Thursday, December 15, 2016

World View Perspective: Our inner searchlight

When we understand we effectively hold an inner searchlight in our Heart/Soul Self within us, we can consciously use that tool and intention to shine our Light in all directions, making sure it shines a light within us first!  

Imagine a brilliant, loving gold or yellow Light within you that can shine up to you from within, illuminating any shadows, self-doubt, sorrow or pain. Feel it within your own lower belly self.  It is filled with Loving, positive, glowing, self-love and self-acceptance energy, the kind that never slows down or becomes extinguished.   Allow that Light to fill you from the core with a deep sense of Love, Belonging and Acceptance in the world.

Once you feel full of that LIGHT, with positive intention and attention, direct that Light backwards towards your past.  Watch it illuminate your past and fill it with positive LIGHT and Love, even gratitude!  Let the Love and Light shower you in your past with a golden hue, filling you with remarkable satisfaction.  You are still alive, you are still living your life and you survived it all!  Let that Light lift up your past to a place of gratitude!

Now shine your inner searchlight to the Highest space and place you can imagine.  Have it shine way past human thought and feeling to the very Source of Life Itself.  Feel that connection, feel your searchlight expand to fill the space while you shine more gratitude on the Great Cosmic Being that made Life and Love Itself possible.  Feel the Love and Light, resonate right back to you, filling you even fuller.

Once you feel that deeper connection of Love and Light, now feel your inner searchlight streaming out that Love to everyone you care about.  See them receiving that Love and Light and being bathed in it.  See them beginning to transform and transmute any and all old stuck energy.  Watch them fill with Love and Light and begin to hold that in their own inner searchlight.  Feel it coming back to you, continuing to let you fill with more and more Love and Light until it goes back and forth between you, creating a most Loving force field.

Take your inner searchlight now and turn it towards the earth.  Feel your Love and Light permeating the earth, touching each and every river, each and every mountain, all the animals, all the people, each and every plant, every country, every meadow, every ocean, all the deserts and all the corners of the world. Feel everything begin to Light up and continue expanding through Love, Light with the most positive intention possible.  Feel the Love coming forward from all of Life, resonating with more LOVE!

Now feel your Highest Love and Light spreading out around you, touching the lives of everyone who is around you and surrounds you, whether you know them or not.  Have a sense they are filling with your Light, which is serving to activate their own.  See them Light up with their own inner searchlight, engaging their own most positive energy.  Know that they can shine by themselves now, lighting others Light along the way.  Imagine everyone's Light enlightening the whole world, waking us all up to our Highest potential.

This inner searchlight exists within us all!  It is our Highest capability for Cosmic Consciousness; the Love and Light that lives within us and surrounds us all the time.  We are made of this Cosmic Consciousness.  The more we activate, operate and work with this Light, our inner searchlight, the more Love and Light fills us too!  Fill with this as often as possible and know the Love and Light as YOU!  YOU are not separate from the LOVE and LIGHT!  Feel the Love, the gratitude and appreciation for this gift and let it shine!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

World View Perspective: The Cosmic Consciousness of Self Love

To accept our selves completely, we have to free up the past and literally get passed it.  Self judgment and self loathing might be old tapes running inside us but they are simply that and not the truth.    Any negative, old or stuck poor self-images need to be eradicated from our system and our memory and re-energized!  

As we go through life, no one really teaches us how to be clear about ourselves, let alone keep our human system clean and clear!  Energy forms around us everyday, very similar to dust that gathers on our furniture.  If we don't keep it dusted off on a regular schedule, we can't assume we will keep our furniture clean.

When we seek Higher Love and Higher Guidance, it does answer us.  Cosmic Consciousness is always there, we just have to remember it is really who we are so we can ask for all the help and guidance it affords us.  One of the aspects of Cosmic Consciousness is that at all times, it LOVES us completely.  It feeds our self love like a stream that feeds a river and the river that feeds the ocean.  The LOVE is who we are and when we trust it to fill us, it does.  That LOVE is our LOVE and when we LOVE the Great Cosmic Consciousness, the Great Cosmic Consciousness LOVES us right back.

We cannot be separate from it, therefore, we are the same Cosmic Consciousness and that Consciousness can become our own Self Love, manifesting Itself.  What one vibration does, the next resonates with the first.  When we vibrate that Self Love, which is a vibrating Cosmic Consciousness, more Love cannot help but come to vibrate the same pulse.  A basic law of physics says that the law of attraction operates this way.  What we vibrate is attracted to Itself.  When we LOVE something or someone, that something or someone feels and receives that LOVE and sends it back.

If we imagine our core sense of self or our deepest wounded self, LOVING the Great Cosmic Consciousness Itself, what would be the natural consequences?  If we are feeling grateful, forgiving and being open to the very needed and necessary healing from it, imagine, too, that Highest, Purest, Most Complete LOVE energy will respond in kind, shifting and changing, that core self into that very vibration of LOVE ITSELF!  Now, imagine how amazing we feel, we move, we live and we love!  This is transformation at its very core!

This is the mechanism for changing our Self Love, and accepting our Self Love, through a deep and abiding relationship with the Great Cosmic Consciousness as a true and living LOVE, which, IN TRUTH, it is!

This takes Conscious Practice, along with gratitude and forgiveness, but it works to shift and change our human system into a much more positive experience!

Open to Self Love and allow the Great Cosmic Consciousness to work it's LOVING magic on your system; collaborate with LOVE ITSELF.  Notice how your Energy, LOVE and Self LOVE improves, changes and resonates with a happier, healthier self on so many levels and layers.  It is BEAUTIFUL and it is GOOD!

Monday, November 21, 2016

World View Perspective: 'Popping the pimple' of the past!

As we grow, mature and develop, we have human experiences that hurt us and/or harm us on some levels and layers, effecting and impacting, who we are. Maybe they are slight offenses between two people, major betrayals of trust by those we love or an ongoing sense of being rejected, unwanted or completely dismissed and left out.  Perhaps they affect us physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally or intellectually.  In any case, we can hold in the actual feeling of what happened to us for fear it will happen again or might always happen.  After years of holding in the pain, confusion, resulting anger, even to the point of self-hate, we can forget it is even there. We can effectively and efficiently, hide our self from our self. Until or unless, we have it revealed to our self by our self or someone else says or does something to trigger it.  Then that old stuck stuff can begin to pulsate into an angry response, enough to torch a small town!  Why has this happened? Because it is time to 'pop the pimple', and begin the honest healing of it.

If you imagine getting a thorn in your arm and you ignore it.  When it feels agitated, you pay no attention to it or you just attempt to tolerate it.  As the infection grows, it becomes distorted, swollen, awkward and disfigured.  Still in pulsating pain and still we do nothing to offset what has occurred.  At some point, when we want to use that arm, we are going to have to turn, face it, feel the discomfort and always face the fact we ignored it, creating even more problems.

Deep inside our human awareness, I think we always know when we are hurt, harmed or attacked and consequently, suffering.  We might blame someone else for the difficulties or blame the past, in general, but if we truly want to clean it up and clear it out, we must have the courage and determination to 'pop the pimple.'

If we imagine having a pimple on our face but we don't want to look at it, it can grow and fill with pus and blood, becoming infected.  Other people can see it and we can feel it everyday.  Yet, if we aren't brave enough to stop and take time to pop it, let it become exposed and then allow it to heal, it doesn't have a chance to get better and disappear!

Forgiving someone is like that, too, especially forgiving our self.  We don't want to go down deep into the past age old muck and mire to flush it clean but when we do, miracles of love and healing can help us progress.

