World View Perspective: Clearing out the energetic clutter

Everything is energy and as such, we are surrounded by it all the time.  So much of it is invisible, even though it can be quite toxic.  Imagine we are sitting peacefully out in the desert, quietly contemplating life and seeing our self in the bigger picture.  Suddenly, our mind starts it's constant chatter, fears arise, we think about negative people in our lives or remember negative experiences with them and now we are reacting to that as if it is current.  As we mentally picture or perceive all they have done wrong to us or how we still feel when we think about them, now we are practically in a frenzy of negative, hurtful thought and emotional responses.  Now visually see the clean, clear air around you becoming like a thick smog of swirling negativity and old toxic dust.  Everything you are imagining is building, growing and expanding all around you and it is feeling more and more real and as if it is happening now.

Now, begin sincere and genuine forgiveness, appreciation and Loving, positive memories of each person.  Have a sense of all the energetic clutter leaving the space and melting away as if it was never there.  Imagine it evaporating and instead turning to Love and now see everyone that has been in your life surrounded in beautiful, endless, high Love and energy; a most positive vibration, supporting their true and Highest Self.  Notice how you really feel now, notice how much clearer, cleaner and positive the energy around you has become.

Old memories that are negative can dog us forever if we don't clear out, clean out the past.  They can hang around and bring us down and still affect the other people as well.  This can be actively tested.  Pick someone in your life who you know quite well.  Picture them standing in a space that you choose; a forest, beach, meadow.  Begin sending them Love, Light and positive energy without judgment, fear, hesitation or concern.  Imagine them bathed in gold, silver, white and pink light with Love all around them.  See their energy expand into positive energy and see it being sent back to you.  Feel the beauty and clarity of that exchange.  Now, understand it really works that way.  We can feel all that positive, Loving energy and transmit it to others.  It is a very positive way to connect to those from our past and transmit forgiveness, understanding, Love, Compassion and even Joy.

In this way, we begin to undo any and all past negative interactions that may have made it difficult to continue the originally Loving relationship.  We begin to understand that everyone in our life, or on our path, has had something to share with us or offer to us that enabled us to grow and go on in terms of whatever level they touched our life.  When we can actively, through Loving energy and intention, reach out to people from our past, through Love, we can change the vibrations between us for the better and enable both people, or even groups of people, to move forward in positive ways.  Begin by cleaning out your own energetic clutter first and then put Loving, positive intentions into the relationship on an energetic level and watch what happens.  Genuine, sincere Love and Compassion knows no bounds and is well received on so many amazing layers between people as it enhances both parties equally and well with the most positive results.  Everything truly is energy so why not make it positive, Loving energy!


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