World View Perspective: Understanding the Cosmic Soul

' Love it all, Forgive it all, Thank you, God'!  Within the vibration of this mantra are words that speak to the Cosmic Soul.  Our lives are set up to yearn to learn and to develop abilities and skills to sustain and maintain life.  We are given a drive to thrive and survive yet behind it all lives the great Cosmic Soul.

Another name for it is the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Cosmic Soul is a more succinct name yet it is the vibration and truth of Infinite Pure Love and Pure Energies.

To remember who we really are is the ultimate practice to follow.  Some call it following their Heart!  In Truth, it is through our Highest Heart and indwelling soul, that we connect to the Cosmic Soul.   The Cosmic Soul can communicate through our High Heart and guide us to and through our process of overall development.  When we collaborate with Cosmic Consciousness, it guides us perfectly and well, even though it may not meet our ideas of human based standards.  It will take us out of the boxed-in thinking we have come to believe is correct.

The Intention of the Cosmic Soul is to remind us who we are and to help us awaken to that Higher aspect of our self.  The Truth of our relationship to the Cosmic Soul is the most uplifting, most joyful, most inspiring union that can take place.

In Truth, we are simply not separate.  We could not sustain and maintain life without our connection to the Cosmic Soul.  So, given that and given that everything is energy, it is possible for us to access the Cosmic Soul within us through our own Heart and Soul Self.

All living things have been created and generated by the Cosmic Soul in their ultimate form.  This is the Source of creativity itself.  Creativity is what enhances life and keeps it fresh.  New, innovative, possibilities that expand our lives are new creations, allowing Mankind to grow through even more creativity.  Fall leaves have to fall on the ground and decay so new fresh growth can come in the spring.  It is a cycle of evolution and we are part of that!

When full human, outer development can mature along side of a developing spiritual nature, then inner and outer awareness can open to the Cosmic Soul.  We need to have a strong human system as well as a clear and determined inner nature too.  This is the balance, the truth and the harmony needed to understand the Cosmic Soul.

Once we understand it, we can surrender all human blocks to the Cosmic Soul.  This is the point of true healing.  The release of human control to the true Cosmic Soul within that speaks through our Highest Heart and is not separate from us, allows us to release our fears and concerns to faith and inner trust.  Then we are guided through our inner connection to what is most correct for our nature to ultimately express the Cosmic Soul that expresses to us and through us.

When we sincerely aspire and seek to understand the True Nature of life, we can be guided Lovingly and well to get there.  Behind it all lives the Great Cosmic Soul, containing all Love and all Energy.  Faith and Love for the Cosmic Soul guides us back home to our Truest Self, which is Love, Compassion and Joy, expressing Itself.  Repeat as often as possible, "Love it all, Forgive it all, thank you, God' and watch how the Love of the Cosmic Soul unfolds.  True Love in the Highest form is the answer.


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