World View Perspective: We are not the misery

When we experience the misery of life or excessive sadness, we are relating to an experience that has affected our human system; our mind, our emotions, our psychological self or our physical body, which we perceive as our personal sense of self.  We feel it, become aware of it and understand that we have been affected in some way.  We might benefit from counseling, having someone loving listen to us or just take some private time away to process what has happened.  It is a journey of it's own and time is a great healer.  When we can access our spiritual intelligence through forgiveness, through Love, Compassion or Faith, we realize we can surrender any and all misery to a deeper sense of gratitude.  Let the Heart speak to us of gratitude for loving the person, for knowing the people, for having a time or a lifetime with someone special.  We can be grateful for the home, for the location, for all the years this aspect of our life held this loving memory.  Then as we feel the genuine and sincere gratitude, we see all the Love in letting go of what has clearly been experienced.

In this way, we free up the misery, release the sadness, forgive the set of circumstances and move forward.  Evolution has great value on all levels that we are.  All of life moves on from a peach tree to animals to human beings.  Consciousness on all levels that we are also moves on.  Self images also shift and change on all levels that we are too.  The caterpillar becomes a butterfly through moving through it's growth patterns and natural evolution.  Evolution is a necessary step in life and it promotes good health and vitality.  It is ok to shift out of misery into Love.

When we open our minds and our Heart to life, people, friends and family as well as ourselves, energy gets released and movement occurs.  We grow, we shift, we change, we expand all the notions of who we are and what life is for us.  In this way, we mature on all levels; human and spiritual.  The more we grow, the more we realize the truth of life and when we do our Heart fills with even more Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.

Misery is a stage and we can feel all the weight of it when it hits us.  If we see it as a process that we can also move through, we can surrender all our misery in exchange for more Love.  We simply need to realize we are not the misery we are holding onto.  Often misery is the emotional attachment to something or someone we had once Loved or an attachment to a painful loss or memory or a nurtured deeply felt negative emotion over time.  Yet, misery can pass out of our system and in it's place, we can fill it with gratitude for having gone through the experience.  By not identifying with misery as a true emotion about who we are, the misery will continue to move on and away from us. Who we really are is the true Love we carry in our High Heart.  When we identify with that Love, all misery begins to disappear.  The more we know we are the Love, the more Love resonates with us.  Once filled with Love, we simply cannot be the misery.  Love is the Truth and we are that Truth of Love.


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