World View Perspective: Fear grips, Love releases

To be in a human system, means fear is also a real presence.  Living and life are cherished and treasured things, just like when we breathe in and out and our heart beats.  The idea or concern about our lives ending or being threatened activates strong fear based emotions down to the level of fearing for our very survival.  Living and not living can become genuinely felt experiences that can consume our thinking.  Yet, if that level of fear grips our system too hard for too long, it can send us spiraling into a very dark place where we lose all sight of living life through Faith. We have reasons to be here on earth, to be with those we love and to work towards uncovering our true self and purpose here.  It is based on Love, Faith, Truth and Understanding Life.  There have been some very brave six year old children who have only lived six years but they have had a huge positive impact on our lives.  Listening to them, one hears their level of Faith in their own lives lasting just as long as necessary as they do what they need to do.  They are not afraid because they have faced their fears through Faith.  Faith in what then becomes the question.  The greatest Faith we can employ is to activate the Love we carry within.  What lies in our Heart of Hearts is the Love of Love Itself.  There exists an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  It is a Universal, Cosmic, Earth and Human Energy that knows no bounds and we are never separate from this level of Love, no matter how much fear we may be experiencing.  It stands as True in the world as anything can be.  Whether one is religious or not, this most beautiful True Energy is present in our Hearts and Souls as our Heart and Soul.  We have individual aspects of it and collective aspects of it.  It exists in all living things as life itself.  It guides us, reassures us, Loving us all the way.  It simply needs and seeks our understanding of it through Faith in it.  Trying Loving Love fully and see what happens to your system.

One of the best tests of the Love is when we want to surrender our gripping fears.  Gripping fears reduce us down, hold us back by subtracting, distracting and contracting us away from life.  When we realize and recognize it is fear having that affect on us, that is the best time to offer those fears up to Faith in the Love we carry that is within us, surrounds us, is around us and carries us through life.  Speak directly into your own Heart and ask your Heart to sincerely remove the fears you are experiencing.  Tell your Heart you know the fears are not real and that you have more Faith in the Love you carry than in the fears assaulting you.  Have the full Faith the Love you carry can and remove the most gripping fears you have as it guides you to greater and greater Love.  Without the fear, we have Love.  The more Love we carry and are conscious of, the more it grows, expands and releases more fear.  Fear can be crippling and Love can be freeing and both are a conscious choices when we realize how both make us feel.  Feel your physical system, mental system, emotional system when you are feeling fearful and then feel it when you feel Love.  We become tense when gripped by fear and relaxed when there is Love.  Love is our natural state, our higher state or genuine and real state of Being.  When you feel gripped by fear, consciously apply the True Love, the Highest Love you carry within and see if those fears don't subside.  Love releases fear and fills us with more Love.  Love is always the way forward because Love will always find the way forward.  Give your fears over to Love and let Love expand itself to you and through you and as you do, more Love will continue to find its way to balance out any fears that exist.  Having full Faith in the Love within you is the way to offset any fears, trusting that Love is more powerful, lasting and True than any fears that may come.  Notice, too, how happier and more positive you feel when Love is present versus fear.  Practice conscious Love, not unconscious fear and feel the Faith in that level of Love.  Watch it clear the way!


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