World View Perspective: Saying 'Yes' to our core Self

When we repeat the word and vibration of 'Yes', into our core Self and recognize who we are and who we aren't, amazing shifts and changes start to occur.  As we grow and develop both through human and spiritual development, we hit snags, frustrations, slowed progress and impatience with ourselves and others.  We can easily turn that on ourselves, loved ones, friends or whoever we feel did the injustice.  When that happens, we send negative signals to our mental, psychological and emotional selves, who can hold onto those negative signals for a very long time as well as send that negative response to others too.  This back and forth negativity to our self or others creates a negative vibration that ends up being quite hurtful and harmful if left unchecked.  If it is too painful, we can literally 'harbor' those old stuck thoughts and feelings too long in our system.  They become resentments and then we can really become stuck.  Over time, when our unconscious or subconscious system holds on too tight to these old negative messages, we can become physically ill because they have literally and energetically festered.

Two key daily mantras, said over and over, can shift these old patterns of trapped negativity.  One is to forgive our self and forgive all people completely as we pray to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies to help us do that.  Have a sense of the trapped negativity being released from your mind and body.  Have a sense of it being released from the other person's system, too, as if it was never there.  A feeling of light-heartedness will happen with our sincere effort.  We may have to say it to ourselves often, throughout the day, until we feel it.  The other mantra is to be grateful and thankful for one's life and everyone in it and for everyone who has ever been in it.  Grateful for each and every breath, too.  Every person who comes into our life teaches us something worthwhile and valuable, if we are open to it.  By feeling sincerely grateful to the people who bring us our lessons, we move beyond those experiences in a state of gratitude instead of holding onto them.

The more the old negativity shifts and changes, the freer our system feels.  As it does lighten up, and we continue to tell our core Self; our true Self 'Yes', the more we welcome into our life newer and brighter changes.

Our higher to Highest Self wants the very best for us and when we replace negative, old vibrations with fresh new positive ones, with a consistent vibration of 'Yes', we put our own best foot forward toward manifesting what is next for us and greater for us.  'Yes' vibrates positivity to the Universe and when it comes from our core sense of Self, the impossible becomes happily possible.  The practiced, sincere aspiration to understand who we really are, coupled with forgiveness and gratitude, along with a consistent mantra of 'Yes', does wonders for refreshing our mind and body and Self.  It puts us in alignment with our greater truth and lifts all aspects of us up to greater and greater experiences of love and life.


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