When we access the Cosmic Consciousness, we can use it like the light on a miner's hat, going deep underground. We can ask our inner guidance to show us into the dark tunnels of our system, where the pimples of the past lie in the shadows, relatively undisturbed.  We can also ask Guidance to show us how best to lance it and let it pop open.  We can be grateful for our courage to undergo this process.  Once popped, allow the infection time to come out and be exposed and expressed in order to release it, forgive it and all connected to it until you feel at peace with it.  It is no longer a trigger point.

This process also allows an opening for more Cosmic Consciousness to enter and shine into us more of who we are inside.  With that LOVING opening to greater LOVE, TRUTH and COMPASSION, we feel more filled with Light and Love and overall Understanding, which enhances both our spiritual and human growth!  It is a LOVING gift of Source, which brings us more Lovingly into the present, ready to LOVE LIFE,our selves and others once again.  LOVING OUR SELVES is GOOD because LOVING OUR SELF IS ALSO THE INFINITE'S LOVE shining to us and through us . . . all the time!  Moments of gratitude, time and time again.

Friday, November 11, 2016

World View Perspective: The Cosmic Call

Aspiration is the great inner call to know the truth.  When we truly aspire to know and grow beyond what we know is true, the Great Cosmic Soul responds. When we aspire to know the Love within our own heart and soul, the Infinite Love responds.  It is like a great echo going out to find itself and respond in kind.  

If we imagine a great Cosmic Being that wants to awakening those with enough courage to listen, how would it respond, why would it respond and how would we be certain?

We would realize we aren't alone.  We would feel our hearts fill with such LOVE, JOY and PRESENCE, literally lifting our energy higher.  Forgiving the past and all people would be effortless, seeing the common good in us all would be refreshing, the higher and higher energies of expanded intelligence would be easily accessed and best of all, we would remember who we are!

We would remember we are never truly separate from this beautiful LOVING FORCE within us.  We would remember we always knew that!

An conscious inner relationship with the Great Cosmic Soul is such a JOYFUL UNION.  The Cosmic Consciousness exists and when we actively, consciously collaborate with it, it begins to unlock any blocks that may have been created by any falsehoods we have held onto throughout our lives.  It begins to untangle the 'knots', we have unconsciously wound ourselves up in to set us free to remember who we are within.  It is LOVE becoming Itself, using our natural abilities and nature, to express Itself to and through, making us an instrument of positive change through LOVE and PRESENCE.  Guiding us towards transformation and greater awareness as we begin to see life and ourselves in a new way; an enhanced way.

When LOVE calls to us from within and we begin to trust the guidance we receive, our life begins to shift and change in earnest.  We begin to 'let go and LET GOD' (author unknown) show us the best way forward.  We can experience our system being filled with LIGHT, JOY, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING! Any negative aspects we have held onto turn into positive energy.

Seen through the eyes of expanded energy, we are all surrounded by light, Light and more LIGHT!  Trusting that Light and Love helps us trust the Universal and Cosmic Love too.  Our energy can expand, our Hearts can expand and our awareness of what is possible can grow.  Trust the Great Cosmic Consciousness can have an inner relationship with you and, through that LOVE, you will remember who you are and it is GOOD!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

World View Perspective: We are not the 'knots' of family

When we grow and develop within the confines of family, we are taught and shown who we are and who we are not.  Part of the job of our parents is to teach us boundaries so we can control our selves and behave in acceptable ways.  To fit in socially, behaviorally and with self confidence.  Consequently, we can succeed as we continue our growth and development through all the ages and stages.  It is a workable system, except if our parents are limited in the scope of their own development.  In that case, they can only teach us, show us and demonstrate those same limitations.

In other words, if they are 'knotted' up, unable to express emotions, unable to express affection or unable to show love, tenderness or compassion to us, we might 'knot' realize we are still able to love and be loved.  We can unconsciously, subconsciously develop those same knots and consequently, become closed down too.

Maybe we can't forgive ourselves, maybe we limit the rest of our growth and development and maybe we harbor ill will , anger and sadness as a result. None of these blockages would be conscious until or unless we realize we are shut down in these ways of loving and expressing.

To untie these knots consciously and actively means to offer them up to the Cosmic Being who knows our very Heart and Soul.  Imagine someone all tied up with various ribbons and bows of many colors.  They cannot move any further on any level.  Suddenly, along comes a warm breeze and unties all the bondage and sets the person free.  They can open, stretch, breathe and release any and all old stuck air, movement and motion.  They can move about freely now, going and growing in all directions.  

When we are willing to love all of life, forgive all of life and are sincerely and genuinely grateful for all of life, we set ourselves free because we remember who we are and remember we are not separate from LOVE ITSELF.  Our human soul and the Great Cosmic Soul are ONE and that is our true freedom.  

Any and all bondage is from holding onto the past, trying to re-create the past or still feeling badly about the past.  It holds us down and back and prevents us from making progress; both spiritual and human.  Our parents and family members did the best they could, given their natural limitations and, at some point, in our lives we must forgive them and move forward with LOVE.

We move forward by allowing the past to be simply that and surrender to it, releasing all our old identifications of it, positive and negative.  It is the energy of the past we release because just like stagnant water or air, stagnant energy is also stale.  Love who was there when they were there, love who they were to you, love all the fond, fun memories and be forever grateful for those times, even as you surrender the old stuck energy associated with the memories.  Let your Heart stay full of the LOVE but let the old energy go.  What is truly ours does come back to us through the LOVE!  'When you love someone, let them go. If they never come back, they were never yours, it they do come back, LOVE them forever.'  Author Unknown.

Love the 'knots' that you received from family because they helped guide you to where you are now.  With LOVE, allow the stagnation of them to go and feel free again.  With LOVE, GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION, we can LOVINGLY keep all the positive memories deep in our HEART where they will never hold us back. LOVE WILL ALWAYS SET US AND EVERYONE WE LOVE FREE.  We are that LOVE ourselves and all that we have known came from that same LOVE too.  LOVE is the healing agent of freedom from all that has kept us in bondage before. Everything and everyone in our life is our teacher.  When we honor that, LOVE IT ALL, FORGIVE IT ALL and BE GRATEFUL FOR IT ALL and let it go to LOVE ITSELF.  Untie the 'knots' of the past and UNITE WITH LOVE IN THE PRESENT and it is GOOD!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

World View Perspective: Emotional Joy shining Infinite Love

When we understand that our emotional self is like a clear pond, filled with joyful, happy life energy that can become tainted, convoluted or polluted as we grow and develop, then we can also realize that we can empty it, clean it and cleanse it any time we want or need to.  We can flush it clear again and restore it with fun, wonderful, delightful, exciting new energy.  We do not need to hold onto any and all old, stagnant energy that has been hurtful or harmful throughout our lifetime.  

Where do we get this fresh, new, transforming energy?  By recognizing who we are and remembering our True Self and our True Substance.  We are not separate from the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  We can use and draw down this Higher Love and use it as a hose to fill our empty, cleaned out pond with fresh new, positive energy at any time we feel out of balance.

