World View Perspective: Forgiving our system completely

As we grow and develop both as a human and a spiritual being, we make mistakes, take missteps and become confused about how best to proceed.  We can only do our best with what factors we have already been given and or developed on our own at any given time in our life.  Perhaps we came in with lots of awareness, consciousness or a wise soul yet human traits are not as well developed as they can be or perhaps need to be to express the soul's wisdom.  When we hit these blocks in our system, whether real or imagined, we must forgive our systems and selves completely.  A second grader is not expected to know as much or do as much as a high school student and yet a freshman in high school can't be expected to be on the same par as a college graduate.  Experience, wisdom, growth, understanding and basic learning must happen first as tools and stepping stones towards growth and development on all levels and layers for us all.

Often we learn our most profound lessons after we fail, fall down or consistently don't reach our goals.  When that happens, it is important to embrace the opportunity to grow, shift and change and not fear letting go of the original plan.  Perhaps it was put in place until we grow out of it or until we realize the wall we see is only made out of paper.  To be grateful, forgiving and welcoming of changes and moments to learn more about ourselves keeps us fresh, spontaneous and willing to go beyond any previous boundaries we might not have dared before.

Learning to forgive ourselves and let the falsehoods about our selves go is both healthy and mandatory for our greater development.  A snake will shed it's skin and keep going in a new direction.  This is a sign of transformation.  The letting go of what no longer serves us in a positive way is a positive way forward.  When we can honestly, openly, completely forgive ourselves and all others, too, we will feel the old letting go and the new making it's way into our lives.  We will be welcoming the Universe in and, through that process, we will see what it has in mind for us next.  We may have an inkling and we might not have any idea but when and if we sincerely ask to see what it is, the Universe will show us.  Maybe the Universal 'gift' is facing something about our self we have long denied was there or maybe the Universe will bring you that long sought after dream, all because you were grateful for all you have received, no matter what lesson you had to learn.

The key is to continually forgive yourself and express appreciation for all that has been given to you in your life.  Our human system can have reactions, confusion, temptations and make unhealthy choices without our true consciousness engaged.  Awareness of this is important for our continued growth and development.  Equally important, actually essential, is to forgive our selves for being simply human and for making choices that were, perhaps at the time, not the best.

Yet, not matter what choices we made, through forgiveness and gratitude for the experiences, we can learn, grow and develop to a greater understanding of who we are and how life really works.  It starts with self-forgiveness, add some self compassion for not knowing better at the time and gratitude for seeing the light in it, no matter how long that takes.  This formula will help bring in clarity, greater, expanded development, the opportunity to go beyond the known and even moments of being humbled again.  These aspects of life are always valuable.  Forgive yourself completely and watch your life improve and grow with greater and greater positivity and Love.


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