World View Perspective: A choice for a Higher Perspective

As we grow and develop as human beings, we are exposed to opportunities that promote our understanding and awareness of who we are physically, mentally, emotionally intellectually and psychologically.  We learn to pay attention, be cautious and how to function and communicate in our families and societies as we mature.  We learn what works and doesn't work with our personalities and our understanding of others.  What we are not always taught is how to open our hearts and spirit and seek a Higher Truth, Love, Compassion or Perspective.

Often what pushes us to do that is when we 'hit a wall' with our life like when we must face the death of loved ones, deep loss of something or someone treasured, divorce, overwhelming harmful addictions in ourselves and/or loved ones, serious illness, long term fear of not surviving or terrifying circumstances that frighten us and threaten daily life, for example.  Theses types of human experiences can have a huge impact on our well being and they can motivate us to seek a greater understanding about life.

There are many ways to seek that deeper wisdom and truth and going within one's own Heart is a place to start.  Looking deeply into the Heart's awareness and Consciousness, we see that for each energy of lower personal emotion we can humanly experience, there is another Higher view point that effectively counter-balances the other one.  It is choosing the Higher road and a more positive perspective.

Fear becomes FAITH, lust becomes LOVE, greed becomes GRACE, pain becomes PEACE, hurt becomes HARMONY and anger becomes ACCEPTANCE energetically when we can consciously let go of one for the other.  Forgiveness is certainly one way to continuously release the strong holds of the lower nature and true aspiration is what ensures we continue to aim Higher for the Higher Perspective.  Everything is energy and we are not separate from the Highest energy, which links us to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Our Highest levels of Consciousness already knows this because in our Highest Expression, we are this.

The key is in the aspiration for the Higher Perspective, next the realization of it and then the integration of it.  There is a Higher Perspective and it links us, connects us to the greater Truth that we are and once we understand that, it connects that Perspective with others and on it goes and grows.  This is the way Love as a Force inspires, motivates, activates, creates and expands, showing the way.  Love is the dynamic difference.  The energetic aspect the Cosmic, Universal, human, earth and all living things in this life contain is LOVE and when our Highest Heart can open to it, so much can and does shift in our human system.  So much possibility and potential is unleashed and the whole of creation responds to it with more LOVE, LOVE is the only resonance it needs.

Choose the Higher Perspective and open our Hearts to all the LOVE we already are; let LOVE transform anything resistant in it's way.  Let LOVE be the agent to take us to the Higher Perspective where we all can and will know PEACE.  It is not just a concept, it is a way of life.


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