Imagine you are standing outside, staring down into your inner emotional pond. What you see inside is dark, toxic water, stagnant, old sour feelings and the energy is overwhelmingly negative.  Now imagine that you can open an inner valve and release all this age old dark vibration, allow it to evaporate back into a golden net to be lifted up and off your system.  Now use a golden hose to clear out the old holding tank, the pond.  Imagine the pond being totally refreshed.  Now pick up a brilliant and perfect hose, full of positive energy, and see it filling until full your inner emotional pond with fresh, clean, clear gold, white light.  Close your eyes and feel it happening.  Imagine it now, filling up all your cells, all your memories and all your sense of self until overflowing. Imagine, this energy now as Love from the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Imagine your emotional nature not being anything separate from this Purest Love and then tune into how you feel.  See what you feel and notice how refreshed your energy is and how wonderful you feel now as your inner pond holds this new higher vibration.  

The Joy of remembering our True Self and it's True Connection helps us remember to feel it is to heal it.  We are not separate because to be separate is impossible.  We are alive, we are breathing air into our lungs and our heart is beating.  We carry that same life force and it is good.  It is Love found in our own Heart and as such, we can access it to heal any and all parts of ourselves that may need re-balancing at any time.

Our mind, our thoughts, our emotional nature and our feelings can receive this true healing and feeling whenever we need to.  We just have to remember that we are not separate from Love Itself and to remember all that LOVE is within us, around us and surrounding us at all times.  In truth, that Love is who we are and we can use it consciously to LOVE ourselves, refresh our selves, restore ourselves whenever we need to.  The more we use the Love, the more Love we have and the more JOY flows in and out of who we are.  When our emotional joy is shining Infinite Love, our whole system reflects that LOVE in all directions and we feel whole and vibrant.  LOVE is who we are . . .

Saturday, October 15, 2016

World View Perspective: We are not human toxicity

Our human systems may hold onto age old problems, age old memories and age old stuck places but no matter what, we are not human toxicity.  We are far more than that and in our highest Heart, we know that LOVE is the Highest attainment we can all achieve.  Why is Love the Highest?  Because LOVE is the real deal of all of life.  Our Highest imagination can picture an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, radiant with a LOVE so grand, it dulls everything else in it's shadow and transforms everything possible.  The Cosmic and Universal LOVE is within our own very HEART of HEARTS and it is this LOVE that brought us all into BEING.  We are truly all BEINGS of LOVE and LIGHT.

As we go through our human life experience, we must see our bodies, minds and outer coatings as costumes we are wearing in the 'play of life'.  Whatever we chose to be, carry, vibrate towards or resonate with in this life, including our sex, our family, our children our our locations, we chose it all for a reason.  We chose it to complete the chosen 'plays' we would play out in each lifetime we go through.  Our True Self is what chose it but we are not actually any of the costumes we wear!  We are the True Self that knows who it really is and who we really are is not human toxicity.

Yes, if as a teen, we only have access to less than nutritious food and therefore we put toxic food into our systems without realizing it, once we become conscious of it, and we can actively, consciously change it, we make those changes and improve our health and well-being.  We can do the same with our words, our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.  We can stop our toxic behavior and become much more conscious of more positive and happier ways to think, act and behave.  When we change the unhealthy, unhappy ways that may have produced the toxic behavior, we begin to feel better overall and our life and our point of view of life improves.  We can offer up any and all of our human toxicity to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies and it will begin to clear our system of that that we aren't and fill us more full of LOVE, which is our True Nature.

Human toxicity is a choice, whether we can acknowledge it is a choice or not. Gossip is an example of human toxicity.  When we 'bad mouth' someone or something, that toxic behavior and action can have a negative outcome and affect towards anyone it is directed towards.  It also goes two-ways.  Not only does it have a negative affect on the people or persons we are bad mouthing, it also has a negative affect on us.

When we discern what is and isn't toxic for us, we begin to change our lives for the better.  Forgiving ourselves and others who may have sent toxic messages to us, subtly or otherwise, whether we can see the negative affect or not, begins to turn it all around and ultimately turns it into LOVE.  'Let go and Let Love', certainly applies here!

Yes, we can be momentarily angry, hurt, frustrated and agitated by someone else's behavior, attitude or actions and feel that, vocalize that or vent the irritation and yet, then release it and find peace with it.  It does not need to remain toxic between us and the other person. This takes awareness, practice and insight but the forgiveness must be sincere and sincere both ways.  Be LOVING and sincere with yourself as well as the person who you now have forgiven.  This clears our toxic feelings and allows more LOVE to be present.

No matter how much toxicity we may have swallowed in the past or taken into us without realizing it, we can turn it into LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH and surrender the toxicity and not take more on or in.  We do this by realizing we are not and never have been human toxicity in any form and knowing that the Highest Love we carry is enough to clear out any ideas, notions, thoughts or feelings that we are human toxicity at all.  In Truth, we are not anything negative at all, we carry in our Highest Heart the most positive LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH there is and it is GOOD!  Let that LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH love and transform any and all of your old human toxicity and feel your greater Self shining through!  Let that LOVE be who you are!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

World View Perspective: Inner truth with outer truth is positive self-esteem

When we know who we are because we have lived out who we are not and we seek a deeper truth, the link between the inner sense of self and the outer sense of self is through our true positive self-esteem.  So true a positive self-esteem that no one and no thing can possibly penetrate it.  It comes from an inner 'knowing' that enables our more truthful self to be who we are because that is who we are!  That sense of not Being separate from the bigger picture and consequently, we know we are truly connected.

Imagine it like you have swallowed the sun and it is glowing in your belly.  It contains the sun itself and no one or no thing can pop it or deflate it because it is yours; inside and outside.  It is your own spark of sunlight that glows as you glow and it's shine is always yours, no matter what!

When we can welcome in, invite in and allow in this level of Light through Self-Love and Self Acceptance, there is no one or no thing that can distract from the power of our own sunlight.  When we take full responsibility for our own inner Light that knows no separation, we can prevent anything or anyone from taking our inner sunlight away or claiming it as their own.  We are that inner sunlight, just like the big sunlight and that is the true alignment of the Inner Relationship. We just need to aspire to develop it, experience it and feel it to make it real!

The LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy is within us too.  We are that same Love and Energy!  As we surrender to it and accept and love ourselves through it, we change ourselves and our world.  We build a strong and clear inner self that knows us, loves us and accepts us in order to transform us into Being who we are!

There are bullies in the world who taunt us and daunt us in order to dominate, control or lift themselves above us.  It isn't easy to avoid these people or situations.  Sometimes it is blatant and other times it is ever so subtle.  Yet, when we know who we are and where we stand for our selves, our lives and what matters to us, we can effectively push them out and away from our system; our mind, our intellect and our emotions.  They can stay and stand in their own space and we can stay and stand in ours.  Given that positive space, we can keep their negative energy and intentions off of us and pave the way for peaceful resolves.  It starts with us and how we protect ourselves from the unconscious, subconscious of other people.

Our greatest defense of all is to stand in our own most positive self-esteem, bringing in our inner self with our outer self for our full self to feel connected to the Highest Love there is; the Infinite LOVE of the Infinite BEING!  Realizing and owning that inner and outer LOVE is the best way to feel that solid energy of LOVE itself.  It is this recognition of LOVE ITSELF that will transform our system and all those around us too.  In that strength, we can stand clear and clean, knowing we have the greatest support there is, on any level, and it is a support that no one or no thing can ever take away from us.  It is inherently who we truly are!  Use your most positive self-esteem to own the Love that you are and watch it change your system, your life and all of those around you!  Let LOVE truly show you the way!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

World View Perspective: Positive thoughts, feelings and action

If forgiveness and gratitude are two powerful ways to begin the healing process and connect deeper to the Highest Love we are capable of receiving and experiencing within us, then it stands to reason the result will be positive thoughts, positive feelings and positive action in every day life.  The current moment is where our value actually lies.  Our Joy can be present with us when we are in a positive state of thoughts, feelings and actions.

