World View Perspective: Core Self Acceptance

So many different aspects of life effect, affect or infect us without us being aware of their impact on us.  They might be subtle energies, harbored old energies from others, triggered past recall energies or memories. It could be something totally unrelated to any of this, perhaps something in the room or that passes by.  We could try on clothes in a store and pick up an unwanted energy without feeling it or noticing it for days.

Instead of being overly concerned or too cautious about this happening, an easier way is to discern how you feel. If you feel at the very core of you, a sense of feeling balanced, healthy and whole, then just allow any feeling of the unwanted or out of balance energies to go.  If you do not feel positive, keep having the sense that you are surrendering the negative energies or impacts to your Core Self until you feel the release.

It sounds simplistic and perhaps too general, but it does help to keep energy off of us that might be too negative, harmful or incorrect for our system as a whole.

At our core, there is a Self that is a witness to much of what life throws in our direction.  It is a steady, constant presence that is awareness itself.  When we can feel, sense, discover or realize that it is there, we can utilize it's ability to discern who we are and who we aren't inside.

Even if a close friend or family member attempts to directly or indirectly define you, refine you, criticize or condemn you, the discerning Self can easily release that stress or tension simply be revealing to you, you are not that!

Truly, we are not (knot) any of the stuck old energies of the past; we are not anger, rage, frustration, iritation, resentments, bitterness or angst, fret or worry. We are the energy of Love and Compassion and we resonate with Inner Grace in our Highest sense, through our Highest Heart.

We simply aren't brought up to see this, hear this or know this, unless we remember our True Nature and True Self.  There are Higher aspects to our Self and to our lives.  Life is about energy fields and Light.  The Cosmic, Universal, Human, Animal, Plant and Earth Living Life Forms are also all about energy.  It is an inter-connected system of Light interacting with Light.

Density and doubt enters the picture often through fear, which can distract, even disable the Light, Love and Compassion to continue shining and uplifting!  This is the inner battle we all face in life.  Are we this dense, limited human physical form or are we a much Lighter, Brighter, Understanding and Compassionate Being?  If we are this Lighter, Brighter Being, how do we access it and maintain it?  How do we ensure those aspects of us are glowing and growing?  We do it through accessing our Core Self Acceptance.  That part of us that is not fear or fearful but rather that aspect that is Faith Itself.  If what we say or do to others, to ourselves, to life resonates with our Core Self then we are aligned with it.  If we have a sense that it goes against our Core Self, then it is best to forgive yourself and others and release it.

With conscious practice, this becomes an active way to monitor your own discernment practice for better and better alignment with Truth, Love and Compassion towards yourself and others. It is the most positive way to access and become the Truth of your Core Self Acceptance.  Inner Self Acceptance is the strongest energy we have to thwart off any unwanted energies from life and others that may threaten our own well being.  Once we know to our Core, this Self is Present, we stand in the best energetic place we can.  We stand with and for the Truth of who we truly are; there is no stronger position of clarity and Love.


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