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World View Perspective: Core Self Acceptance

So many different aspects of life effect, affect or infect us without us being aware of their impact on us.  They might be subtle energies, harbored old energies from others, triggered past recall energies or memories. It could be something totally unrelated to any of this, perhaps something in the room or that passes by.  We could try on clothes in a store and pick up an unwanted energy without feeling it or noticing it for days.

Instead of being overly concerned or too cautious about this happening, an easier way is to discern how you feel. If you feel at the very core of you, a sense of feeling balanced, healthy and whole, then just allow any feeling of the unwanted or out of balance energies to go.  If you do not feel positive, keep having the sense that you are surrendering the negative energies or impacts to your Core Self until you feel the release.

It sounds simplistic and perhaps too general, but it does help to keep energy off of us that might be too negative, harmful or incor…

World View Perspective: A choice for a Higher Perspective

As we grow and develop as human beings, we are exposed to opportunities that promote our understanding and awareness of who we are physically, mentally, emotionally intellectually and psychologically.  We learn to pay attention, be cautious and how to function and communicate in our families and societies as we mature.  We learn what works and doesn't work with our personalities and our understanding of others.  What we are not always taught is how to open our hearts and spirit and seek a Higher Truth, Love, Compassion or Perspective.

Often what pushes us to do that is when we 'hit a wall' with our life like when we must face the death of loved ones, deep loss of something or someone treasured, divorce, overwhelming harmful addictions in ourselves and/or loved ones, serious illness, long term fear of not surviving or terrifying circumstances that frighten us and threaten daily life, for example.  Theses types of human experiences can have a huge impact on our well being and…

World View Perspective: Transforming the unconscious fear to Conscious Love

Going deeper into the true Nature of things, Mother Earth and Mankind, we can see the whole of creation as an evolving state of Love.  Love is central to any theme of life; birth, family, friends, celebrations, holidays, giving and receiving Love and Joy from life.  It is our true connection to all we hold sacred and true in our Highest Hearts.  Love is an Infinite Source and Force found throughout creation.  It is Pure, Good and Plentiful.  It is from and is the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies.  This Pure Being is not isolated, identified, secured or named by any religion or section of the world.  This Pure Being is everywhere all at once, nowhere and Now Here.  It lives in the Heart of us all.  The bigger Intent of our purpose here is to Love this Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies with all our Heart and have Faith in our Inner Guidance of Love to help us transform our greatest unconscious; locks, blocks or shocks we have endured in our system, to make all a…

World View Perspective: Resentments must give way to acceptance

When we harbor hidden deep resentments  they act like cement.  Stagnation comes and we are effectively in angry, bitter lock down.  It becomes very difficult to move forward.  The anger and bitterness robs us then of life, joy and positive outcomes.  Resentments can erode our best efforts towards loving and understanding each other.  Resentments are like a stagnant old pond that begins breeding harmful, negative, miserable germs and bacteria that have no where to go.  They begin tainting all in their way until everything is infected.

When we actively, consciously choose acceptance and positive thinking and loving understanding instead of clinging to old resesentments, we free ourselves of unnecessary self harm or harm to others.  Acceptance of what is positive and good and choosing that perspective as a way of life as we consciously, actively also release bitterness and old resentments can and will shift our thinking around and welcome in greater peace.  Resentments divide and acceptan…