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World View Perspective: Forgiving our system completely

As we grow and develop both as a human and a spiritual being, we make mistakes, take missteps and become confused about how best to proceed.  We can only do our best with what factors we have already been given and or developed on our own at any given time in our life.  Perhaps we came in with lots of awareness, consciousness or a wise soul yet human traits are not as well developed as they can be or perhaps need to be to express the soul's wisdom.  When we hit these blocks in our system, whether real or imagined, we must forgive our systems and selves completely.  A second grader is not expected to know as much or do as much as a high school student and yet a freshman in high school can't be expected to be on the same par as a college graduate.  Experience, wisdom, growth, understanding and basic learning must happen first as tools and stepping stones towards growth and development on all levels and layers for us all.

Often we learn our most profound lessons after we fail, fal…

World View Perspective: I AM LOVE

Love is the center of our Being Self.  When we breathe into our Hearts, the words on the in breath, 'I AM' and exhale to the word, 'LOVE', our whole system begins to let go to the soothing sound of a resonating truth.  Our True and Pure Heart is Love itself and when we acknowledge this in succinct harmony, we experience a very deep relaxation. 

The deepest Love we carry is connected to LOVE itself.  The greatest Love is Cosmic and Universal Love and we are not separate from that LOVE.  The Infinite BEING of PURE LOVE and PURE ENERGY is what sustains and supports the entire Universe and LOVE is the Source and Force of that vibration.  Everything comes from LOVE; life, growth and connection to all living things.  Yes, Love can become distorted, distracting, redirected, redefined, be put through many, many cycles and end up somewhere unknown, indescribable or even shattered.  Yet, LOVE has been and instrumental agent at some point.

Our Heart of HEARTS knows this and with s…

World View Perspective: Shun depression, repression, oppression and suppression

When our human system feels any form of depression, repression, oppression or suppression, we close down and cannot receive from the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Consequently, a part of us is not open to Higher thought, Higher Feeling or Higher Understanding unless we have an open, trusting and willing system ready to receive.  Trauma, drama and human suffering at the hands of others, or our own perceptions, can create the locks, blocks and mocks that make us shut down. Yet, to have Faith means we surrender these blockages up to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  By opening to that level of Faith and Trust, that level of Consciousness can seize our system of blockages and set it free. 

See it like a plugged up drain pipe.  Nothing positive can get through until or unless a cleanser comes with enough power to freely clear the blockages.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy has the power to reveal what is in the way and to begin the positive f…

World View Perspective: Remembering our Inner True Feeling

When we are true to our Inner True Feeling about something or someone, we can feel a deeper alignment with Truth.  It feels correct in our very system, like the ringing of a clear bell.  We know it deep inside us because we remember a time when we were actively, consciously aligned with our Truest Feeling.  This Truest Feeling is when we know we are not separate from our own Highest Heart.  That we are truly linked to the Highest Feeling we can align with within us.  In our Highest Heart, Truth lives and is in contact with us all the time.  The issue comes when we forget to listen to our own Highest Heart.  When we have learned to listen to our own Highest Heart, we can feel it in our body. When we are not aligned with the Truth that lives within our own Heart, we can also feel it.  Our minds can deceive us, distract us and respond to negativity, fear, worry and fret and yet our Heart can give us clear messages, guiding us in the right direction for our greatest good. 

Making time to h…