCE and FORCE of LOVE Itself.  Our Higher Heart knows this!  Our greatest human point of evolution lies in hearing our own heart, becoming aware of our Higher Heart and remembering who we are through LOVE as the greatest healer of all, right inside of us!  We are not separate from this LOVE that permeates the whole of creation.  Our human mind has many limitations, too, which we may not be aware of but our Higher Heart can go way beyond our limited mind's understanding.  

For example, if our mind has any blocks, locks or shocks to it throughout our lifetime, like prolonged grief, letting our closed in or tightly held thoughts go to our Higher Heart of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, we can feel that burden lift and take us to a Higher Perspective of Love and Acceptance, clearing the mind's burden in time. 

The more we consciously, actively seek our Highest Heart Perspective, the more we feel that Love and Joy that comes with remembering who we truly are, which is beyond the mind's understanding.  Any 'knots' we have lived with in our life or fear that has been tucked away deeply in our mind or human system can be set free through our Higher Heart's function, Voice and Pure Feeling from within.  Within us we are very capable of accessing our deepest, Highest Heart and not just for others but also for ourselves.  Maybe we are just moved by the pain or hurt in others, yet this LOVE can also heal our own mind and system; setting us free of the burden of limitations.

It takes time to hear the Voice of our own heart and to aspire to know our Higher Heart. The relationship can be established and maintained through dedicating quiet times in each day to truly set aside the mind and listen, giving thanks for all the Love we have already experienced in our life.  Our Higher Heart wants us to recognize it is there and willing to be in active, conscious relationship with it, too.  That is our true purpose here, to realize who we are through our heart/Heart connection to LOVE ITSELF.

Let through that Highest LOVE and allow it to flow freely through your human system and mind and feel that True Connection and inner relationship with the Force of Love Itself.  Watch your system and mind heal and feel nothing but LOVE; Unite with the healer within you and know it as the ever present Force of an endless LOVE!


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