World View Perspective: Once we know we matter, we know we aren't 'matter'

Our true nature is Spirit, not matter.  By accessing our spirit, we can transform our own matter.  Our physical bodies are made of light and dense matter.  When we access the truth about Spirit, and consciously bring that light of spirit into matter, we begin the process of enlightening our more dense aspects. 

 See it as a restaurant floor that no one sees at night because the lights are low to promote the ambience of the place.  All looks beautiful; the food, the people and the evening.  Once the lights come on, everything else is more readily seen.

Our individual spirit is connected to Spirit, which is connected to even more expanded Light and our individual soul is connected to the Great Cosmic Soul.  These levels of Consciousness are truly who we are, just like the love we carry in our individual hearts expands to Love Itself as a Universal, Cosmic Force.  Consequently, we are not limited by or to just the world of matter!

Once our most dense self can recognize who we are, the more our spirit can open us to greater and greater understanding about who we really are from within!  Just like when the sun comes out, the shadows disappear!

Our true gift being in a physical body is having the ability to heal it and transform it into more and more Light by recognizing we are light already!

When anything in life is causing us pain or discomfort or making us feel out of balance, it is usually found in our dense physical matter. People may ask you, 'What's the matter'?  Into those areas within your matter, consciously apply a sense of LOVE and LIGHT and see what changes.  Watch and see your matter get released for greater love and light.  This is the path of transformation; the lightening of dense matter back to it's natural state of Light!  The more light, the better we can see and know who we are within!  And who we are within is MORE LOVE AND MORE LIGHT!  The more Light, the more delight then our density can become our true 'destiny'!  Love and Light is the way to transform matter into more love and light, which will expand throughout the Universe!  It begins with our greater and greater Consciousness that we are not just limited to our world of dense matter!  Let your life be one of Love and Light!


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