World View Perspective: Shun depression, repression, oppression and suppression

When our human system feels any form of depression, repression, oppression or suppression, we close down and cannot receive from the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Consequently, a part of us is not open to Higher thought, Higher Feeling or Higher Understanding unless we have an open, trusting and willing system ready to receive.  Trauma, drama and human suffering at the hands of others, or our own perceptions, can create the locks, blocks and mocks that make us shut down. Yet, to have Faith means we surrender these blockages up to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  By opening to that level of Faith and Trust, that level of Consciousness can seize our system of blockages and set it free. 

See it like a plugged up drain pipe.  Nothing positive can get through until or unless a cleanser comes with enough power to freely clear the blockages.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy has the power to reveal what is in the way and to begin the positive flow moving again.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy is the most positive Force in the Universe and in the Cosmic realm.  When we sincerely aspire to be linked with it and are willing to progress, advance and evolve to greater heights of Love, Compassion and Understanding, it answers our call.

On any human level, where there is any sense or experience of being repressed, depressed, oppressed or suppressed, call on the Infinite Being to enlighten you through revealing what is in the way, perhaps where it came from and how best to let it go.  Forgiveness is a positive step to consciously take as is feeling the Love and gratitude for the awareness or revelation for what is preventing the positive flow of energy.  Sincere surrender to the Infinite Being allows the plugged up drain, so to speak, to clear out the old, stuck debris, restoring the natural, positive forward motion.  We may not even have to know what was in the way but rather, we just know we are done hauling it around and we are ready to be freed up from previous burdens.

We were born free to discover who we are and it may take a long time for that memory to refresh itself.  By removing, through conscious surrender, any sense of being repressed, depressed, oppressed or suppressed, we give our system it's best chance to clear out the old and restore the natural connection once again.  We should shun those negative experiences of ourselves and embrace the Force of Love instead.  Embracing the Force of Love, Compassion and Understanding, brings us into a closer relationship with the Infinite Itself and that deep connection can and will change our lives, always for the better through Love.  Being set free through Love to Love is the Highest Intention and purpose of our lives.  Letting go of what holds us back from Loving and becoming the Love aligns us more and more with our truth and it is that Truth that will always set us free!


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