Friday, April 29, 2016

World View Perspective: When the personal self trusts the Cosmic Soul

The personal self can unconsciously, subconsciously hold onto negativity and old stuffed stuck hurts, disappointments and angry resentments, lasting a lifetime.  It can even turn in on itself, creating and generating more confusion, self-doubt, blame and shame.  Further, it can do this without even knowing it.  Until or unless the personal self realizes it can open that hidden domain to a much Higher, more Loving energy of feeling and healing.  The Great Cosmic Soul, or Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, is the Loving, Compassionate Universal, Cosmic Force that we are never separate from because it is impossible to be.  That Loving Force knows us, is within us and surrounds us daily, moment to moment, breath to breath.  The Great Cosmic Soul does not want us to suffer.  The Great Cosmic Soul simply asks us to trust and to surrender all the blocks, locks and shocks our human system may be holding onto and consciously surrender them to that Purest Love.  Even if, or maybe especially when, we don't know what they are, we can still ask to be helped in releasing them. To untie the knots and to unite with our expanded Self is the goal in each lifetime.  To really understand who we are and why we are here is the purpose.  To unite consciously with the Cosmic Soul and the Purest Love, allows our system to feel that Love and heal with that Love and to vibrate that Love, which heals others too.  It is to us and through us this Loving, inspiring, healing process takes place, realigning us with our deepest Compassion, Love and Light, all of which is our greater Truth.  We must also understand our system, nature and heart and protect ourselves consciously as well as trust we are being protected.

To be in relationship with the Great Cosmic Soul is a profound and Loving exchange.  It is a deep sense of 'Consciously collaborating with the Consciousness itself'.  A deeper guidance takes place and a deeper trust, along with the Love and Faith in the process and in ourselves.  Loving our self/Self and having Faith in our self/Self is key to this process of overall healing!

Through the Love and Faith, the personal self begins to let go of any and all old energy issues it has not resolved as they dissolve into the deeper Love and Trust.  This is the healing and the greater alignment needed to rebalance the system for greater healing towards wholeness.

We really are here to know and live Love in the Highest way by understanding who we really are and why we are here.  Everything is energy and becoming the Highest, most positive energy we can become matters because it can resonate with Love itself, which positively affects all of life, too.  See it as a wave of positive energy, going out in circles of Light, having a positive effect on everything it touches.  See new vibrations of Love and Light happening spontaneously.  The Great Cosmic Soul is this Purest Loving Vibration and as the personal self trusts it, the more our systems fill with this same energy.

More Love and More Light in our system, in our lives and in all of life around us happens and more harmony is naturally reached.  This is our Highest goal and our most sincere aspirations provide the pathways to get there.  Trust the Great Cosmic Soul and that Purest Love and invite it in to transform your system in and with LOVE.  Let that LOVE continue to evolve throughout your system and feel sincere gratitude for the wonder of true and Loving transformation.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

World View Perspective: Understanding the Cosmic Soul

' Love it all, Forgive it all, Thank you, God'!  Within the vibration of this mantra are words that speak to the Cosmic Soul.  Our lives are set up to yearn to learn and to develop abilities and skills to sustain and maintain life.  We are given a drive to thrive and survive yet behind it all lives the great Cosmic Soul.

Another name for it is the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Cosmic Soul is a more succinct name yet it is the vibration and truth of Infinite Pure Love and Pure Energies.

To remember who we really are is the ultimate practice to follow.  Some call it following their Heart!  In Truth, it is through our Highest Heart and indwelling soul, that we connect to the Cosmic Soul.   The Cosmic Soul can communicate through our High Heart and guide us to and through our process of overall development.  When we collaborate with Cosmic Consciousness, it guides us perfectly and well, even though it may not meet our ideas of human based standards.  It will take us out of the boxed-in thinking we have come to believe is correct.

The Intention of the Cosmic Soul is to remind us who we are and to help us awaken to that Higher aspect of our self.  The Truth of our relationship to the Cosmic Soul is the most uplifting, most joyful, most inspiring union that can take place.

In Truth, we are simply not separate.  We could not sustain and maintain life without our connection to the Cosmic Soul.  So, given that and given that everything is energy, it is possible for us to access the Cosmic Soul within us through our own Heart and Soul Self.

