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World View Perspective: We are not the wound

No matter where or what we perceive our wound or wounds to be, we are not our wounds. The human system can go through all kinds of shake ups and shake downs, hits and bits of information that can render it 'affected, effected or infected'.  These experiences might come from external influences, other people we know and don't know or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It actually doesn't matter, the situation, people or a person may have an impact on our thinking, feeling or sense of self that seems to knock us back or down.  If our human mind or feeling base grabs onto the experience as to who we think or feel like we are, that energy can fester within us for a long, long time.

When we put our focus on and within our own Heart, we begin to realize the Love we carry isn't separate from the Love from the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Same Force and Source of Love that fuels the Cosmic and Universal Love is within us, too.  This Force and…

World View Perspective: Clearing out the energetic clutter

Everything is energy and as such, we are surrounded by it all the time.  So much of it is invisible, even though it can be quite toxic.  Imagine we are sitting peacefully out in the desert, quietly contemplating life and seeing our self in the bigger picture.  Suddenly, our mind starts it's constant chatter, fears arise, we think about negative people in our lives or remember negative experiences with them and now we are reacting to that as if it is current.  As we mentally picture or perceive all they have done wrong to us or how we still feel when we think about them, now we are practically in a frenzy of negative, hurtful thought and emotional responses.  Now visually see the clean, clear air around you becoming like a thick smog of swirling negativity and old toxic dust.  Everything you are imagining is building, growing and expanding all around you and it is feeling more and more real and as if it is happening now.

Now, begin sincere and genuine forgiveness, appreciation and L…

World View Perspective: We are not the structure, we are the process

To ensure our human safety, security and survival, we find following rules and roles to do that are usually a positive aspect of life.  They do tend to promote consistency, reliability and dependency on aspects that ensure we will live another day.  However, they are sets of skills that promote our longevity and not who we really are within.  We are not actually limited to just our human mind and body, so just following structure as a way of life, doesn't necessarily ensure we will survive.  In fact, to think outside the box helps promote that we factor in a higher, more creative, more profound aspect of our self; one that allows us to reach even higher states of who we are.  It takes courage, faith, trust and experimenting but we are very capable of reaching higher states of awareness and consciousness. 

Alcohol, drugs, extreme sports, addictions and sometimes doing things in excess can give us a similar 'high' but to genuinely aspire to feel an expanded Love and Compassi…

World View Perspective: Our Choice for Voice

In each moment of our lives, we have a Choice of Voice.  We can see the world and ourselves in positive ways or take the negative view.  We can choose joy or sorrow, happiness or worry, greed or Grace, fear of Faith. And in that choice, we can chose to give it a voice or not.  Speaking up for how we feel is standing up for who we are.  We have all been given our own perspective of life.  It is developed early in life by all the factors present in our life.  Perhaps we don't get the full story when we are young or perhaps we aren't able to fully grasp it by then until we can gain more development, experience, knowledge and awareness.

If we keep going and growing, we realize we can expand our consciousness and, through that process, our perspective of life expands.  Usually when that happens, people in our lives can either hear us and understand who we are with greater awareness or they may want to silence us because they simply cannot grasp what we are saying.  We might realize …