World View Perspective: I AM LOVE

Love is the center of our Being Self.  When we breathe into our Hearts, the words on the in breath, 'I AM' and exhale to the word, 'LOVE', our whole system begins to let go to the soothing sound of a resonating truth.  Our True and Pure Heart is Love itself and when we acknowledge this in succinct harmony, we experience a very deep relaxation. 

The deepest Love we carry is connected to LOVE itself.  The greatest Love is Cosmic and Universal Love and we are not separate from that LOVE.  The Infinite BEING of PURE LOVE and PURE ENERGY is what sustains and supports the entire Universe and LOVE is the Source and Force of that vibration.  Everything comes from LOVE; life, growth and connection to all living things.  Yes, Love can become distorted, distracting, redirected, redefined, be put through many, many cycles and end up somewhere unknown, indescribable or even shattered.  Yet, LOVE has been and instrumental agent at some point.

Our Heart of HEARTS knows this and with sincerely sustained effort, everything can be rebalanced and improved through LOVE again.  We see that in the letters of the following words; love, solved, resolved, dissolved and evolved.  LOVE allows us to grow and go in a forward motion.  When we add self-forgiveness, forgiveness towards others and compassion to the mix with LOVE, most amazing things can and will happen, starting with breathing in and out to 'I Am LOVE'!

To send LOVE into our own HEARTS, especially using the breath, our Higher Heart will respond.  Breathing in and out to I AM LOVE, brings that deepest connection and resonance of Truth to who we are within.  The rest of our system; our mind, our emotions and our physical body will feel the difference.  It is a difference only PURE LOVE can make.  Feel the peace of I AM LOVE breathing in and out throughout your human system.  Know that level of Love is who you are!


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