World View Perspective: We are not negativity

Almost everyone becomes angry, tense or stressed at some time, and hopefully when they do, they eventually find themselves entertaining or focusing on negative thoughts and/or negative feelings as the root cause of the misery. This is actually good news because it means with some practice, one can consciously turn that around and transform the negative into positive, relieving many of our ills.  It is quite human for us all to go through those phases.  Perhaps we simply picked them up from people around us and felt we were what was being projected.  Sometimes, old stuffed negative thoughts and feelings can truly erode away what is good, meaningful or important in our lives without our conscious awareness.

Negativity is like a contagious disease, disabling our most positive outlook by pulling us down with it's incessant dark messages.  It takes vigilance to look a bit deeper when we begin to feel negative moods, stopping to search our thinking before we continue.  Perhaps in the past, an old friend had gossiped about you having extra large feet.  It had hurt you at the time but you thought you were passed it.  You come across that old friend and suddenly you remember and now we you feel like you have truly awkward extra large feet.  What has been triggered was an old memory that you or your system have not released so it takes you back to the past.  

When we consciously, actively forgive other people, and especially ourselves, those old triggers start to shift, change and fade.  What replaces the negative emotions, moment or memory is Love, followed often with gratitude.  We can become quite grateful for the experience, the person or the opportunity to now grow from it in positive, healthy ways.  Negativity certainly teaches us who we aren't versus who we are.

To constantly repeat to ourselves, 'I am not any negative thoughts or feelings', helps us to shift out of that age old patterning and enables us to replace it with positive statements that reinforce our own choice for positivity.  It may sound trite but when we choose to pay conscious attention to our own positive statements instead of old negative, hurtful, harmful ones, we can literally transform our self image into a much more positive one.  As we change our system consciously, we begin to recognize when others give us those false signals much easier than before.  Which means, we can cancel them faster and re-establish a much more positive perspective.  In the meantime, inwardly, thanking them for the lesson, the reminder or the greater possibility for change.

This shift in our energetic and literal self-image is profound and potent because it aligns us more and more with Love Itself.  This, in turn, links us closer and closer to the resonance of the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, which at the Heart of things, is who we are within because we simply can't be separate from Pure Love and Pure Energy.

Choosing to release negativity and fear, too, does begin a great and internal shift.  We are not (knot) the negativity or fear, therefore there is no need to hold onto it.  Surrender any and all negativity and fear, particularly in your thoughts and feelings and see what happens.  Love can and will come forward and continue to go and grow.


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