World View Perspective: Emerging from fear

If our ultimate goal on earth is to overcome fear, we must first understand how to discern fear from Love.  When we are in fear, we contract, pull away, retreat, hide, become small, narrow and closed.  When we are in Love, we expand, grow, willingly shift, change, extend and open.  We are happier, lighter and joy filled whereas when we are in fear, we carry that heavy burden of dread, worry and fret and it literally weighs us down.  The greatest way back to Love is by accessing Faith.  Faith in life, Faith in Love and Faith in our ultimate connection to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Being true to our deepest sense of Love and to our self, unites us with the greatest Force and Source on earth.  Love is the greatest Energy there is; human love, love of earth, Divine Love, Universal Love and Cosmic Love can and do Unite as ONE LOVE to us and through us and that is our ultimate goal here.  To become that living Love.  When that happens, we are active collaborators of a Higher purpose.  That purpose is to manifest Love as the transformational energy for shifting and changing Mankind's Consciousness.  It is simple, just not easy. 

One of the best ways to realize it is to learn to discern when we are consciously acting out of Love or fear with everything we do.  Do we interact with others from our Heart, do we listen with our Heart, do we see others through our Heart or are we judging, withholding, demanding, manipulating or deceiving our selves or others?  With Love, we feel big, full, open, happy, giving, understanding and compassionate.  In fear, we feel separate, negative, isolated, small and alone.  The way to shift out of fear is to actively consciously release from identifying with a negative past and accessing forgiveness, gratitude and Love, lots of applied, conscious Love.

Fear is a natural human response.  Our greatest fear is the fear of not surviving.  When our very survival is threatened, we naturally have a sense of useful fear.  Fear is a signal to be more aware, more conscious and more astute in one's environment and life.  Yet, some fear is not useful but rather it is an ongoing unconscious 'tape' that runs around and around inside our mind even when we are not actually being threatened.  It might relate to an old, past experience that has not been released, forgiven or understood and yet needs to be for our greater growth.  Love from our High Heart is the best way to transform and transmute any fear we carry.  When we can consciously, actively release fear's grip on our system, through applied Love and Faith, miracles happen.

When we have a sense of Love Being the true strength within us and surrounding us, we begin to realize we can offer that fear up to LOVE ITSELF to take it away and replace the space with greater LOVE and COMPASSION.  This is our true vibration, goal, purpose and intelligence.  It is what will change our systems, our lives. the whole world and Mankind.  There is no stronger, clearer Energy to do that but LOVE.  When we emerge from fear, all we are and what we have is LOVE, greater and greater LOVE.  That LOVE is the dynamic, most positive energy for change, a change that benefits us all because it lifts the Collective Wholeness up to the ONE VIBRATION of LOVE ITSELF.  Emerging from fear into LOVE is our conscious way forward for more LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH to be in the world and it is through each human system that we can make that happen for us all.


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