Obtaining this state takes mindfulness and determination, along with awareness of where our Consciousness is at all times.  Our greatest Consciousness is inherently positive because our True Connection and Unity to the Great Cosmic Soul only vibrates to the Highest Most Positive Energy there is; UNION WITH THE INFINITE BEING OF PURE LOVE AND PURE ENERGY!  There is nothing Higher than knowing who we are in that fuller context.  Joy is the result.

Negative thoughts, feelings and actions are primarily the ego and the disappointment of the ego's idea of things and, it can be, other people's negative reaction to us or attachments to us that we are holding onto to fix, transform, attempting to heal from or to support them in releasing them so they will want to heal and move on.

Think of it as darkness that we want to or hope to share our Light so someone else can find their way.  A noble action, perhaps, but in their resistance, how do they make us feel?  Does this inspire us to grow and expand or does this attempt only trap us, trick us and deceive us further?  How can we then set our selves free and transform ourselves instead?  We can do it by consciously turning the negativity into positive thoughts, feelings and action our Selves.  We also do it through discernment.  When we know we are not anger, stress, selfishness, impatience, etc., we can let these elements go and instead embrace the Higher aspects that we have learned, been shown or had revealed to us we actually are!  This is another way to practice Self Love as God's LOVE.  Often truly LOVING someone, ourselves included, means letting go of aspects of them or ourselves that are simply not true for us anymore!

Energetically holding onto the past, past relationships, old identifications and old stuck, stagnant emotions or thoughts only serves to hold us back and prevent further growth or expansion.  

Putting a Loving space between yourself and the past is one way to also improve relationships.  See or imagine a beautiful flowing energetic river of Light between you and the past and or past relationships with another person. Feel it there, fulfilling both of you with renewed Light, Love and a greater Truth. Give it space to flow freely and feel yourself releasing from any and all old stuck bondage that might be in the way.  As it clears the space between you, notice how much better you feel and how more LOVING you feel towards yourself and them.  Allow them to stand and live in that clean space that is now theirs while you do the same.  Imagine pure white rain cleansing them and yourself also in this process.  Feel how it LOVINGLY sets you and the other person free, free to be yourselves, free to move about as you both need to and free to feel like your best selves.  Feel how much more positive you feel about yourself and the past or the other person or people, perhaps even a group of people.  In this created, generated freedom, we can LOVE them and our Selves completely, without the burden of expectations, obligations or attachments to old, worn out roles and rules.

This is an active transformation and it allows people and situations to move on to better and healthier choices for all.  It aligns us more fully with our True Heart Soul Self, which aligns us more fully with the Great Cosmic Soul, which aligns us with Pure LOVE, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING!

Negative thoughts, feelings and actions hold us back and positive thoughts, feelings and actions lead us forward.  If Love, Light and Truth are our best path forward, we need to release our negativity and embrace a most positive perspective to align with our Greatest, Greatest Good, leading us to invite in our TRUE WELL BEING, promoting LOVE, COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING.  The very same INFINITE PURE LOVE AND PURE ENERGY found in the Cosmic LOVE and Universal LOVE of which there is no real separation between that FORCE OF LOVE itself and our own system.  Embrace a most positive perspective of yourself and others, through gratitude and forgiveness and watch your life transform.  LOVE, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING IS THE WAY . . . go ahead and invite it in, in JOY!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

World View Perspective: To find your True Self, you must know your true feelings

We have within us a True Self; a Self that knows.  It goes beyond our personality, our current development, what we have studied and learned and how people define us.  Our True Self is aware of what is True and we connect with it through knowing our true feelings.  

For example, we may be sitting at a table with long time friends or family, celebrating an event.  No matter how many cheers, toasts or smiles there are, we may be feeling distant, not welcomed, rejected or ignored and not openly realize it is coming from those around us, towards us.  It could also be coming from us.  If we are aware, we realize that the smiles or nods may really house anger, disrespect, old hurts and anger.  When we know what we are really feeling, we can transform our own emotions and those emotional responses from others with a Higher Love and Wisdom, a Higher Perspective that cancels out the other feelings.  This takes awareness, however, and Self-Knowledge.

Our True Self within knows what LOVE is and where it comes from; it knows SOURCE.  It is in essence SOURCE knowing Itself as your TRUE SELF.  We are not separate from SOURCE and when we have access to our True Self, it is to and through our TRUE SELF that we can experience SOURCE coming through us. Our energy, our Light and our LOVE will shift, change and open in newer and Higher ways.  Our understanding of life will expand and grow.

We will become more aware of how we truly feel and why.  Our blocks and locks in our human system will open and more positive energy will flow, clearing away the past, illuminating the current day with where we stand now.  Our True Self is capable of awakening aspects of ourselves that have been held down and back due to our life circumstances.  We simply must let go of the fear around our emotional/feeling responses in order to let ourselves feel again.  'We must feel it in order to heal it'!  (Author unknown)

One way to access your True Feelings, to be open and honest with yourself, is to make time every day to talk openly and listen truthfully to how you really feel, as if you are your own counselor or adviser.  Give voice to how your life is affecting you, moving you and touching you.  Really listen to how it is all effecting your movement through life.  Notice how it feels to hold it in and back and then how it feels to open, talk about it and then LOVINGLY release it; letting it go completely!  Feel the opening, feel how good it feels to express it, feel the relief and watch what resolves actually comes once it is out!  The more courage we have to open up those old blocks, locks and emotional shocks to our human system, the more we can again access how we truly feel.  

Sometimes we are so intent on maintaining the 'picture' of our lives that we forget to feel anything anymore.  We become old, stagnant and too reserved to enjoy life anymore.  Opening up our self to how we really feel is the way to access our TRUE SELF.  Once that TRUE SELF is present, we feel more aligned, more grounded and more aware of our True Life and our True Reality.  Living life with that level of Consciousness will change our life in positive ways.  The separation will not exist anymore and True Union will be established.  Our True Self is the LOVE, it is the JOY and it is the WAY.  The way to it, is to know how we truly feel and with that, how we truly heal.  Love your TRUE SELF because your TRUE SELF is already Y. O. U.!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

World View Perspective: We are Light and Light can heal us

When we recognize and realize we are all essentially Light and that expanded Light we are can heal us, we know energy is our Intelligence.  Our link and relationship to the Cosmic Consciousness is our expanded Consciousness.  See it like a giant web of Light surrounding us, all around us.  Imagine layers and levels of Light that go way beyond our limited physical body and mind, and in the layers and levels, there are pathways of Intelligence that connect us to the unlimited Cosmic Consciousness Itself.  When we unite with the Light Itself, that very Consciousness can be brought down to and through us as a positive tool of transformation for our own human system to recognize, realize and release what no longer serves us.  When that space is opened again, more Consciousness can fill it, lifting our whole system much Higher and making it much Lighter!

This healing aspects is within us just as the Cosmic Consciousness is within us. We just have to remember who we really are and continue to aspire to have that ultimate connection and Unity!  Seeking to know or remember we are that same Consciousness we actively search for, seek out and yearn to learn exists awakens it to seek us too.  'What we are searching for is also searching for us', author unknown!

