World View Perspective: Going into the Source of Positivity

No matter the mind's frustrations, the ego's resistance, our old programming, conditioning, habits or routines, there is always a Source of Positivity within us at all times.  It might just come to us in whispers, a gut feeling, a moment of intuitive thought, mystical feeling or psychic perception but it is always there.  It is there in our own High Heart and deepest core feeling.  It is the resounding, 'Y.E.S.' and reason for life, Love and the true freedom of both outside our narrow thinking and feeling base.  It is ok, in fact, encouraged to go beyond our limited thoughts and feelings to know our expanded intelligence and awareness of who we really are within.  To know we are not the 'smaller' negative thoughts but rather we are able to know our greater sense of self too.

Imagine a wide, wider and widest circle of Light, extending beyond our boundaries into ever increasing Circles of Light.  Understand these circles of     light as Universal and Cosmic Intelligence and, in truth, we are that!  Being in a human physical body is a miraculous wonder, a delight and a privilege!  Yet, it isn't the full story.  We are, in truth, so much more!

If we see the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy as the Force and Source of Life on earth,and beyond, conceptually and energetically, then we can easily feel and believe, that same Source and Force is within us because how can we be separate from that same element of Life?  It just cannot be the case that we are separate.  To truly aspire to seek out Truth, Love, Nature of Life and Expanded Intelligence, we can only conclude that there indeed exists an Infinite Grace as a Living and Loving Abundant Force, which we are not separate from; both Universally and Cosmically.

This is indeed the unlimited Source of Positivity, found within each human High Heart and it is expressed through True Feeling of Heart, known as Compassion.  Compassion brings us a great Source of Positivity through the Truest Love we carry within our deepest Heart.  Compassionate thoughts, feelings and awareness of Grace lifts the human spirit to great heights and allows through our greatest most positive and happy outlook, expression and true experience of 'Now'!

Allowing this well of 'well-beingness' is the greatest Joy we can feel because it actively, directly links us with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, which is our greatest, Infinite goal of any lifetime!  This depth of connection and relationship to and with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy begins to transform and transmute any and all negativity we carry, or have carried in the past, and continues to clear out and clean out our system of any that returns.  This is why aspiring to understand our deepest Source of Positivity is a beautiful, everlasting way to proceed through Life.  It brings to our human/spiritual experience an endless Joy through True Compassion and Love; which is knowing we have within us the True Source and Force of Life, the great Source of True Positivity!


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