All living things have been created and generated by the Cosmic Soul in their ultimate form.  This is the Source of creativity itself.  Creativity is what enhances life and keeps it fresh.  New, innovative, possibilities that expand our lives are new creations, allowing Mankind to grow through even more creativity.  Fall leaves have to fall on the ground and decay so new fresh growth can come in the spring.  It is a cycle of evolution and we are part of that!

When full human, outer development can mature along side of a developing spiritual nature, then inner and outer awareness can open to the Cosmic Soul.  We need to have a strong human system as well as a clear and determined inner nature too.  This is the balance, the truth and the harmony needed to understand the Cosmic Soul.

Once we understand it, we can surrender all human blocks to the Cosmic Soul.  This is the point of true healing.  The release of human control to the true Cosmic Soul within that speaks through our Highest Heart and is not separate from us, allows us to release our fears and concerns to faith and inner trust.  Then we are guided through our inner connection to what is most correct for our nature to ultimately express the Cosmic Soul that expresses to us and through us.

When we sincerely aspire and seek to understand the True Nature of life, we can be guided Lovingly and well to get there.  Behind it all lives the Great Cosmic Soul, containing all Love and all Energy.  Faith and Love for the Cosmic Soul guides us back home to our Truest Self, which is Love, Compassion and Joy, expressing Itself.  Repeat as often as possible, "Love it all, Forgive it all, thank you, God' and watch how the Love of the Cosmic Soul unfolds.  True Love in the Highest form is the answer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

World View Perspective: Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and breathing in gratitude

If we were viewed from on high, we might see our devotion, our love, our loyalties and our hard work but it is likely we wouldn't see true Self-Love, true Self-acceptance or how truly grateful we are to be living our life.  These might seem like slight matters versus all the common human aspects of life that continue to sustain our life, however, that is not the case.

If we imagine an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies standing with us in life and, through the Infinite Being's eyes, we see any negative self-images that are still in effect, what would we imagine is correct?  We should hold on tightly to those stuck old emotions or consider, through Love, there is something much more positive possible to replace them?  Can we imagine that the Infinite Being would give us the opportunity to release the hold of the old stuck emotions, let go of any negative images of our self and breathe in easier?  In truth, it only makes sense.

Forgiveness and gratitude are freeing agents as is being conscious of living in the now.  We have active choices with how we see the world and how we see ourselves.  When we let go of any and all old negative self-images, we free up that energy to be recycled and, in that new space, we can choose something much more positive, refreshing and new.  The new self-image that is most inspiring and uplifting is created through self-love and self-acceptance, living in the present moment.  The most basic way to be in the present moment is to monitor our breath.  Now, if we imagine that the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy is an expanded aspect of who we truly are, because we can't be separate, then let's also imagine there are three aspects of us; an Infinite possibility, a Higher Self and human self.  When breathing in gratitude while feeling self-love and self-acceptance, imagine that any and all old, negative self-image can and will be released.  When we consciously breath in truth, the falsehood must go.

We are not separate from the Cosmic, Universal Love Force that created this entire life.  When we hold onto or harbor negative self-images, we are, in effect, holding onto falsehoods.  No matter what affected us in the past, we have the choice to consciously, actively give it up to a Higher aspect of Self at any time.  When we sincerely aspire to let go and are willing and ready to release it, have faith it will go.  Replacing it with greater and greater self-love, self-acceptance and consciously breathing in gratitude every day, we can transform our system, through Love.

Trying Loving who you are and watch positive energy flood your system, uplifting who you really are within.  See if Joy is now fully attainable and, if not yet, continue the positive practice of self-love, self-acceptance and breathing in gratitude.  It can change your life.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

World View Perspective: Saying 'Yes' to our core Self

When we repeat the word and vibration of 'Yes', into our core Self and recognize who we are and who we aren't, amazing shifts and changes start to occur.  As we grow and develop both through human and spiritual development, we hit snags, frustrations, slowed progress and impatience with ourselves and others.  We can easily turn that on ourselves, loved ones, friends or whoever we feel did the injustice.  When that happens, we send negative signals to our mental, psychological and emotional selves, who can hold onto those negative signals for a very long time as well as send that negative response to others too.  This back and forth negativity to our self or others creates a negative vibration that ends up being quite hurtful and harmful if left unchecked.  If it is too painful, we can literally 'harbor' those old stuck thoughts and feelings too long in our system.  They become resentments and then we can really become stuck.  Over time, when our unconscious or subconscious system holds on too tight to these old negative messages, we can become physically ill because they have literally and energetically festered.