To have active Faith in the bigger picture and therefore to literally and actively summon it towards us takes courage, effort, dedication and persistence but a response can happen because the Cosmic Consciousness within us is seeking itself just as the Cosmic Consciousness is seeking itself within us.  The Union is sought after on both ends because then more Light can and will fill more Light and reverberate throughout the greater places and spaces of space itself.  It is inevitable that we will seek out that that we truly are in order to know ourselves completely.  To become happy, healthy, healed, whole and ourselves means there is no longer any concept of separation.

It is confusing to be in a separate physical system with an individual sense of a separate self.  We do our best within that limitation until or unless we awaken and realize and recognize our intelligence and awareness is capable of going why beyond what we thought was true.  On our deeper soul/Soul level this experience might be quite familiar once we experience it but before we do, it can be daunting.

Still, it is potent and amazing to be in a human system. Yet experiencing an expanded sense of self, along with a knowing what is happening and knowing part of us is familiar with it can definitely push us out of the ordinary.  We can't help but grow in that process.  We are Light and Light can heal us but we must remember who we really are in order for that expanded Cosmic Consciousness to be in Union with us and become an active healing 'agent' for positive transformation and change.

Remember who you are and allow that GREATER LOVE AND CONSCIOUSNESS to come to and through you and Lovingly clear and cleanse all that you are not. Allow the healing and feeling to happen and embrace with LOVE the positive changes.  The Great Cosmic Consciousness already knows who you are and seeking Union with it can and will change your life for the greater and greater GOOD!  The more we actively, consciously collaborate with it, the more we grow, know and go forward.  It is ultimately why we are here!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

World View Perspective: Our Joy is Infinite Joy

Joy is at the core of our Being.  Joy is a spiritual, present and inherent energy that uplifts us, inspires us and frees us to be ourselves.  It is deeply connected to the Infinite Spirit that moves to us and through us.  Joy is Spirit in an active, present life force for our benefit.  Joy is that part of us that keeps us involved, engaged and excited about life.  Joy is a surrender to Spirit because it is spiritually based.  Joy remembers who we are and it is the perfect guide for getting us there.  Whatever it is we find Joy in, that is what we should seek because when we seek Joy, Joy finds us and takes us higher to greater Joy.

If we deeply consider the Great Cosmic Soul and it's Consciousness that is inherent to us because ultimately, it is us, Joy in that awareness takes our life force energy and lifts it oh so much higher!  See it as a great Cosmic chord of Pure Energy.  As it is plucked from a great expansive height, so the same tune is heard and felt throughout us all.  ONE TUNE AND THE ONE TUNE IS LOVE.
There is no barrier, there is no boundary, there is no limitation to the vibration of LOVE through the absolute JOY of BEING that same Cosmic BEING; that same INFINITE SOURCE.

Our Joy can be blocked in a myriad of ways.  We can think too much, avoid all feeling, stop expressing ourselves or analyze everything through only scientific means.  We can even think JOY is childish and distracting when in fact, JOY is what brings us our most profound life experiences or, perhaps, just alerts us to how long we have lived without JOY.

If our physical body is sad, depressed, ill or just plain run down through exhaustion, trying to activate JOY might be too difficult.  Yet, it is the very thing we need to feel alive again and willing and wanting to be part of LIFE, LOVE and TRUE CONNECTION!  Seeking and searching out a deeper meaning to life, truly wanting to access one's JOY can be enough to roust it and enter a relationship with it that truly is PURE JOY!  It is the same as seeking out our Spiritual Self. JOY is a spiritual experience because it is real in the moment and expansive in it's expression; it is aliveness!

When Pure JOY becomes who we are, which in fact, it is, our JOY and Happiness are no longer dependent on something or anyone outside us.  We just become the PURE JOY itself and then there is no stopping us.  Worry, dread, fear, living in the past are all different ways we stop our own JOY from BEING who we are and often, we don't even know it!

Consciously, actively create a relationship with your inner JOY and invite it, allow it to engage you in the JOY of BEING YOURSELF!  Feel your PURE JOY BEING the INFINITE JOY; feel that ONENESS, feel that UNITY, feel that expanded connection and let it be who you are . . . IN JOY!  Enjoy BEING IN JOY!

Just know in your core that JOY is inherently YOU!  Breathe in JOY, see it as a color, a vibration, a sound and trust it to clear out all things that you are not. JOY is the force that can change your life and JOY can invite in our Highest, Truest HEART CONNECTION because JOY loves to seek out ITSELF and that includes the Universe and the Cosmic planes where our soul remembers the Great Cosmic Soul and in that memory . . . JOY is the common bond of LOVE and DELIGHT that reminds us there is truly no separation between our individual selves and the INFINITE BEING OF PURE LOVE and PURE ENERGY.  That awareness can only be JOYFUL and it is that JOY we can surrender to by remembering who we are!  JOY IS LOVE, JOY IS LIFE and JOY IS LIGHT . . . PURE JOY IS GOOD and there is always an INFINITE supply of JOY ITSELF!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

World View Perspective: The Force of LOVE is also Self-Love

The Force of LOVE is as connected to us as our own self-love.  Not just a separate self love but the LOVE of ONE SELF as we all express it.  Yet to our core, this same LOVE is also present.  Any locks or blocks in this regard can be shifted by realizing LOVE is the ever constant Force in the Universe and it is manifesting to us and through us at all times.  What gets in the way is usually ego-based, which can be holding onto age old resentments, grievances, anger, deep hurt or frustrations that have not yet been forgiven and released.

Love of our True Self can and does release all the age old energy blocks that prevent us from this full realization and better connection to the big and vast picture of life and our part in it.  Our True Heart Soul Self is LOVE itself as it manifests and expresses itself.  

If we imagine our smallest sense of self, perhaps even feeling it as our 'charcoal of the soul' self, and imagine it saying over and over, for example, 'Thank you for loving me, God, thank you for loving me.'  All personal aspects that have previously denied that LOVE will begin to clear out and begin to resonate more fully with LOVE ITSELF, allowing true healing to occur. 

(By the way, replacing the term 'God' with 'Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy' or the 'Grand Cosmic Soul', allows more flexibility of thought and universal acceptance, not limited to just one religion, which has throughout history created global tensions.  The Grand Cosmic Soul is connected to all of us as we are to it, despite any boundaries of any kind.)

When we can accept this real connection as a deeply held Truth within our very soul/Soul, then we can also realize that Cosmic/Universal LOVE is also who we are into our very cellular, human nature.  This truthful energetic concept reminds us, connects us to the ONENESS of who we all are and as we aspire to know our Truth more deeply and completely, we begin to see and understand the Light, Love and Higher Intellect we all are versus the false sense of a separate self that we have believed we are, due largely to the fact we are all in separate physical bodies.

Understanding that Self-Love and Self-Acceptance are all a part of the process of enlightening ourselves through LOVE and all it's powers of healing, enables us to reach our higher aspirations.  LOVE expands us and, through Self-Love, our LOVE touches all around us, surrounding us, lifting everything up through LOVE to LOVE ITSELF, including the earth and all living things!  It is like a universal song going out through the Cosmos, to be heard by all and sung back to all as a resonating tune to ATTUNE all of life to LOVE.  We are the instruments of that resonating sound as we also conceive it and receive it!

Imagine the Highest LOVE you can LOVING the smallest sense of self and be willing to free up any and all things in the way, as they come up, and see how your human system feels.  Understand and embrace that LOVE is that UNIVERSAL/COSMIC FORCE that UNITES all things back to ITSELF, starting with SELF-LOVE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE, all the way up, out and inward and see if JOY doesn't begin to penetrate your every motion and movement.  LOVE is the way . . . and the way is GOOD!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

World View Perspective: When we know who we are, there will be Peace

Assuming we are limited to just our own mind and body is what makes life more challenging.  Our ego takes control and that guides us as if we are all separate. When we realize we have many more capabilities than that, we also realize our expanded Light and Love can reach everyone's Love and Light, making us One. On those levels and layers of awareness, we are able to be the LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE because we know we are not separate from that that is LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE.

