World View Perspective: The Heart unites, fear of separation divides

Within our collective Heart, there is true Unity.  We are all United through Love that links us directly to the Source and Force of Love itself.  When our separate ego-minds take hold of any situation, we do not see or feel Unity, we see and feel separate.  Anger, fear, rage, revenge and resentment live in the ego-mind's sense of separation.  When we aspire to know ourself through the Higher Heart of Compassion, Love and Truth, a greater strength of Infinite Grace connects with us and we are naturally inspired to expand our Heart, Compassion and Understanding.  This is the true road to Peace.  Peace cannot come through a divided intention.  Peace cannot come through actions of hatred or fear.  Peace cannot come when there is so much negative division.

The Source and Force of Love is in the domain of the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  It is a Light of Life, Love and True Understanding, seeking Goodness, Balance, Grace and Peace for Earth, Humanity and all living things.  Harmony within all living things is the ultimate goal for us all to survive, thrive and accept our life, and our part in life, Gracefully.

Negative division is harmful, attacking others is harmful, blatant disregard for life is harmful and they are not acts that promote True Unity, only connection to the High Heart can do that.  

The human system is remarkable.  We have so many different faculties, skills and ability sets; intellectual, mental, emotional and physical strengths.  We can access them, develop them and utilize them as needed.  When we aspire to open to our Higher Heart, we begin to access Higher aspects of Love and spiritual understanding.  This also integrates into our human system and we can collaborate with Spirit, which leads us to True Compassion through Grace.

Through this perspective, we see the High Heart is where True Unity is found, not through the divided ego-mind of mankind.  Only the divided ego-mind seeks to harm others, think itself higher, mightier and seeks to create imbalance, disharmony and negative domination.

Only Love through the Higher Heart can see the True Unity needed for a path of Peace to be possible.  Yes, we must also stay mindful of our own human physical boundaries to protect our human systems from harm and also open our Higher Heart to not let fear take domination.

Albert Einstein made a statement about whatever human faculty creates the problem, we need a different faculty to fix it.  Our fear that we are separate is what drives the human system to acts of war and that fear lives in the ego-mind of mankind.  The human faculty that can shift that divided consciousness is trusting and opening our Higher Heart to Love, Compassion and Grace by aspiring for True Unity for us all.  

The path to Peace has many bumps, twists and turns, as well as shadows, confusion and doubt, but ultimately it can and will triumph!  A Conscious Mankind can do that!  Light and Love will ultimately win as we become more and more conscious of the Infinite Love we carry in our Highest Heart.  Seek True Unity and let your True Heart show you the way to feel True Unity within your True Self.  Peace, through our collective Heart opening, is possible.


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