World View Perspective: Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and breathing in gratitude

If we were viewed from on high, we might see our devotion, our love, our loyalties and our hard work but it is likely we wouldn't see true Self-Love, true Self-acceptance or how truly grateful we are to be living our life.  These might seem like slight matters versus all the common human aspects of life that continue to sustain our life, however, that is not the case.

If we imagine an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies standing with us in life and, through the Infinite Being's eyes, we see any negative self-images that are still in effect, what would we imagine is correct?  We should hold on tightly to those stuck old emotions or consider, through Love, there is something much more positive possible to replace them?  Can we imagine that the Infinite Being would give us the opportunity to release the hold of the old stuck emotions, let go of any negative images of our self and breathe in easier?  In truth, it only makes sense.

Forgiveness and gratitude are freeing agents as is being conscious of living in the now.  We have active choices with how we see the world and how we see ourselves.  When we let go of any and all old negative self-images, we free up that energy to be recycled and, in that new space, we can choose something much more positive, refreshing and new.  The new self-image that is most inspiring and uplifting is created through self-love and self-acceptance, living in the present moment.  The most basic way to be in the present moment is to monitor our breath.  Now, if we imagine that the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy is an expanded aspect of who we truly are, because we can't be separate, then let's also imagine there are three aspects of us; an Infinite possibility, a Higher Self and human self.  When breathing in gratitude while feeling self-love and self-acceptance, imagine that any and all old, negative self-image can and will be released.  When we consciously breath in truth, the falsehood must go.

We are not separate from the Cosmic, Universal Love Force that created this entire life.  When we hold onto or harbor negative self-images, we are, in effect, holding onto falsehoods.  No matter what affected us in the past, we have the choice to consciously, actively give it up to a Higher aspect of Self at any time.  When we sincerely aspire to let go and are willing and ready to release it, have faith it will go.  Replacing it with greater and greater self-love, self-acceptance and consciously breathing in gratitude every day, we can transform our system, through Love.

Trying Loving who you are and watch positive energy flood your system, uplifting who you really are within.  See if Joy is now fully attainable and, if not yet, continue the positive practice of self-love, self-acceptance and breathing in gratitude.  It can change your life.


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