World View Perspective: Revitalizing who we are

If we define our emotional nature as our 'vital' layer of life related to the vitality we have for life, it is useful to see it as a pond.  If the water in our pond has become stagnant, old, dull or lifeless, we must revitalize it and re-energize it again.  Bring into it new life and luster.  Our emotional layer can become dull, stagnant and lifeless when we are too bogged down with the past old thoughts and feelings.  It can also feel this way when our emotional attachments to people have not be renewed.  In our unconsciousness and sub-consciousness, we can harbor ill will towards others who may have hurt us in the past and we may not even know it. Consciously, actively, we might not believe we feel this way but perhaps deep down, when we see them, something old might just become activated.  When we apply a daily, even hourly, ritual of loving, forgiving and releasing any and all old chords to people in our lives, with the positive intention of revitalizing our relationship to them, it makes a remarkable difference.  Not only will we feel it and be grateful for it, they will also experience it on some level too.  They may suddenly call us, or write or stop by.  They may just think about us and smile.  Joy may be restored.

Emotional attachments are energetic binds we aren't necessarily aware of on a conscious level.  Yet, if we don't make conscious efforts to undue old, stuck ones, we can be held down and back by them without being aware of it.  Old unnecessary chord attachments can burden our systems needlessly and result in weight gain, discomfort, unhappiness, depression and even disease and illnesses.  Being consciously aware of how we really feel when we are around or with other people and how they affect us, either positively or negatively, is a first step towards understanding the impact these connected chords can have on us.

Everything is energy.  Our energy mingles in with people all the time on the conscious and unconscious levels.  A great aspiration to have in life is to continuously grow, shift and change towards becoming more and more conscious all the time.  Conscious awareness of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and responses to people, to life, to ourselves and to experiences is an important part of life.  Being aware of how a variety of things effect our mood, our systems and our happiest/healthiest selves is necessary to stay positive and moving forward.

It is important to make time to re-vitalize our own system and to review our attachments to other people.  If something doesn't feel correct between you and another person, it probably isn't.  Imagine dark, black ropes, connecting you both to each other.  Have a sense of 'washing' the ropes clean and put your positive intention into purifying them, yours and theirs, filling them with Love, Compassion and Joy, as if you are using a magic hose to replenish and revitalize that connection.  When it feels fresh, new and uplifted, send the other person gratitude and commit to staying positive with your thoughts and feelings about that person as well as yourself.  Release any and all old judgments, criticisms or negative thoughts towards them, yourself and your relationship.

Notice how you feel, notice your energy and notice your attitude.  Be grateful and forgiving no matter what has or hasn't occurred and smile whenever you think about them.  Trust that they will know it, feel it and receive it and that level of positivity and joy can only serve to inspire both of you and uplift the continuation of the relationship.  That level of re-vitalization will continue to go and grow and it will keep that connection loving, positive and of benefit to you both.


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