Simple in concept but difficult in practice.  Yet if and when we know who we truly are, we wouldn't hurt or hate or judge anyone but rather understand they are on their own path and their circumstances are as they are to support that path.  We would begin to realize that discernment matters as does the integration of wholeness as we also remember our Heart Soul Self.

In human awareness, as we grow and develop, we go through many challenges finding out who we are as a person, as a personality and how we function intellectually, mentally, socially, financially, psychologically, physically and emotionally.  We study our parents, our extended family, our siblings, our teachers and our friends to gauge our own perceptions, behaviors and self-images.  This is likely to give us a positive stand and a balanced place to start. As we apply what we know, we can adjust aspects that don't work for us as we see they fail to bring us the results we want or need to define ourselves through.  It can be like an ongoing inner research project.

After all the various self images play themselves out, however, we can be given the opportunity to connect with our Higher Self and begin to be guided to understand additional aspects to our expanded nature.

If we imagine a large golden expanded space of energy surrounding us that links us to a greater a greater consciousness, we begin to understand vibration, light and how to access a greater intelligence in broader terms.  We can experience the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  We can also call this being, the Great Cosmic Soul.  Our individual soul knows this Great Cosmic Soul because we aren't separate from it.  That connection, that relationship, that consciousness is LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE itself as itself.

To aspire to have this relationship, this connection, this consciousness, we need to be grateful for the LOVE and LIGHT it provides for us already and make time and space to consciously, actively pursue this most beautiful aspect of discovering who we really are.  Meditation, contemplation, sitting quietly in nature are, at least, three ways to consciously open our minds and hearts to this greater understanding and truth.  Asking your own heart and soul to also show you the way to a spiritual teacher, healer, guru or guide through your own inner guidance is another way to grow on the spiritual path.

Another way forward is to continuously feel your own feelings of heart and Higher Heart and trust how you really feel as truthful guidance.  Perhaps what you seek is right around the corner and if you truly follow your feelings, you might just find it.  Sometimes, too, it is right in front of us.

Once we hit a certain level of development and can stop and look back at the past in order to understand it, forgive it, be grateful for it and trust what is also next on our path for us, we will naturally advance.  Often obstacles from the past are still carried in our physical, emotional, mental or psychological bodies until or unless we consciously, actively release them back to the Infinite LOVE. Being grateful, loving and forgiving towards the past and people in our past, helps us move forward from those experiences and move beyond all the old definitions and negative self-images from the past as well as the old fears.  This positive cleansing is most useful to move on towards a higher and greater true feeling about our selves in our lives.

Again, when we truthfully aspire to know who we really are, we can have it revealed to us.  As we learn and consciously work with that guidance and positive energy of true expansion, we can remember the LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE that we are and the more we vibrate that truth, the more we transform and enable others to do the same.  LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE resonate always with more of the same and they will always reach and teach the world all the greatest and most truthful concepts, enabling us all to shift and change into the change we so deeply hope to see in the world, the positive energy around us and surrounding us and the constant LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE and it is good.

Monday, July 25, 2016

World View Perspective: Our inner worth and value

When we think of worth and value, we tend to think in terms of material wealth, either accrued, currently building or all the ways we can enhance our earning potential, now or in the future.  It is only one measure of one's worth and value. There is also a measure of one's inner worth and value.  It is about our inner understanding about who we are and how much Love and Faith we carry in our hearts of Hearts.  It also has to do with our inner relationship to a much Higher expression of LOVE, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING.

If we think in terms of Cosmic Consciousness as our personal link and connection to the Infinite Force of LOVE, for example, we can develop a deeper, more meaningful inner relationship to that level of awareness and consciousness as we gain a broader understanding of the True Nature of things.

This is ultimately about remembering who we are after going through many, many cycles of realizing and experiencing who we are not.  An aspect of our lives that can undergo positive changes is our viewpoint and experience about money and our old images regarding our financial self.

If we consider that our current paradigm has a structured idea about money and we have had success with that, if that paradigm begin to shift and change, it could mean that one's view of money and our financial sense of self could change too.  If we remain open to the possible shifts and changes, and we can surrender any old ideas about our attachments in the past with money, positively or negatively, we could certainly adapt to it as our circumstances change too.  If we are closed and resistant to the upheaval, the incoming changes may create difficulties or prevent further success if we don't recognize what is happening.

When we know our own worth and value, we tend to generate the financial reflection of that or, at the very least, attract the possibility or opportunities to obtain a measure of what we feel or think is correct!

If we were to all develop an inner worth and value that aligns with our True Inner Self, a true reflection of that might just appear to match that inner truth. It might appear because it is attracted to the work our True Self is here to do. In this way, our outer worth and value comes to reflect that level and degree of inner Truth, which becomes the reflection of our inner worth and value.  Like is attracting like.

In this way, the inner and outer are the same and aligned with who we really are and what we are really here to do.  In this way, we have literally 'Divinized' money because we have truly recognized and realized who we really are, within and without!

LIGHT and LOVE are powerful forces and we are not separate from them.  For us to embrace our true inner worth and value is to become that expanded Self that is not separate from LOVE AND LIGHT.  Our spiritual nature is our life force and the more we recognize and realize that truth, the more and more we will also recognize and realize our True Inner Worth and Value.

Make all positive efforts to LOVE YOURSELF, THE UNIVERSE, THE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS and ALL LIFE and see what that opens in you.  Recognize and realize that LOVE can move mountains and open us to many, many possibilities and potentialities and just like who we are within . . . it is good!

Friday, July 22, 2016

World View Perspective: Getting past the fear of the past

We are here to yearn to learn in order to discern, both on the human plane and the spiritual plane.  It is natural for us to seek growth, expansion and determination to broaden out our perspective.  Yet, as we move on from one aspect of us and our learning to the next phase, sometimes we are held very far back.  Despite all our best efforts, we can not make any genuine headway. There might be the subtlest of reasons, almost a hidden prevention happening that literally blocks our own progress.  The more than likely culprit is fear.  Fear can have a grip on us that is tightly held, with or without our knowledge. Perhaps it is a small, nonchalant fear or it could be a giant fear that has dogged us all our life.

More than likely it is a fear based on something that affected our system in the past.  It had a negative or fearful impact way back when and because it went undetected, it has grown into a much bigger more dominating fear, perhaps still unrealized.

One of the biggest fears we can carry is the fear of not surviving.  If we felt any deep concerns as a child or young adult, regarding our survival, we may still be carrying that memory around without realizing it's impact.  Also, as a developing young person, if we also feared lack of any kind, like money, love, affection, comfort, we may be holding onto a fear of losing any that we do have. A deep seated fear such as this can keep us very attached to the old fears, as if we still protecting our self to survive, even if in current day, we are fine, we did survive. Therefore, loving and releasing the fear of not surviving now would be a happier,healthier process.  Clear the fear and feel much better becoming lighter and brighter!