Two key daily mantras, said over and over, can shift these old patterns of trapped negativity.  One is to forgive our self and forgive all people completely as we pray to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies to help us do that.  Have a sense of the trapped negativity being released from your mind and body.  Have a sense of it being released from the other person's system, too, as if it was never there.  A feeling of light-heartedness will happen with our sincere effort.  We may have to say it to ourselves often, throughout the day, until we feel it.  The other mantra is to be grateful and thankful for one's life and everyone in it and for everyone who has ever been in it.  Grateful for each and every breath, too.  Every person who comes into our life teaches us something worthwhile and valuable, if we are open to it.  By feeling sincerely grateful to the people who bring us our lessons, we move beyond those experiences in a state of gratitude instead of holding onto them.

The more the old negativity shifts and changes, the freer our system feels.  As it does lighten up, and we continue to tell our core Self; our true Self 'Yes', the more we welcome into our life newer and brighter changes.

Our higher to Highest Self wants the very best for us and when we replace negative, old vibrations with fresh new positive ones, with a consistent vibration of 'Yes', we put our own best foot forward toward manifesting what is next for us and greater for us.  'Yes' vibrates positivity to the Universe and when it comes from our core sense of Self, the impossible becomes happily possible.  The practiced, sincere aspiration to understand who we really are, coupled with forgiveness and gratitude, along with a consistent mantra of 'Yes', does wonders for refreshing our mind and body and Self.  It puts us in alignment with our greater truth and lifts all aspects of us up to greater and greater experiences of love and life.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

World View Perspective: Trusting our inner truth

Truth lives in the core of who we are and when we seek to understand it, we can have it revealed to us.  We can receive prompts that alert us to when we are in falsehood, such as denial, and with sincere depth of questioning, we can see the truth through the falsehood.  It is a feeling that something is or has been false and it is now becoming real and genuine.  A real feeling will reveal itself to us and we will know and understand it.  We may not be able to articulate it, express it, speak of it or even write of it but down deep we will realize it and recognize it.  At the core of us, we understand this and, with effort, patience and consistency, we do learn to trust it.  We may have been programmed to not hear our inner truth or we may have been frightened by it in the past.  Consequently, we don't believe in it or turn to it when we have sincere questions.  Yet, our inner truth is a dependable intelligence that we can summon, as needed, and learn to listen to as our own inner guidance. 

Truth is fundamentally within us.  To navigate it and discern it takes patience and faith in the process.  Our human mind and human emotions can certainly also guide us to make certain decisions and they might rely on immediate human needs and demands to ensure certain desired outcomes.  Yet deeper in our inner awareness, we can ask the bigger questions, seek more meaningful dialogue and learn to receive our deeper, more aware truth.

Sometimes our inner truth will send us signals that strike us as not relative to what we are doing or why.  Yet, they continue to arise from somewhere within us, like some lost beacon that is suddenly awake.  We may receive the signals correctly and we might receive them correctly but not interpret them correctly.  Sometimes what is required is to sit still in a quiet place and explore the signals.  Light a candle, for example, and say them out loud so you can hear yourself think and be aware of how you feel.  Perhaps a place keeps coming to mind, or a person or a timetable.  This may seem to have no relevance to your current life yet it continues to come to you to get your attention.  It is worth taking the time to contemplate, meditate, sit in silence to receive what is being sent to you.  Make sure and discern how true it feels to you.

During a reading a long time ago, a rose quartz crystal of mine kept grabbing my attention.  I was focused on doing the work on a lady I had never met.  Finally, I stopped and tuned into my crystal and listened to what it had to say.  The crystal literally explained that the lady had purchased one for herself and there was a reason she had done so.  By stopping to listen to the signal I was receiving, I was able to provide the depth of understanding the woman was requesting in her reading.  It may seem quite odd to most people but when we trust our own inner truth, that truth can come in any form.  It wasn't up to me to judge what my crystal had to say or that it wanted to express anything at all.  I simply had to trust it and discern it was correct because it felt correct.

Start by having faith in your own inner truth and then make time every day to sit with it and sincerely listen.  Make note of what you receive and feel free to test it and respond to it.  Watch, see and feel how the signals makes you feel and notice how much joy, inspiration and encouragement you can receive from your own inner truth.  Notice with appreciation how lovingly and positively it can guide you each and every day.  Trust your inner knowingness and find that inner peace you truly seek.  Find that it is all truly within you.