World View Perspective: We are not the structure, we are the process

To ensure our human safety, security and survival, we find following rules and roles to do that are usually a positive aspect of life.  They do tend to promote consistency, reliability and dependency on aspects that ensure we will live another day.  However, they are sets of skills that promote our longevity and not who we really are within.  We are not actually limited to just our human mind and body, so just following structure as a way of life, doesn't necessarily ensure we will survive.  In fact, to think outside the box helps promote that we factor in a higher, more creative, more profound aspect of our self; one that allows us to reach even higher states of who we are.  It takes courage, faith, trust and experimenting but we are very capable of reaching higher states of awareness and consciousness. 

Alcohol, drugs, extreme sports, addictions and sometimes doing things in excess can give us a similar 'high' but to genuinely aspire to feel an expanded Love and Compassion for one's self and one's place in the world and all living things, true expanded connection is possible.  We have to have the courage and aspiration to allow our selves to aim higher.

Everything is energy and as such we can use the energy of our mind, intelligence and Heart to connect to our True Spirit and our True Higher Energy around us.  We just have to remember and know it is there; we are never separate from it.

We have to come out of the box of our own limited and fear based thinking through accessing a much greater aspiration; to know and understand the greater Truth of Life.  We are not separate from our 'God Self', and through Love, genuine Love, we can connect to that expanded sense of Self, which is Joy, which promotes positive health and happiness as we welcome it into our life through an open Heart!

Being and staying limited is a choice and when we are so identified with being structured, instead of seeing it as a useful mind set, we keep ourselves deeply   encased in a false belief set; thinking we are the boxed in limitations that structure promotes.

Just like a young child learning about their environment, their drive to learn continually pushes them out of their previous limitations.  They expand, they grow and they learn more everyday.  When we truly aspire to go beyond our boxed in limited thinking, we can successful connect to our True Spirit, our Higher Self and our True Connection to our own expanded Intelligence.  To embrace a True Collaboration with Higher Consciousness to help clear and clean our blocks and locks within, continually connects us to our Truly Expanded Self.

This is our True Purpose here.  To let our LOVE continuously link with LOVE as a Force and Source of life so there is nothing separate between our love, Universal Love and Cosmic Love, which is our connection to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  When we know that is true, we begin experiencing that Truest Love of Love.  Stay with the process of a LOVING evolution and only use structure as a necessary set of skills as needed.  You will feel much happier, healthier and much more like your self; Your True Self indeed.


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