Finding the deepest courage we can muster, in order to get past the fears of the past, is what is needed.  How do we do this?  How do we access the ability to set these old fears free in order to move forward?  One sure way is to imagine the Highest Light and Love you can above your head.  See it and feel it as useful for your own healing, which it is by the way.  Imagine you are consciously actively bringing that Light down from above your head into the inside of you where the old fears hide.  Just like a young child would bring a flashlight into their room and shine it on anything scary that is hidden in darkness.  Once they put the Light on it, all the fears vanish because the Light reveals all is well.  We can do the same with our own Light.  We can shine it right into our darkest, scariest areas where all our real or imagined fears lie.  By consciously, actively doing that, we can literally scare the fears away and release the fears about the past that may have been holding us back in our spiritual and human development.

The past is gone and so the negative impacts of the past can go also.  Holding onto any of it can become problematic in terms of our growth.  Embracing the current now is what also sets us free.  Who are we now, what do we feel now, what positive action can we take now that will make a positive difference in my life and the lives around us are things we can explore in the now moment without fear.

What can clear it and does clear it is what remains when we consciously, actively let the past go, the fears about the past go and all our past fears go, Love will replace the space where the fears used to be.  Love fills the space and place of any and all old fears that no longer serve us well.  Love is the Light that helps us forgive, forget and move forward, fear is what will always hold us back. Love yourself,  Love your past, forgive your past and be grateful for your past, even yesterday. Embrace the true Love and Light you really are and embrace your Truth.  Let Love release all your old fears and rejuvenate all of you as you embrace and welcome in each Now moment with joy!  Feel yourself filling up with your natural LOVE and LIGHT and LOVE IT . . . it is good!

Monday, July 18, 2016

World View Perspective: The horrible sense of the failed self

A young boy once asked his grandfather about human nature.  The grandfather responded, "In every human being we contain two wolves.  One wolf is loving, caring, compassionate and kind the other wolf is mean, angry, resentful, negative and fearful."  The young boy asked but which one are we.  The grandfather answered, "We are the one we feed"!  Author Unknown

The deepest darkest part of us has forgotten it, too, is Light and Love.  It feels separate, left out, lonely, forgotten about and maybe even deserted.  If this aspect of us has tried and tried to excel, succeed, achieve something important or stood out in some way and failed, they might begin to give up and feel terrible.  Deep within this sense of a failed self there will be rage, deep frustration and a possible shutting down of who they are or could be.  Growing in that darkness with less and less light, the bitterness and resentment could become quite developed until lashing out is all they can do.  In that case, they have forgotten their true nature.  In such darkness, forgetting who they are as a person could result in them ceasing to care about other human beings too.  This would be the 'lone wolf' within who is feeding off more and more negative thinking until they strike out.

This is not the inner wolf anyone needs to become.  This is the inner wolf that feels most alone and disconnected from his true nature, which is not destructive.  Our true nature is LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH!

Our inner upper wolf has the capacity to LOVE everything, LOVE everyone and LOVE all around them.  We have the most amazing ability to overcome anything negative or hurtful in our system, especially the negativity of our lower wolf. We just have to remember who we are and remember to become that greatest example.

LOVE is the biggest FORCE in the Universe and the Cosmic world.  When we can feel that Highest LOVE and all those possibilities, we realize we are part of this most beautiful healing force in the world.  We simply cannot really, truly be separate!  We are connected to all living things; plants, animals and other human beings as well as the earth itself.  When we allow ourselves to attune to the Highest, greatest LOVE Force through our very own heart, we realize we can become the LOVE ITSELF.  By accepting this Truth about who we are, we chase the other inner shadows away, just like the morning sun chases away the last remains of night!

Surrendering consciously, any aspects of us still living in the darkness of the horrible sense of the failed self, will begin to set it free.  Our biggest aspirations in this life are to become all of who we truly are!  When we can release the hold within us to our lower wolf aspects, like holding onto the past, we can literally shine some light into the old dark stuck places, allowing in more LIGHT and LOVE to grow.

Soon, the old dank, dark sense of the failed self can be set free to start again and search to find a more true expression of who they truly are by first starting with the upper wolf of LOVE, KINDNESS, CARING AND COMPASSION.

Trust your inner LIGHT and LOVE to clear out and clean out any of your dark, old corners so more and more, you become a vessel of LOVE and LIGHT ITSELF. In that way, our system re-balances and we remember who we truly are . . . and it is GOOD!  Trust your upper wolf in your HIGHEST HEART!  Let that LOVE show you the way!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

World View Perspective: Minds divide, Hearts unite

In the ego mind of mankind, there is division.  In the human mind, we see ourselves as separate beings because of our individual physical bodies.  This perspective creates duality and separateness.  It creates a 'mine versus yours' thinking, which divides people.  Viewed through the Heart, there is Unity and joint efforts.  A divided community can harm it's citizens, whereas a united city can bring people together.

Through the Collective Heart, we realize the Light in each other and that everyone makes up the whole.  Through the Heart there is more acceptance, understanding, Compassion and tolerance.  It makes it easier to generate, create and reinforce positive relations.  People have so much more in common than not, which is easier to accept through the Heart.

So many of our human goals are the same.  Survival, family, friends, food, clothing, community, education, joys, sorrows, connection and endurance.  No matter where in the world we are, what our income is or what our history is, we have more in common then not, which means true understanding of each other is conceptually not that difficult.

The human mind can be a treasure of facts, functions, abilities, learning, growth and development but it can also create hatred, bigotry, fear and division.  When we expand our thinking to include a broader perspective, we can see the greater possibilities within each one of us.  Opening our minds and setting fear and ignorance free while we open our high and highest Heart, we can begin to realize we are just different angles on one prism or different facets of one big diamond.

Each of us is capable of remembering that we are part of Love, Light and Truth that expands way beyond the universe.  We are here to experience Life, Love, Joy and Gratitude as we live our lives.  Each one of us plays a part, a part that is needed and necessary for the greater good of the whole.  To embrace it, however, we cannot remain just using our divided ego-mind.  We simply must open and trust our own Heart, our beautiful human heart/Heart because it is through the Heart that division will cease to be.  Seeking unity, union, peace and harmony are pursuits that must have the heart of Hearts engaged because it is through the Heart that we can touch LOVE ITSELF, which is the force of healing, union and joy between people, earth and life itself.

When the world becomes this divided, the only way for greater and greater UNITY is through the heart of HEARTS, which links us to LOVE ITSELF, which restores the harmony and balance to us and through us as it restores the earth and all living things through LOVE too!

Spend time each day within your own Heart and feel the difference it brings into your life.  Take time out to do it, especially when your ego-mind feels divided.  In our Highest Heart, fear, anger, sadness and despair doesn't exist.  LOVE exists and it is good and a most positive healer.  LOVE, COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING are Heart aspects and when LOVING people UNITE, our view point can change and so can the world!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

World View Perspective: The art of forgiveness and letting go

When our system, at any point in our lives, is affected, effected or infected with energy that hurts or harms us, we tend to shut down as a means to protect ourselves from more damage.  To open those aspects of ourselves to live our lives again can feel counter-intuitive and yet surrendering them to our own Higher Love is exactly what we should do.  Love expands everything and opens us to a much higher, more fulfilling experience of life.  Fear, on the other hand, shuts us down from any and all other possibilities, opportunities or new experiences that might be just the right thing for us to grow and learn more about who we are inside. 

Whether our negative experiences were received and perceived through the mind, physical body, emotional body, psychological self or even through our spiritual selves, we can consciously, actively surrender those blocks and locks to the greater LOVE that we are within our own HEARTS!  We can open again and stand stronger again after learning what had happened before and let LOVE now be the power we need to transform those aspects of us, previously shut down due to too much fear!

