World View Perspective: Resentments must give way to acceptance

When we harbor hidden deep resentments  they act like cement.  Stagnation comes and we are effectively in angry, bitter lock down.  It becomes very difficult to move forward.  The anger and bitterness robs us then of life, joy and positive outcomes.  Resentments can erode our best efforts towards loving and understanding each other.  Resentments are like a stagnant old pond that begins breeding harmful, negative, miserable germs and bacteria that have no where to go.  They begin tainting all in their way until everything is infected.

When we actively, consciously choose acceptance and positive thinking and loving understanding instead of clinging to old resesentments, we free ourselves of unnecessary self harm or harm to others.  Acceptance of what is positive and good and choosing that perspective as a way of life as we consciously, actively also release bitterness and old resentments can and will shift our thinking around and welcome in greater peace.  Resentments divide and acceptance unites.  Let go of any and all resentments through forgiveness and Love, surrender them to inner Grace.  See and feel the inherent freedom that comes with letting go. We are held hostage by our resentments, we are set free by our Love.


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