When we have as great a Faith as possible in the transformation of LOVE as applied to fear, change can happen readily, suddenly and right before our eyes!  What has been heavy, dense and blocked can open and fill with so much LOVE that we can't believe we ever choose to be shut down. 

When we consciously, actively choose LOVE to be who we are and yet also know our own boundaries as needed, our Love and our Light goes out into the world and change happens.  Fear is a dense energy that we might not even recognize has been shutting us down or creating blockages.  It can creep in in the night, it can stay hidden in us for a long, long time and it can be disguised as many other things.  Some of our human illness are really just locked in and blocked in fears we have not been able to detect and release.  If we imagine we carry the most beautiful, shimmering Light and we bring that Light all the way to and through our system to flush out any and all fear that might be lurking, it will surprise us to see how much has actually been held inside us undetected.

The greatest choices we can make as human beings is to practice the art of forgiveness and letting go of any and all fears that are not who we are and instead choosing to apply LOVE.  The more Love we can consciously apply, the better we will feel and the more LOVE we create will resonate with us and all LOVE around us.  It is the very best healing application and it is easiest to feel and make real through forgiveness and letting go of the past when the wounds actually happened and had an affect and impact on us that created the shutting down initially.  Love will and does clear the fear.  It is like shinning a Light on the very darkness in front of us in order to clear the way!  LOVE is the most positive effect we can have on our lives and the lives of others and life all around us, surrounding us!

Choose to Love it all, Forgive it all, Let Go of all that has been bothering you from the past and be grateful for it all and see what happens.  Feel the heaviness go, feel the density subside, embrace the light-hearted way you feel and apply this clearing daily.  See if LOVE doesn't replace fear and fill your HEART with JOY instead.  Make a conscious choice to bring Light into any and all dark corners of yourself to bring more of your own LOVE and LIGHT into yourself as well as the world.  Make it a steady practice to embrace your changes of transformation with LOVE, starting with forgiveness and letting go of fear and consciously, actively filling with LOVE instead.  See it as emptying an inner pond within you of any and all negativity or fear and replacing it with positive LOVE instead, daily or as often as possible.  Notice how you feel being filled with greater LOVE and LIGHT!  Remember, LOVE is who we are and have always been and it is GOOD!

Friday, July 1, 2016

World View Perspective: Our Heart Soul Self

When wisdom replaces fear and trust replaces concern and when truth isn't so scary, we can feel more aligned with our Heart Soul Self.  We have many dimensions to us, some explored and known and some aspects that are still undiscovered.  Deep within resides our Heart Soul Self and it is the One who knows.  That part of us knows the Truth and, in particular, knows our Truth.  That aspect of who we are knows Love in a Higher form and it knows when we are aligned with our greater Truth.  It guides us to greater and greater understandings that bring us moments of illumination.  Our Heart Soul Self can reveal anything and everything we need to see, be aware of and respond to as needed.

All aspects of being in a human system have their own value and worth and enable us to express ourselves in many ways.  They enable us to explore who we are and how we function and how we express different aspects of our personalities and experiences.  When we access our Heart Soul Self, we expand our awareness even more and grow on both the spiritual and human levels and layers.  We realize life has much more to it than we thought and we recognize the greater unity that underlies all of life at it's core.  We also begin to see and value the simplicity of it all and in that simplicity there is LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and a deep and abiding TRUST.  This is the emergence of our Heart Soul Self.

It takes us beyond what we have understood we are and what we have previously thought our life was about.  It allows us and invites us to learn about who we are on other levels of LOVE and INTELLIGENCE.  In those moments of revelations, we see how much more there is to learn, become aware of and expand into Being then we could even imagine before.  We see our own Heart and Soul can touch another person's Love just by recognizing they are LOVE too.  A resonance between hearts can happen and feel familiar without even consciously knowing someone.  We can touch the hearts of animals, plants, nature and life itself through our own Heart Soul Self. 

When we are in conscious relationship with our Heart Soul Self, we feel a greater, more enhanced presence of LOVE around us, surrounding us.  We don't feel separate from greater knowledge, wisdom and Grace.  We feel as if we are melting right into it without any kind of veil or difference.  We can even feel it down deep in our very cells.  Our cells can rejuvenate just by adding conscious thought to them and by knowing and remembering they contain pure light too.  Our Heart Soul Self knows this already.  It is the expanded intelligence that knows that Light touches, generates and creates more Light.  It is like a living physics presence within us in terms of energy resonating with energy.

When we seek to know more, learn more, touch our spiritual essence, we need to begin by having a sense of knowing your own Heart Soul Self.  Invite it to consciously reach out to you from within you and invite it to show you how connected we all are through LOVE and the HEART.  Feel that Essence of You and know you are never alone.  Greet your own Heart Soul Self and begin to understand, know and see a greater expansion of YOU.  Embrace that aspect of your Self and feel grateful for that depth of connection each and every day.  Know it through LOVE because that is what it is and that is what we are within.  And it is GOOD!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

World View Perspective: Clear the fear

When we trust in the Highest Love and Light we carry within our Highest Heart of Hearts, we realize we can 'clear the fear' through that incredible relationship with Love Itself.  Love lifts the fear that becomes locked or blocked in our human system.  Love shows us what is possible.  Love also attracts even more Love, which only enhances more Love around it!  Fear is a natural part of life and often it is wise to listen to any real fears to offset them and to feel safe again. Yet some fears can get caught in our minds, emotions, psychological or physical bodies and then we simply become reactive to them as if they are real instead of work to clear and release them.

Faith is also a great energy to use to shift the fear to something much more positive.  If we are going to drive a long distance, for example, and we are becoming fearful about the drive, if we apply our faith in making our destination safely and on time, we have a greater chance in accomplishing that task or goal.

Clearing old stuck fear locked or blocked in our system allows Love and Life in. It allows us to shift and change our consciousness until we feel lighter and brighter again.  Fear bogs us down and stops the flow of Life and Love, which blocks us from truly being ourselves.  Fear is a heavy dull energy that can brings us to a halt in our day to day life.  Faith and Love lift that density and allow, invite and encourage us to lighten up again and move forward.

We can become conscious of our fear and begin to test ourselves to see if we have begun to let it go.  We can walk back into situations that we once feared and make sure we have freed the fear from the past.  We can notice our breathing, our pace of movements or speech, check to see if there is any panic or unrest or any other signs of existing fear in our system. As we approach the old situation, we can notice that whatever created the fear to begin with in our lives is actually subsiding.  The more we do that and see much more positive results, we realize how we do have the power to 'clear the fear'!

One of the greatest fears that we can feel is the sense of being separate from Love Itself.  That we are somehow disconnected from the Infinite Love or the Cosmic Soul.  This simply cannot happen or be the case unless our fear is blocking that inner true relationship.  In Truth, we cannot be separate from Love or Life Itself.  It is our ego mind that would be telling us we are separate because of our ego's fear.  Our ego wants to believe it is our Truth, when in fact, it is our Heart and Soul that is our Truth.  Having Faith in who we really are is the best way to offset fear in our system.  Clearing the fear helps us let go of all those things that we are not.  Without fear, the Love we are can and does come forward.  It comes forward because there is no longer anything blocking it.

Practice 'clearing the fear' in your system and see how much more Love and Faith fills those empty spaces where the fear was hiding!  Feel that deepest Love fill those old stuck spaces and places and remember you are that Love and Life as it was meant to be to you and through you.  Clear the fear and fill with Love, Love and more Love and trust that Love is real and really Y. O. U.!